Choice Episode 42


Kingsley winced in pains but managed to dodge behind the glass and saw that Don and three of the brothers had come out from the car, he fired some shots at them before they separated tactically and fired back.

He dropped the long gun that was now out of bullets and brought out one of the pistols behind him, he drop the bag behind him and brought out the shirt he was wearing earlier, he tore it apart and used one of the pieces to tied his left shoulder right below where the bullet pierced.

“Lets have a talk Kingsley, do you really want us to do this? I only want to know the sole reason for your act of betrayer” Don shouted at the back of the car he had taken as cover, he saw some security officials car right aside the gate of the hotel, they must have arrived almost immediately too.

“so what do you say before things get uglier huh?” Don shouted again after taking a look at the gate and the coming police officers but got no response from Kingsley. Kingsley made a quick glance at his parking position, he could see the back of his car opposite him meters away and the best possible means to get out alive was to get near the car before things becomes more uglier as Don shouted. But just as he made to stand, the police vehicle rushed inside and gunshots followed his direction.

He bend down immediately before firing back, things became helpful as the police shots were also directed at Don and the brothers with him. All they were uttering was

“drop your weapons, we have our men surrounding this whole place, drop your weapons, put your hands on your head and come out” even though they also took cover themselves.

The whole place became tensed as it went dead in silence for few minutes until Don began to fire the police vehicle. Kingsley crawled slowly from his position and started moving slowly, he was almost behind the bonnet of the last car when two bullets pierced the side mirror, the front and black glass, more shots followed his position but he bend tightly preventing himself from been hit again. He peep fast and glance at the positions Don and the police were, three policemen was down already and each one of them including the brothers had changed positions.

He tried to crawl in his squatting position and when he saw Scott was the one shooting, he fired twice at him when he saw him trying to come closer, the first bullet missed but the second hit Scott on his right shoulder, he moved faster away from the car immediately as Scott rushed behind a car in pains.

Don targeted another police officer and fired three shots into his chest twice as he saw Kingsley ran at the opposite direction, he fired another shot far ahead at Kingsley who had entered the car already but the bullets missed and pierced the back glass before Kingsley could ignite the car and moved backwards crazily, he rolled the wheels crazily around and speed towards the gate but was unlucky another shots Don fired pierced the back seat door.

The left side mirror crushed with the police vehicle and broke as he forced the car in between the vehicle and the gate of the hotel, he moved out successfully but a bullet hit the back Tyre as he speed off without waiting. One of the brother who saw Kingsley escaping ran into the car they came with while Don followed and run into the car likewise after firing more shots at the car Kingsley was driving, the brother speed off instantly even though their car clashed likewise with the gate as several bullets also hit the car behind and glass sporadically by the police before they followed in pursuit and the one that left earlier.

Kingsley picked up his phone instantly as he speed off, he could see Don and the police vehicle coming behind through the rear mirror but he was few meters away due to the Tyre that was hit and must have taken the brothers more than a minutes to get out from the hotel. He clicked on dialer of the phone and used the search icon to get the contact he needed that moment, he dialed it in a hurry and looked behind to check the distance between his pursuer. A voice came through after more than a minute of calling.

“survive and drive as fast as you can, it’s a two minute drive from where you are to the spot we can assist you, turn left when you reach the end of the lane you are heading. And you’ve got to be fast about that”

“that maybe quite difficult, my Tyre is hit and there’s little distance now between us, they’ll catch up with me in less than two minutes. Is there another way out? Am hit likewise” Kingsley responded and felt the guy he called made a sigh.

“Then consider yourself dead, that is the only way I can help you out, I’ll not have myself dead because of you” the guy said and the call hung up. Kingsley cursed and took another look backwards, Don could have met with him if not for the distraction from the police in pursuit behind. He turned back forward to concentrate on the road and checked what’s behind through the rear mirror. He saw the brother driving behind him opt out through the window in an attempt to shoot but luckily for him, the brother had to opt in quickly as a result of the police shootings.

