Choice Episode 40


Don glance a look at his wristwatch after 5 minutes of silence, Scott and one of the brothers came out of hiding from the uncompleted site while the rest of them remained in their positions.

He looked far ahead the untarred road for any traces of car but there was none, the atmosphere seemed cold and the weather became darker, its was sure the rain was going to pour in few minutes but he stood at the spot he was standing without moving. He can’t surely wait to get his hands on Kingsley and get to know the reason for his betrayer.

“Boss I think its going to rain soon” Scott said after walking closer to Don and Jeru.

“Yes lets it rain, heaven probably wants to cry on the flows of blood that will be shed in days to come” Don responded before his phone began to vibrate from his left side pocket. He brought it out and made a smirk before answering the call.

“Don where are you?” Senator Elvis voice came through.

“I’m somewhere far away to the base, any problem sir?” he asked with a frown.

“I want to see you here immediately” the Senator ordered.

“Is anything wrong sir?” Don questioned again after turning to Scott, sensing the angry tone of the Senator.

“Get your a$$ here right now and don’t question me, you have 10 minutes” Senator Elvis voiced out angrily and the call ends.

“What is it Boss?” Scott asked after Don returned the phone back into his pocket.

“What the hell is wrong with this senator?” Don uttered angrily instead.


“Senator Elvis should always know I’m a busy man, he can’t just call for us anytime he wishes, we also have things to do at times, look at me, I ought to be home by now” Mr Nosol voiced out in annoyance.

“Yes you’re right but you should also know he wouldn’t be calling if it’s a decision he can make instead without letting us know about it” the IGP responded and glance a look at his wristwatch.
He was seated beside the minister at the back seat of the moving car, the driver and a guard were at the front seat, another car as escorts was moving closely behind them.

“Is he not the one who initiated any decision and ordered its execution straight away himself? Why bother calling us for something we don’t have a say on”

“But still he ensured we always know about it and most of them are taken right in front of us Mr Nosol” the IGP argued.

“yea I know, but I think he should learn how to not call us anytime he wants, he should understand we all have schedules to follow” Mr Nosol interrupted before his phone began to ring, his guard was calling.

“Sir, we have a situation here” the guard said immediately

“What situation is that Alex?” he asked.

“She doesn’t want to leave with us”

“What do you mean she doesn’t want to leave with you? What is the problem with her?”

“She doesn’t want to even see us near the room, she ordered us to stay outside”

“Jeez what the hell are you ……. Get her out of there anyhow this minute even if you have to carry her, whose orders are you following?” Mr Nosol flared up.

“But sir that will result to something else especially if the media are around, carrying her off might be embarrassing and may instantly call for media attention that may result to different stories from them. We shouldn’t call for such disturbance”. There was silence for 40 seconds before Mr Nosol speaks up, he surely know what the guard mean.

“Okay let me give her a call myself” he concluded and end the call before placing a call through to Angelina. Its rang severally at the first and second time of trying but wasn’t answered until the third time.


“Hi angel” he called out worriedly.

“I’m not going out of here Dad” Angelina cried.

“You see darling, I understand how you feel and I know its painful but you shouldn’t hurt yourself the more by staying there or wailing. Its wouldn’t change anything but to get you hurt the more.

“But Dad….”

“Listen to me angel, I know you love him and I surely know you love your mother and I as well but you should possibly think of how hurt we will be if you do anything to hurt yourself darling”

“But dad, tell me he will live, tell me Gabriel isn’t going to die like the doctor’s assumed, please dad tell me he’s going to tell me more of how beautiful I am, tell me he’s not going to stop”

“He will survive sweetheart, he’s not going to die and he will definitely smiled at you and tell you how beautiful you are as much as I can tell you” Mr Nosol said instantly, he was calmed already and his daughter has just brought out a bit emotions from him, he could felt her pains and could feel she has cried a lot.

“But dad, he’s on a machine, is he definitely going to live? I shouldn’t believe their assumption?” She asked.

“Yes my darling, don’t pull yourself down, he’s going to survive, don’t believe the doctors, they are not God but I need you not to hurt your mum and I. Just follow the guards I sent you and don’t pull yourself down please sweetheart”

“But Dad, I can’t leave him alone with nobody to watch over him, I can’t just go, I can’t”

“Yes I understand you but common darling, the doctors would do their job, they will ensure to attend to him always, oh common !! you can check back on him tomorrow please, we might even be there together, I will be home in few hours, will I meet you there? Please Angel”

“Alright Dad”

“Are we done now? You sure?” he asked.

