Choice Episode 43


Don stood there and waved at the coming bus, he looked left and right of the road for traces of anyone but there was none except the commercial bus coming forward which was now few meters away from him and had responded to the wave by slowing down the bus, he made his fist instantly in attempt to attack in his dirty state and made quick deliberation of how to attack the driver first and whoever else in the bus.

Contrary to his plans, the front passengers side opened before the bus could get to his spot and came to a halt, only the driver was in the bus and that gave him a relief. He looked straight down at Don and made a chuckle considering how Don appears as he came to a halt.

“I bet you’d surely smell badly” the driver joked and turned down his face at Don who was shocked its turned out to be starex.

“ why don’t we listened to the whole news first, that is exactly what I dislike about you” Mr. Donald hissed and uttered in annoyance, Mr. William held his phone tightly as he paced round the center room without responding to Mr. Donald constant rants. He opened the dialer of the phone and dialed the ex-president contact the ninth time, hoping it could be answered.

MR. Donald adjusted himself on the chair he sat to have a clear view of the television he was watching, he looked left and right as Mr. William kept pacing up and down the room without stopping despite telling him to, so he could concentrate on the rest of the news.

Mr. William stopped pacing around and stared at one of the windows in the room as he was beginning to get fed up, he took a glance at Mr. Donald and just decided to listen to him and have his seat instead to watch the rest of the news. He walked back to his previous seat in frustration and sat quietly without any word, there was quite some silence in the room except the sound from the TV they were watching until Mr. William phone began to ring after four minutes of silence, he didn’t hesitated three seconds to answer the call when he saw the ex-president was calling back and spoke up immediately.

“Good day your excellency”

“Good day Mr. William, is anything the issue? It was just put to my notice you’ve been calling”

“Have you heard the news?” Mr. William asked immediately.

“News !! What news?”

“it’s was reported this morning Mr. Jude was killed late last night sir”

“What !! Mr. Who? What do you mean?” the ex-president exclaimed in shock.

“The same Mr. Jude sir, he was assassinated at a hotel last night, I’ve been trying to reach you hours ago”

“Assassinated !! Assassinated by who?” the ex-president exclaimed in shock.

“Er, that is a question I have no answer to your excellency but I’m confused if it’s has no relation with any of us or maybe”

“Where are you?” the ex-president interrupted, still In more shock.

“we are still at that location sir?” Mr. William responded.

“what about Mr. Donald?”

“He’s also here”

“Good, I’ll meet with you in few hours, let me check what you just said”

“okay then” Mr. William concluded and the call hung.

“Mr. Donald reduced the volume of the TV seconds after Mr. William dropped the call as his own phone began to ring, he adjusted himself on the chair after confirming his son was calling, he answered and placed the phone on his ear.

“What are we going to do now about Jane?” Mr. Lat came out from the inner door and voiced out to Mr. William as he walked. He seemed to have been behind the door for long.

“Going to do how?” Mr. William asked.

“she hasn’t touched her food yet and the one served to her yesterday was just disposed away, she has refused to eat” Mr. Lat complained.

“You just let her be, she’ll eat when she felt the need and time to, I’m just really tired right now” Mr. William voiced and stands up in frustration, he started walking towards the front exit of the house, he opened the door and walked out.

“We have to get to the buttom of this issue no matter what”

“Yes we have to, of course that was what should happen, wait !! Rewind that part”


“The part of this Chevrolet car”

“Okay but I think it’s went to this route” the officer pointed at the monitor screen.

“Yes but you could be wrong, if it turned towards that route, then there are possibility that it could turn to any of the road by the time it got towards this round about. Which of the road was the IGP and the minister were?”

“This third one”

“Then this Chevrolet car should have taken the road up here and turned towards the third route”

“Then what do we do now?” the officer seated asked.

“Trace this Chevrolet car first”

“We’ve done that already, it was abortive” the officer answered instantly in frustration. There was silence as both officers kept quiet to continue watching the footage, the door opened and a senior officer entered the control room after 5 minutes of silence and dropped from a call as he walked towards their desk.

“I need one of you to follow me”

“huh Er where sir?”

“Mr. Nosol Adam house”

“huh Mr. Nosol Adam, is there any problem sir?” the officer standing behind the seated one questioned.

“There has been a report about one of his daughters, we’ve been instructed to go there and handle the situations right away”

“Oh Er let me go with you sir, officer Bode could continue on the footage and concentrate” the officer standing beside the seated officer bode said while the senior officer nodded in agreement before turning back to the door, the officer followed him out…..

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Kingsley came out from the bathroom after a quick wash up and entered the bedroom naked after strapping the towel away, his phone began to vibrate almost instantly and he quickly made to get it before the ringing could ends.

He checked the phone screen and answered the call after seeing it was Chief Salami.

“Good day sir” he said into the phone.

“Good day Kingsley, how do you feel this morning?”

“I felt good sir”

“oh well !! That’s good, anyways I called to tell you I’ve confirmed what you asked me to get for you and I found out his real name, in fact something more intriguing we could use”

“oops, alright sir” Kingsley raised his brow and rested his back on the wall, he sounds to urge the chief to continue. A knock sounded on the door almost instantly too and the door opened.

