Choice Episode 41


Kingsley looked through the side mirror of the car from the other lane of the road where he parked, he took back the chips he was eating as he gazed at a building afar, he saw how the street cameras was professionally positioned and study their different angles. He dropped back the chips and took his ringing phone placed on the right side of the front seat to answered the caller.

“The building belongs to one late Adeniyi Alex, the construction of the building was stopped last year until one of his relative took over to complete the building”

“Are you sure about that? This whole place is full of cameras, the car I’m after just entered the building contrary to my plans” Kingsley questioned.

“I don’t know how authentic the information is but that was all I could found out”

“Alright then” Kingsley concluded and ended the call immediately.

He dropped the phone back to the right seat and took back the chips again but just instantly his phone began to ring again. He looked at the phone screen and turned away without answering. He felt both anger and calm equally but was unable to get the true feelings he was having that present moment, he opened the dashboard of the car and took another look at the old picture Chief Salami gave him, he equally recognized Mr William Davis even though he was younger in the picture.

He was standing next to his father referred to Anthony at the right side and another man next to him while the third man was at the left side of his father, his feelings changed when the gate to the uncompleted building he was watching opened as two vehicles drove out, he ignited his car instantly and picked the gun at the back seat immediately before following the cars suite. Just as he drove past the building, the gate opened again and another car drove out.

He saw the vehicle behind through the side mirror but didn’t reduced his speed, he was now confused as to which of the car the target was seated but either ways, he was sure he won’t miss him today.

“Sir its true, the information wasn’t false, the inspector and Mr Nosol really died in the accident”

“Are you mad?” Senator Elvis shouted loudly and instant grabbed a gun from one of the brothers who were in the room, he fired three shots on the brother who came to give the report as he died instantly and fell on his face.

Chief Garub rushed and moved as fast as his legs could take him when he heard a gunshot, Don also rushed closely behind him knowing the senator had acted drastically. They both rushed inside when they saw the senator had pointed the gun at another brother in the room angrily.

“Its contrary to what you thought sir” Don voiced out confidently as he followed Chief Garub inside. The Senator turned the gun in annoyance and pointed it straight at Don who didn’t looked scared as Starex walked inside.

The senator’s phone began to ring after 35 seconds of silence, Professor was boldly displayed as the caller.

Following the INEC chairman who also agreed to the decision made it clear that the insurgents attack and their threat to stop the presidential election must be tackled instantly before anything in order for accredited voters to vote easily without been threatened, he however also pleaded to the Nigerian Army force to help out in the situation as to the videos of the insurgents that was released yesterday concerning the presidential election.

He however among every other reasons attached, confirmed the postponement of the election and also made references to some agitated groups who are on the verge to desrupt the ongoing peace in the country and their plans to provide adequate security for the general election to be calm as he is based on truth and working out his best for the whole country.

He further proclaimed the election is adjourned to 2nd of next month, more details will be reported soon” The Newscaster said and change the papers in her hands before continuing.

It’s a shock on a report we got few hours ago concerning the death of the minister of health Mr Nosol Adams and the Inspector General of police Ibrahim Gbenga who reports said was involved in an accident late yesterday night, we met some security officials who only said the information that they are dead is classified while some of them refused to speak with our reporters.

However, One of them who spoke with our reporter said prior to some pictures that are fast circulating on the images of the minister and the inspector General wasn’t clear and their faces were not clearly shown to signify its was actually them. The issue which has drastically become the major discussions of everyone has not yet been confirmed that they died and that its all a rumor about them.

This report is all we have as we await its authentication.  This is pobsonline TV channel news, join us later as we bring you more

The Newscaster said and the news ended.

Mr William made to have a seat while Mr Donald concentrated on his phone as the news ended. He refreshed the pobsonline website he opened few hours ago and waited for the browser to load as he looked up to see Mr Lat coming.

“Have you prepared the cars?” Mr William asked Mr Lat who bowed in greetings before speaking.

“Yes, everything is set” he answered and glance a look at Mr Donald before walking to one of the chairs.

“Have you been able to track him too?” Mr William asked further.

“Not yet Mr William”

“Why is it taking you this long?” just as he asked, his phone began to ring, he took a look at the caller and answered before Mr Lat could replied his question.

“Hy darling” Mrs Davis voice came through.

“Hey honey, how are you doing?” he asked his wife.

“I don’t know how I feel William, I’ve been stuck here for long and I think I should be coming back” she replied worriedly.

“I thought I told you about the circumstances here, what is this you’re saying…. I told you about the security here and you keep saying this to add to our liability and….”

“No honey, try to understand me, I want to help with anything I could too”

“The only help you can do me is stay safe where you are while Jane join you in two days, we have to make sure she’s well guarded and her traveling kept a secret, she will be traveling with a different identity this time until she get to where you are, so stay safe till then” Mr William added in frustration, he end the call. He turned to Mr Lat immediately, signifying to him to start speaking.

“His location is secured and isn’t easy to find” Mr Lat said as he sit down. Mr Donald glance a look at his friend’s face before returning to concentrate on the phone. He scrolled down more on the News feed, the postponement of the election filled the headlines and the insurgents video that was released was attached with some of the news.

He continued to scroll down more until he saw another different news on the website, he read the headlines and read again before pressing the read more written below the news.

Photos of the General overseas of Word Baptism church, Daniel Olubade deal with Hooligans”

The browser loaded in eight seconds and he continued to read more.

“Donald what are we going to do now in this situation?” Mr William asked. Mr Donald stopped reading the news and faced his friend who just asked him the question he was expecting.

“William I think the best way is to follow the plans and to ensure everyone is safe” he answered him before his phone began to ring too.

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