Kingsley turned left immediately he reached the end of the lane quickly. Just as he turned, another bullet hit the second Tyre.

Don fired different shots at the police vehicle coming behind as they also shoot back until his gun was out of bullet, he dropped the empty gun and picked another gun from the dashboard, he looked forward as the brother made an attempt to shoot the car forward. Even though he want Kingsley’s death, he still want to know the sole reason why he betrayed his brothers before he could kill him. He turned forward as the brother driving speed in a not too much zig zag method to prevent the officers who won’t stop continuing shooting to hit their tyres.

Just as the brother turned towards the route Kingsley took in pursuit, Don saw something ahead and shouted loudly, he drag the wheel of the car from the brother who failed to see what he saw quicker round away from the road, the car summarsaulted and stumbled rapidly and instantly while the police vehicle coming behind them crashed into it and burst into flames, followed by the next police vehicle behind while another gun battle began.

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GMT 1:00 pm
Location : IGI – SOGBA

Some of the walking farmers stared astonishing at the big hummer jeep as if they’ve seen God himself immediately the car drove past them.

“Papa is that the thing you said carry people around in the big city?” a curious six years old boy holding a cutlass asked his father who hadn’t stopped staring at the jeep even though its had moved ahead.

“Yes son, that is called a car and the people who will ever drive it will be well rich people who had worked hard in the big city, It’s been 10 years now since I set my eyes on a car after few months I stayed in the city before returning back here”

“But papa, why did you leave the big city? I heard they said people who work there will be rich in just few weeks of working”

“That is not true my son, the big city is full of horrible deeds and selfishness, crime played By the major way to means of survival, it’s the best wise decision for me to take, and that is coming back to stay here peacefully. I’m sure the big city might have changed a bit now”

“papa will I ever ride it in future too?” The little boy asked further as another two more jeep drove past them speedily while the trekking farmers along the route stared another look watching the car speed off.

“Yes son, you will be rich someday and you will drive it buoyantly here and the big city” the father responded and held the boy tightly before they crossed the road like the rest of the farmers.

“Something big is happening, Olubade has never involve himself with dealings we are not involved with” Professor Kross uttered silently in the car to proof his personal assistance wrong. He picked his mobile device and raised it up for network signals but the left angle of the phone was blank.

“Good” he uttered after confirming the place has no network as they were informed.

“Good, Good” he said again repeatedly as the car and the one behind him came to a halt after entering far ahead different farmlands right before a small barn.

The professor came down as the door was opened by his P. A who came out and hurriedly made to get the side door opened. A jeep was parked some meters away with three guards standing firmly at different positions, and they bowed as the half American professor came out from the car and started walking towards the entrance of the barn after regarding the guards greetings before a dark skinned man came out from the barn to meet him outside before he could walked into the barn.

“Bonne journe`e professeur”

“comment CA a eye docteur?”

The both of them greeted and shake hands in a quite manner and pat themselves afterwards before two more jeep drove forward slowly behind their cars and also came to a halt at different positions.

“Brother in the lord”

“Bonjour to god” the two men in the car came out same time and greeted the two men already standing by patting themselves for minutes before going into the barn while their escorts stayed outside.

Some of the guards who knew each other extends greetings as the four men walked into the barn. There was no cause for alarm due to their secret location but they were ready whatsoever for any problem and their guns well filled with ammunitions incase of any attack. Just as one of them tried to walk behind the barn, he noticed one pointed red light in between a shade behind the barn.

He stared few seconds at it with his gun ready to pull the trigger before deciding to walk towards it, confused if it’s was the sun or something else. He proceed forward without calling the attention of any of the guards. He began to walk forward slowly.

“Something bad is on our path” Professor Tobi was the first to speak after they settled down in the barn.

“Olubade’s death is a message which is very essential we look into, do we say he was actually involved in what was claimed?”

“What a rhetoric question, what do you mean he was involved? Has he ever done anything behind us?” Pastor Bawa asked.

