Choice Episode 45


Don stopped firing after he saw the whole car became something else, it might possibly be in flames soon, he began to walk towards it before Starex followed.

Senator Elvis already got distracted when he heard gunshots, he was scared at first but calmed when he saw what was happening even though he didn’t pay any attention to when the car stopped or what Don and Starex were saying.

Two dead guys were in the vehicle, the bullet went through their bodies beyond control. Don reached their front door and opened it, he checked the whole car before Starex joined him, more ready to shoot.

“contact the brothers to clear the camera footage around here, we need to go” Don told Starex after he couldn’t find something valuable to know who the men were before walking back to their car. He watched some cars stopped afar from the road, watching what was happening but none of them dared come near.


“Drop your weapons and go on your knees” the first officer commanded before more officers joined him in the room, a shot pierced the chest of one of the boys in the room and Gunshots began inside the building instantly.

“Don’t do anything stupid or I blow your f****ng head off” another officer shouted before more officers rushed in and surrounds the whole boys.

“weytin dey Yawa here, who brought police here?”

“I think the boys were trailed”

“What you f****ng mean trailed?”

“forget that, let’s fight them, we can’t be arrested you know” they whispered to themselves.

“stop talking bullshit, we heard you, I advised you adhere to instructions”. The first officer shouted.

“Where is the person you kidnapped?” another officer questioned.

“The whole place is cleared sir, we’ve arrested some of them” a voice from the officers inside the compound interrupted.

“Good, now search the whole compound” the first senior officer shouted out too.

“your hands on your head, all of you” another officer commanded and fired three shots straight at them.

Flashback ;

“now where is this country going to? See all the deaths we’ve covered this few weeks and there was no way we could get to know the whole truth about any of them”

“you are right Bode, that’s because those involved are government officials and all tracks are cleared before we could even do anything. By the way, who is in-charge of the case?”

“I think its Agent Sean”

“hmm Agent Sean, can he possibly handle it?”

“I don’t think so, but considering the video attached, I never can tell how it’s going to turn out” Officer Bode answered as he ignite the car engine while the other officer nodded in agreement, he was still looking at the side mirror and turned on his indicator before trying to move on to the main road when, Suddenly an accident happened few meters away from them, a Toyota camry moved out from its own lane and hit a Corolla which was moving on its own lane. In five seconds, three gun men rushed out from the Toyota Camry towards the car they hit, the two officers watched how they brought the person in the car out forcefully with guns in their hands into their car and speed off.

Officer bode quickly moved into the main road without checking out the fast coming cars any longer and speed off too in chase, the second officer too immediately alert the office for back up.

They drove several minutes in pursuit and was about to attack the kidnappers car when they reached the road civilians were not walking after eight minute of driving before they saw the car suddenly turned and entered a building with the gate closed almost immediately it entered.

“Hello….. Hello” Mr. Donald shouted on the phone as he heard gunshots, he had told his son to remain in the State despite explaining the present ordeals in the country to him the very day he called but he seemed adamant and that makes Mr. Donald more scared of losing him.

The phone dropped from him immediately he heard gunshots and there were no response from the caller who just called him again. Mr. William stands in shock to get the phone on the ground while the rest of them watched in bewilderment, uncertain about what was happening.

“Hello…. Hello” Mr. William also shouted into the phone but there were no response as the sound of the gun shots only continues loudly.

“There is no response” he widened his brow while the ex-president stared in shock along with Jane and Mr. Lat.

It is a shock for us to confirm the report reaching us that the Minister of Health, Nosol Adam and the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Gbenga are truly confirmed dead. It’s was confirmed through Investigations that the men were assassinated by some groups of hired assassin who killed them along with their escorts. It is dully a shock to the whole nation and thereby the president has spoken about it and the recent death of The General Overseer of Word Baptism church, Daniel Olubade whom was found dead along with some wanted hooligans who killed him when the deals they made went wrong, one of the arrested hooligans who confessed to it the pastor was their boss business partner for decades and was killed due to his greediness and his plans to eliminate them after the deal they agreed on was done.

However the president has spoken, he urge the Nigerian security forces and both the army to help in the matter that has brought discord into the nation. Arrest the perpetuators and bring them to justice.

Nevertheless he said the death of the men, especially the Inspector General of Police death alternate the fact that the security of this nation is bridged, uncertain and requires it be fixed. He however assured the killers will be arrested by security forces in due time, he urge the continuation of the investigations conducted by the police not to stop and bring whoever doesn’t want peace in this country down before the coming Election and also urge the Nigerian Army to help in subjugating the insurgent threatening the process”. The news reporter said and paused for 30 seconds before continuing.

Two days ago, a video was released on the internet and right away has caught the attention and been the major discussions of people all across the country, Doctor Nelson, the renowned old doctor known all over the country, The General overseer of Christ Redemption, Pastor Bawa. Professor Kross, the half American professor. And Professor Tobi, the well respected professor known and respected all over the county and overseas were all seen in the footage.

It is a big shame to the country on what was discussed in the video with some documents patched up with it, the document which comprised of all deals made by the men and how they tuned this country along with the occultic members they belong to, with whom and how they operate and especially how they compromised the political system of this county.

For centuries we only know about The occultic group known as the k’s which has operated in this country and several countries of the world, efforts to clean them off seemed futile and unsure even with the efforts of the police.