“His name is Bamide Eniola and the third person is William Davis, that Bamide is now the one refers to Thomas. He now uses fake identity to run one investment for himself and I must say the bas***d had made billions of dollars for himself and fortunately for you he just arrived from London into the country yesterday and unfortunately for him, he’s going to meet his own death thanks to that, it’s going to make the work go smoothly”

“oh that is interesting” Kingsley exclaimed and nodded, he shifted away from the wall and stepped closer to the person who entered the room.

“Yes death is the only way to punish those evil men, the job is left to you, don’t get caught or killed, I’ll endeavor to help in any way I could. How are even the boys I sent to help you?” the Chief asked.

“They are excellent sir, I really appreciated you, they really helped out”

“hmm glad I heard that, alright then, take care” Chief Salami concluded.

“You too sir” Kingsley respond and the call ends, he swipe down the notification of his phone immediately after it made a short beep, he checked and saw a new message from Jane. He stared at the phone and deliberated if to read or not after refusing all her calls.

“I came to dress your wound and to inform you the guns has been brought down” the dark skin man who entered earlier spoke up to get his attention even when he saw Kingsley was naked. Kingsley nodded in response without speaking and without a second thought that he was naked, he opened the message sent by Jane, he clicked on it and began to read silently to himself.
43 minutes later

“I preferred the long gun to this pistols, Drake carried one of the long gun placed on the long table to check them out, he pulled the trigger even when he knew no bullet was loaded in it, he nodded twice.

Kingsley came out from the corridor in few seconds and walked towards them, he shook hands with the boys in the room one after the other before greeting Drake their leader too, he made towards the center table instantly without delay to check out the pistols instead, he choose the ones he felt was alright for him and moved to the parked bullets too to began loading the guns.

“alright boys, let get prepared, William Davis should be dead before dawn” Drake shouted out and proceed beside Kingsley to get the gun he choose also loaded.

“There are changes in our plans” Kingsley voiced out too as he saw him coming closer without looking at Drake who stopped loading the bullets at once and looked at him.

“Huh, what do you mean changes in plans?” Drake raised his brow and asked in confusion.

“We need to go after Bamide Eniola first”

“huh, hey are you mad? Is there something wrong with your brains? You think I’ve got nothing else to f****ng do? Huh tell me huh, why is the plans changing all of a sudden? Why?” Drake shouted in annoyance.

Kingsley stood there muted without stopping to load the third pistol he took and didn’t answer likewise, he had expected Drake to be mad the moment he decided to change the plans and tell him about it, he had deliberated if to continue with the already concluded plans but thought it’s was necessary the plans changed. He stopped what he was doing after sensing it was taking long to respond to Drake’s questions or he could receive a punch right that moment, knowing fully well Drake was hot tempered even though he works excellently.

“Bamide Eniola is going back to London in few hours, he only came for a seminar that will end in few hours likewise. Accordingly he’s only here for a speech in the seminar and will return immediately he finished his speech, the bas***d do surely know as long as he remained here, his death is certain and I think he’s trying to prevent that at all cost by leaving the country and staying out” Kingsley replied before Drake could make his fist in more annoyance.

“If you are going after Bamide Eniola as you said, do you have any plans ahead to get him killed easily and ease our escape too?” Drake still questioned in annoyance, upset Kingsley was trying to give them problems after all the plans they’ve made and the stress they went through to strategized.

“The job is easy, in fact more easier for us since the bas***d will be returning to London after his speech”

“How? I want to hear all your plans and the reason you decide to change the plans as you wish, only if not for Chief Salami, I wouldn’t be doing all this at all”

“And do I have to repeat myself Drake? I said Bamide Eniola will escape in few hours and I’ve got to not make that happen at all cost, do I still need to repeat that?” Kingsley faced him in annoyance even though he knew he was at fault and they deserved his sincere apology for the stress and work he might have led them into.

“huh, you kidding me right now huh” Drake exclaimed in anger and made his fist but two of the boys ran in between them immediately before any fight could break-up.

“Starex I want the two men alive, I have few questions for them before they die, endeavor they brought to me alive and not dead” Senator Elvis said in anger as the jeep they are inside came to a halt, Starex nodded an assuring look at the senator and make a glance at Don who was seated at the front seat. He opened the driver side and came down from the car before Don also stepped down, he wasn’t concerned the senator had lost his faith on him but he believes he was still as strong as ever before.

He turned and walked behind the jeep as four more jeep containing the K’s drove and halted quickly behind them, they came out from the jeep almost immediately with heavy guns in their hands.

Gunshots sounded at the entrance of the building they were attacking, followed by another and another, some of the brothers ran into the building immediately to join Starex and few of the brothers who had entered already to attack the building in a hurry. Some of them stayed behind but more of them ran into the building as if they were at war, it’s was sure to Don that Mr. William and his friend are surely going to die along whoever is in the mansion.

To be continued.