Choice Episode 44


20 Minutes later.
Starex came out from the mansion side gate and heaved a deep breath, he looked at the vehicles outside carefully before walking towards the jeep Don was standing beside and the same one Senator Elvis was seated while all the other brothers also began to come out one by one.

“What happened? Where are they?” Don walked forward and asked Starex who didn’t answer the question as he walked beside him to the car Senator Elvis was seated. Starex opened the left side door of the jeep instead and bowed before the Senator.

“What happened?” the Senator looked at him and around in confusion before asking.

“We couldn’t find them, they are not in the building sir”

“huh…. what do you mean they are not there? Didn’t you confirm this earlier?” Senator Elvis shouted in anger and disappointment.

“It’s was confirmed by one of the brothers”

“Confirmed by one of the brothers and not you huh, what is the meaning of this huh?” the Senator yelled.

Starex gazed an apology look at him and nodded twice, he moved back a bit and cock the gun in his hands and turned sideways as the brothers were fully out of the compound, he signaled to one of them instantly as the brother began to come forward immediately in fear.

“Why did you give me wrong information?” Starex asked him calmly when he stopped in front of him fearfully.

“Do not make me repeat myself” Starex shouted in anger, already sensing him panicked instead of answering.

“I didn’t give you wrong information boss, the information was accurate, I don’t know what happened…. I…” A bullet went into his chest instantly before he could complete his words, he fell immediately on his face and Starex turned back to the Senator with disappointment.

“My apologies sir, forgive my incompetent”

“You don’t apologize you fool, keep your apology to yourself and find me William and his friend right now” Senator Elvis shouted the third time in annoyance and disappointment. His phone began to vibrate almost instantly as he yelled in anger, he checked the caller first and answered the call after.

“Senator Elvis” the caller called out his name.

“What is it Garub?” he asked.

“Climpson Herbert is behind this” Chief Garub voice came through.

Olubade receives claps from the audience as he ended his speech, he smiled and bowed to acknowledge the audience a bit before trying to step down from the podium when gunshots began suddenly in the hall. The whole place scattered almost instantly as some innocent people in the hall got shot along with some reporters due to the shock.

“Quiet…….. All of you” Drake shouted and fired more shots into the chest of the coming security men, Kingsley appeared behind him and some of Drake’s boys also entered the hall. Kingsley fired the guards who were running to the podium to protect his target, a single shot followed immediately and the bullet pierced the man’s right leg when he attempted to run, he shouted in pains and fell down, unable to move.

Kingsley fired another shot up the roof and began to walk forward to the podium, it’s all happened fast within the twinkle of an eye and within few seconds.

“All the entrance and exit of this building has been shut down Mr. Olubade Eniola, where exactly do you plan to run to?” Kingsley asked loudly in disgust. He saw some people among the audience panicked with their face flat on the ground as he walked beside them, he made a smirk and began to move forward.

“Everybody listen up, I have something to tell ya” he nodded when he gets to the podium and shouted out right in front of his target, the whole hall was damn quiet except the loud voice of Kingsley.

“Here is Mr. Olubade Eniola who killed my parent and everyone of my family just to inherit their wealth and all that they had” Kingsley added and listened to the mumbling in the hall immediately. The mumbling stopped when he continued speaking.

“Among every other accusations, Olubade deals in illegal business like illegal drugs, cocaine but especially more in assassinations, hmm shall I begin to count all of his victims? Madam Fasual, the C. E. O of Classic Fashion Inc. Mr. Ayo Badmus, the notable lawyer who was framed by him and got killed silently in prison. Brown, the popularly known musician and the fiancée of his daughter who was killed and also framed to die in an accident, and what was his offense? He discovered one of Olubade’s illegal deals and wanted to report when he got silenced.

The Chief Director of KM financial, Okonjo Paul was also assassinated with Anthony the major share holder of the company along his families” Kingsley stopped talking and cocked the pistol he was holding sharply before facing him on the ground.

“what had this people died for? They died all because of their wealth and what they had attain all their lives, Olubade along with his accomplice has killed more than I could count and its so heart taken he still get the respect of you all”

“Have I in anyways lied against you Olubade Eniola?” he asked loudly.

“No…. N…. O…. No” Olubade stammered louder in pains as Kingsley stepped on his right leg and watched him shout in pains.

“Louder, have I?”

“No you haven’t, No…. No… please my leg, it’s hurts please” he pleaded.

“I said Louder you fool, have I lied against you?” Kingsley shouted.

“No I did it, even more crimes, I did all, please spare my life, please I beg of you please” he finally cried out until Kingsley took off his foot on the right leg. He made a smirk and turned to the members in the hall even though none of them could raise their head for fear of been shot.

“This is the offense of Olubade Eniola and he will die by my hands since the law protected him and nothing was done to make him pay for his sins” Kingsley said louder in anger and raised the gun down at him.

He fired two shots directly into his belly and three more into the man’s chest without remorse. There was instant shouts from the audience immediately but three more gunshot sounds to keep them shut. Kingsley rolled his wrist and ankles before moving away a bit from the podium and heaved a deep breath before speaking as he walked forward.

“I have one more person to kill for this same sin as I have killed one earlier and many more to kill in due time, all this people are sinners that are protected by law but I’ll have them killed. Broadcast all I’ve said” he added and began to walk away totally from the podium after confirming Olubade is dead.

A gunshot followed shockingly as Kingsley took few steps away from the podium before another shots followed from Drake who shoot a female reporter who acted foolishly by trying to raise her head.

“Easy mehn, cool and chill, they can’t even see your face, why kill them?” Kingsley uttered as he continued walking. A shot followed again from Drake stubbornly and intentionally without answering Kingsley, another shot followed but this time at the roof.