Now we know a stronger occultism existed and they are called by the name “SETH” The authentication of this group is yet unconfirmed but we are sure they existed and are known by only its members since the men had professed it all.

It’s however clear now that some high profile people of this country are members of this occultist group which has however make the efforts of the police seemed more uncertain.

The uncertainty that police will ever work in deals with this types of occultism will make things more difficult, consequently the K’s are group of assassins threatening the peace of this country years ago and its shameful to find out this respected men in the country are major hits and the group are their instruments.

We however believed and according to our reliable source that a contend between the members of this secret occultism led to the recent deaths in the country, however what we seemed wasn’t the real deal, pastor Olubade Daniel’s death was confirmed by the men who professed he actually was involved in the act. let’s take a short break for now, we’ll continue this when we are back, stay tuned” 

The news caster read and a short advertisement began to displayed on the news channel.

“What has been found out about their death?” Agent Gabriel slowly asked the commissioner in shock after the reporter went on a short break, his back was rested on the wall of the hospital bed and his words were slower.

“Some of our officers are dispatched somewhere already, we found out some hooligans were behind their death”

“Has the source of the video been discovered?”

“The videos are dispatch on more than 100 websites, it’s still unknown but we’ll surely get it soon” the commissioner replied before the door suddenly opened and a doctor walked in interruptedly.

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18 Minutes Later

The ex-president phone began to ring after they’ve all made Mr. Donald calm down, he looked at the unsaved contact and answered the call, knowing fully well who was calling.

“He has been rescued already sir” Vera’s voice came through immediately the call was answered.

“Rescued !!! Rescued how?” the ex-president asked and turned to face the two seated men who were also looking at him.

“He was truly kidnapped some hours ago but he’s now been rescued by the police, the kidnappers didn’t covered their trails at all”

“en hen, but are you sure of what you are saying?” He asked stammering, even though he knew Vera could never make any such mistakes, there was still some doubt in his voice.

“He’s been rescued chief, if you wouldn’t mind, I have something else to do. Good day sir” Vera said and hung up the call.

“Let’s find out if it’s true then” Mr. William suggested instantly after the ex-president call ends. They had been hearing the conversation the ex-president made.

“I think we have to go now, she’ll miss her flight any moment soon” Mr. Lat voice interrupted them.

“No, I think we have to postponed it Mr. Lat, there is full tension already and we can’t be sure what happens next, she’ll possibly go later” Mr. William countered.

Jane immediately turned back into the corridor they came from without a word to her dad or any of them and walked away, she looked pissed and extremely tired and frustrated already. Thoughts of Kingsley came back too likewise and the thoughts alone brought her self extreme down.


Jane smiled seductively and made a chuckle at the giggling Man patiently waiting on the bed to join him, she laughed and began to take off her clothes until she was left with taking off her pants. She stopped and started looking at his curious face without taking the pants off like she had seen in his eyes or had expected and knew he was anxious already, even though it’s wasn’t the first they’ll be together. She stood right in front of him and made another seductive move, lucky she was glad to be his beloved wife at last. She closed her eyes and expects him to get her message instead.

“I love you darling, I’m glad we’re together now in peace. I’m so happy seriously”

“I’m more happier honey, I’ve always wanted this to happen as I’ve wanted. And I love you too” Kingsley spoke back.

“But Why are you delaying any longer than this my angel? You surely are killing me honey. Please come now or I will break the rules and run to chase you around again” Kingsley joked on the bed he was sleeping on and smiled, glad Jane eventually brought the happiness and peace he had always dreamt of.

“See you ehn, you want the baby in my Tummy to fight with you ehn? you are not always satisfied at all but tonight, I’m ready enough for you. I just hope I’m not gonna become old early than I looked” Jane joked.

“Really? You are really ready for me? Then I might start to bugle up more, you might as well come now will you” Kingsley smiled and joked back.

“Oh !! Then you might want to catch me, funny husband. ‘I can’t come and die just because of you biko’” Jane uttered and quickly ran to the door playfully when Kingsley stands from the bed immediately to pursue her childishly, happy they are finally enjoying all they’ve dream of, now that they are expecting a baby.

He ran after her and opened the door she had closed already when she ran out, but was shocked to see his grandpa and his father outside the door. He froze and wanted to rush back inside instantly in fear but the door wouldn’t open, the two men walked forward more, despite that they were straight at the door step with few inches space between them.

Kingsley shouted immediately in fear but no sound came out, he shouted and shouted, calling Jane’s name but no sound still came out.

“Kingsley Kingsley Kingsley Kingsley” their words echoes continually immediately he heard them speaks.

“Hey Kingsley what the hell is wrong with you?” Drake shouted out too after he heard him shouts.

Kingsley made a heavy noise as he finally woke up from the sleep, he squinted his eyes and everything seemed blur to him that moment until after two more minutes it gradually became clearer. Drake stared a strange look at him and realized he was only dreaming. He hissed and concentrated back on the laptop he was working on.

Kingsley could now see the whole room properly, he brushed his eyelids with his fingers and heaved a deep breath likewise. He stayed seated on the bed and stared at Drake who was working on the laptop placed on one of the plastic chair in the room. He took a look at his phone to checked for the time, it’s was 2am already. He drag the drop down notification bar to check his missed calls.

“Will you get your a$$ up here now or not? Come help me with this surveillance camera, there are more guards in this building than we expected, it’s seemed impossible to penetrate but we must enter. We must finish this job tomorrow” Drake uttered in anger.

To be continued……