“Gentlemen, you need not much deliberation, I looked into it already and I confirmed it’s true. Olubade was really involved in it” Doctor Nelson interrupted after sitting on the small stool beside professor Kross. The three of them made a glance at the Doctor and widened their brow in confusion, surprised at his obstructed revelations.

“to what do you confirm this doc? you really believed what was reported?” Prof. Kross questioned, staring at the old doctor.

“yes remember we have deals multiple times in cocaine, illegal drugs and some of this things occasionally but its hasn’t ever been done without each of us having a hand on them, how possible could Olubade make a shady deal? Exactly what I don’t understand” pastor Bawa added.

“You are wrong Bawa, I’ve seen multiple couple of times where Olubade makes those deals himself, Nelson is right, all I believe we could do now is figure the truth of this issue immediately” prof. Tobi interrupted silently.

“Yes the five of us makes the law, whatever we utter becomes law, yes the five of us, except now that Olubade is dead” Doctor Nelson voiced out and heaved a sigh before continuing while they listened to the well respected doctor.

“Olubade was assassinated by a renowned assassin only used by SETH” he added and stretched himself on the chair he sat partly, knowing the words he just phrased was a full bomb of shock to them.

“what do you mean Nelson?” prof. Kross questioned and adjusted his seating position likewise in confusion.

“The Seth se… th.. Se… t… h” prof. Tobi sprang up in fear, he stammered and glance at pastor Bawa who also flashed a quick glance at him.

How is that possible? We never had issues with the Seth Members” prof. Kross repeated, this time his voice louder.

“Olubade was really involved in the deal, I think he fell into a trap set for him, he was stupid to have fall into it without informing anyone of us about it at first, I wonder how he just fell for 40 million dollars without telling us”

“Nelson you still have haven’t answered the question, why should there be a trap for one of us by the Seth members? We didn’t have clashes with them and how does this even relate?” Pastor Bawa questioned this time. Doctor Nelson looked at the three men also looking at him, he was beginning to feel if the information was correct like he thought, he heaved a sigh after deciding not to waste anymore time.

“The assassination was done by VeRa” just as he mentioned, the three of them froze and they all adjusted their sitting position in total shock.

“Vera….. Ve… ra”

“Vera is a weapon of the Seth members, fierce and dangerous, how could it be related? Have we offended them?” prof. Tobi voiced out in fear while the two of them froze in more shock.

“that is impossible, How could Seth be after us?” prof. Kross raised up and shouted in confusion.

“maybe they want to annihilate us”

“What !!! Annihilate what”

“Never, that is impossible, how could that happened? I’ve got all the con…”

“forget whatever connection you may have Kross, but could this be the work of the Seth members? That is my confusion” pastor Bawa voiced out interuptedly not after standing up like Kross and Tobi who were already on their feet in shock and fear.

“Vera is only used by the Seth members, remember the message they passed to us few month ago, I think they want our replacement”

“That will never happen, we’ll kill everyone of their members before that set to be in place” Prof. Kross said in annoyance. He nodded twice and faced Doctor Nelson who was about to say something when they heard heavy noise outside, they waited at first and the doctor stopped to listen before the noise sounded again and a gunshot followed.

The four of them made towards the entrance immediately to check what was happening, a bullet went in between the legs of Pastor Bawa who was the first person near the entrance of the barn. The rest of them quickly moved back swiftly as Pastor Bawa raised up his hands, he saw all the guards were down and a strange woman in a solider uniform appeared and fired another shot in between his legs. She instructed him to step back inside before another man appeared behind one of the cars. Another bullet went close to his left leg before he stepped back into the barn quickly in fear.

The woman walked forward and pointed the pistol in her hands right at the four of them who were shocked of what was happening, the man behind her walked inside too and stayed right behind her.

“raise your hands and move there” she said and motioned them towards the left corner of the barn which they obeyed carefully in bewilderment.

She stared at them and mad a smirk, she rolled the pistol in between her fingers and point it down, she walked carefully without taking off her gaze as she walked to the right corner of the barn. She stretched her hands forward and removed one shade slight cover at the edge, a red pointed light shone and she took out the video recorder, she stopped the recording and took two steps forward.