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“it would be difficult to attain that claims, Mr. Jude for real has escaped a lot of assassinations and its would be difficult to tell which of his enemies eventually succeeded. I have always told Jude he was careless and carefree of his own life by making so much enemy for himself but he wouldn’t listen to me”

“Then what do we do now?”

“The only thing is we should get ready to fight”

“huh !! Fight”

“yes, by now Senator Elvis must have discovered about you”

“yes that is exactly my thought but don’t you worry, I’ve made plans to get him and the rest of them completely too, this battle is already a lost cause to them” the ex-president assured and made to have a seat.

Jane and Mr. Lat walked into the living room with a bag strapped behind Jane, she stared at the floor without raising her head to face any one of them or even to greet, even though she had lost lot of weight, she still looked astonishing and beautiful in the blue jeans and white shirt she wore along with the shoe on her foot.

“we’re set” Mr. Lat spoke up after few seconds of silence.

“is everything in place?” Mr. William asked.

“Yes, accordingly”

“Then you can proceed with the plans”

“What is happening?” the ex-president interrupted.

“William’s house was attacked last night sir”

“huh attacked?”

“I need to protect my family, it’s best she stay out of this country for now, Jane is my sole reason for living and my priority, I would not allow anything desrupt it” Mr. William added.

“hmm that is true, I know Elvis would make a wrong move and this will definitely be the end of him” the ex-president said and nodded in agreement with Mr. William.

Mr. Donald ringing phone desrupted Mr. Lat who was about saying something, Mr. Donald looked keenly at the unsaved contact displayed on the screen and answered the call afterwards. The first word he proclaimed stopped Mr. Lat the second time from talking after Mr. Donald moved a bit away from them.

“Your son is in our custody, I’ll waste his life if you waste more minutes without letting me speak” the voice came through.

Drake stood at the front door and pointed his gun at the doctor who just parked his car and wanted to enter the house.

“Make no noise and come forward gently, don’t panic and don’t shout, I have a bad temper and I won’t spare more seconds if you make Any mistake” Drake said and slowly motioned him forward.

The doctor looked fearfully at the stranger pointing a gun at him, he froze in shock and walked forward quickly when a slap landed on his face, he panicked and move immediately into the house.

“Welcome home doctor” Kingsley greeted immediately he saw the doctor comes inside, he was seated at the middle of the living room with a gun pointed at the doctor’s wife and their three kids. The doctor squinted his face to looked at the gunman who greeted and quickly recognized him without any second thought. Drake pushed him forward from behind immediately he entered and closed the door behind him.

“I’ve been waiting all for you here for hours doctor, I’m sure you recognize me now so I don’t need to introduce myself, I have few questions to ask you and I hope you do say all you know or else I’ll kill your family one after another, I’m I cleared?” Kingsley asked but he gave no response until Drake moved forward and dragged one of his children, he voiced out Yes immediately and nodded in fear.

“Where is William Davis?” Kingsley questioned without wasting time. The doctor looked at his eyes and back at his wife and children that moment.

“I have no idea where he…..” a gunshot followed instantly before the doctor could continue, he glance at his wife and children again in shock if any of them was shot but it was into the air.

“the next one goes into her brain” Drake shouted out, pointing the gun at his wife. The doctor began to shake in more fear after seeing the men were serious than what he anticipated.

“They are at the same place” he lied.

“You dare not lie to me doctor, the place was attacked yesterday night and they weren’t found” Kingsley shouted at him and stands up from the chair instantly. The doctor froze the more and couldn’t take it, he peeped in his pant and began to speak immediately in shock.

He quickly gave the address and Kingsley confirmed through a phone call, he signaled to Drake after the call he made ends and began to move forward while Drake followed behind him towards the door. Kingsley turned back half-way and faced the doctor.

“and is it true Jane is pregnant?” he walked back and asked him.

“There is a report sir”

“What report is that?” the commissioner of Police asked the officer after adjusting his legs on the sofa and took his gaze off the news he was reading on his phone to face the officer who interrupted him.

“Agent Gabriel survived, he’s awake already” the officer reported.

“What !! Really?” the commissioner exclaimed in surprise. “How is that possible?” he added and sat up properly.

Starex turned on the car navigator and alighted beside the right side of the road, the front passenger door opened and Don entered. He greeted Senator Elvis who was sitting at the back seat before Starex turned the car engine back to life and moved back into the main road before speeding off.

“The information is accurate sir, I confirmed it” Don spoke before the Senator could ask about the report. He turned back at the Senator who made a smirk and widened his brow surprisingly in confusion, he stared forward at Don’s face as if to confirm what he actually said before his phone began to make several peeps until the notification at the top bar was full, he picked the phone, swipe it down and began to check the notification one by one, getting more shocked what he saw, he concentrated on the phone without asking more question while Don turned forward to face the road since the Senator didn’t want to ask more.

“Don I’ll need you to ready your gun” Starex said after one minute forty seconds of silence, he directed his gaze at the side mirror and collected the long gun Don stretched out to him after few seconds with one hand on the wheel as he increased the car speed to confirm what he was thinking. Don also brought out another gun for himself as he also looked at the side mirror.

“The car has been following us 43 minutes ago even if its maintained a sensible distance, I have the gun prepared already” Don spoke up without taking off his gaze at the side mirror, sounding as if Starex was trying to make him realized what he had saw since they began the journey.

Senator Elvis concentrated on his phone without listening to them as he began to watch a video attached to what he just read.

Starex suddenly stopped the car at the middle of the road without making any signals of stopping, the Tyre made a screech as a result before both him and Don rushed out instantly behind their car, they began to fire the car trailing them without any second thought, the first rounds of bullets went through the front Tyre with the glass sporadically.

To be continued……