“it’s free sir, they are not armed, you can now talk” she told the ex-president who cleared his throat and made a blink. The four of them were scared and shock but none of them let it reflect on their faces, they glance at each other and at the woman in the soldier uniform as she walked to the right corner of the barn, more surprised what she brought out.

“All the guards are down” pastor Bawa whispers to the men in fear as they stand next to each other, even though his voice was audible and everyone of them heard. The ex-president cleared his throat again to get their attention.

“prof. Kross, pastor Bawa the general oversea, prof. Tobi, and Doctor Nelson the well most respected doctor in the country” he said and took two steps closer to them after mentioning their names.

“incase you have no idea, everything you have said and done the moment you alighted your cars are all recorded. It’s will be posted at every cons and platforms of the internet in few hours. I’m sure you should recognized me now” the ex-president said and removed the cap he had on, he also removed something on his face as he rub his palm to clean his disguise.

“I’m the president you impeached few years ago and I’m on the sought to revenge, not on the impeachment but something far more greater sins I’ve linked to you” the ex-president mentioned and looked at their faces for few minutes, certain they now recognized him as the former president except the woman in the soldier uniform whose identity was still unknown.

The ex-president smiled after he noticed what they must have been thinking, remembering he has watched all their discussions through the video recorder earlier.

“I know what you are thinking and I’m glad to confirm it for you, this is the renowned Vera, a fierce and dangerous assassin that moves like a ghost, she’s no more a weapon of the Seth members you knew a long time ago” the four men froze instantly, they were now fully scared even though they were powerful enough too and tried to hide their fears.

Doctor Nelson was more scared as he looked at her and immediately take off his gaze to prevent eye contact with her, he couldn’t control his fears and he began to shake. Vera herself noticed and she smiled.

“I had a horrible path with you Doctor Nelson, be rest assured I had the best punishment for you when you betrayed me at Los Angeles few years ago, the unavailability to network signals must have not let you see the latest news and must have prevented you from receiving calls. I killed your wife and your first son earlier this morning as you left your home, I have your grandparent in custody and I’m sure you know I don’t bluff” she said and smiled again, sensing the powerful surge that just went through him, his fear and confusion on the rest of them.

“I hope you do not think I’ve forgotten to get you after all this years, I’m going after your two daughters later” she smiled again and turned back to the ex-president, urging him to continue what he was saying and before she could turn back, Kross ran forward in anger to grip the ex-president neck but she charged at him almost instantly and sent a blow right on his face, Kross staggered unexpectedly and before he knew it, she drag him back through the collar of his shirt, two more punches landed on his belly and his face again. He rolled and fell on one of the pillars of the barn, a gunshot followed and the bullet went through Kross left leg almost in 5 seconds after.

“You think I bluff?” she shouted in annoyance and fired two more shots up on the roof of the barn.

“Go on your knees right now, all of you” she ordered the three of them left standing immediately as another shot followed.

Don managed to crawl out from the bridge successfully not after sustaining a big wound again on his previous wound, it’s hurt so bad and he wouldn’t last longer than 30 minutes if he failed to get treated, any minutes longer will make him fall at a place he shouldn’t be. Even though he made quick flashback of how the police vehicle went in flames and how the gunshots followed their car as it summersaulted, the most important on his mind was to get treated as fast as possible.

He brought out his phone from his tight pocket only to realized the screen had totally destroyed and its couldn’t even power on, its had destroyed totally. He managed to stand up and took a look at himself, he looked dirty as much as the blood gushing out from his wound, he looked sideways of the untarred road for traces of anyone but he saw nobody, he stared at the buildings in the whole area for few minutes as he stood muted without an idea of what to do.

He started walking after two more minutes of silence and luckily a bus was coming towards his route, he sighted the bus afar but couldn’t tell how many people were in the bus after seeing it was a commercial bus. It’s may become difficult for him to hijack if there are more than five people inside but nevertheless, he stood there and acted as if he wants to wave to the bus.

To be continued