“Yes I heard you”

“Okay thanks darling”….

“Who was that?” the IGP asked after Mr Nosol ended the call.

“Its Angelina”

“Yeah I know, I mean what happened to her?”

“You know and you’re asking, its has been handled, nothing is wrong with her and you don’t have to know about it” Mr Nosol answered and stared forward before the IG gaze elsewhere.

“Please will you move faster? I still have things to do” Just as Mr Nosol told the driver, a Chevrolet car overtake the car behind them and theirs in a rush all of a sudden.

“What the f**k is wrong with this driver?” the IG shouted at the speed the Chevrolet took.

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“Jeru I don’t think I’ll be able to make it…… listen I know okay, I’m sorry, something really came up and I need to attend to it immediately. “How about the brothers?” Kingsley interrupted after reluctantly answering Jeru’s call.

“I don’t know if they’ve moved already because I’ve been here more than hours now”

“I’m sorry okay, you’ve been of help all the while and I appreciate but something really came up, I’ll contact you immediately I’m done” Kingsley pleaded as he increased his speed in the car the more.

“Where are you then?”Jeru asked after been instructed by Scott.

“I’m currently out of Lagos, I have to attend to something”

“How about the attack?”

“Don’t worry, counter measures are already in place, the whole building has been surrounded too”

“Okay then I I…… I will contact you later” Jeru said and the call ends.

Kingsley returned the phone back to the front seat and concentrate back on the road, he noticed a sudden gap on Jeru’s voice but he wasn’t for the mood. He increased his speed and drove fast on the journey that lasted 30 minutes more.

He slowed down after seeing Gaga community signboard and turned towards the route of the road. He was able to locate the community but the house he was heading to will be quite difficult to locate because there was no street light and the road was totally rough. He made a sigh in relief when he saw two men coming forward as he drives, he moved slowly to the side of the road until he got the chance and horned to get their attention.

“Please where is Chief Salami’s house around here?” he asked without greeting when they moved closer.

“Chief Salami’s house is quite some distance away from here, is there any problem?” one of them asked.

“Not at all, he’s a close relative and I just want to see him” Kingsley replied.

“His house is not very far from here but its might be quite difficult to locate due to the rough road, we are actually coming from there”

“Oh is that !!! please how can I get there? Help me out”

“But are you sure there’s no problem?” the second man questioned.

“Not at all, I just want to see him” Kingsley answered and watch the men glance at themselves.

“Okay, we’ll take you there if you say there’s no problem but can we come in?”

“Yeah sure please do…. . I’m really grateful”

20 minutes Later

“Sunkanmi will you both be able to go alone now?” its late already. Lets my driver take you back instead” Chief Salami said after he sat down, Kingsley was seated on the sofa beside him and the two men standing opposite the Chief.

“We’ll appreciate that Chief, we were almost home when we met him” Sunkanmi said, pointing to Kingsley.

“Oh thanks” chief Salami said and gave them three thousand each before they followed the driver who was called to drive them out.

“I’m glad you finally came, I’ve been expecting you…….”

“Kingsley sir”

“Oh yeah Kingsley” the chief said and squinted his face. “But was that your real name? I remember you were named after your great grandfather, how could I have forgotten self”

“Grandpa gave me the name himself before his death, and ever since then I was always referred to that”

“Oh is that !! I might remember anyways as we start discussing” Chief Salami said and and fully rested his back on the chair, he collected the document Kingsley was holding and opened it himself while Kingsley watched. “This document contains the properties and the companies of your father alongside some of his investments which now belongs to someone else”

Kingsley adjusted his sitting position immediately and stared at the Chief face, eager to hear more.

“I must tell you to be patient first son, your grandfather was trying to protect you years back but its so sad he was also killed. You see Kingsley, the success of your father grew beyond those who introduced the reality of business to him, he was awarded differently here and there and was issued a lot of contracts but unfortunately he had a lot of enemies as well that were eager for his downfall. They felt that he was making it and different companies and investments abandoned them for him just for few years he had joined the business world. He fell into a conspiracy of this business men who planned his death alongside your mother and sibling which also result or include your grandfather. I’m sure you know this already?”

Kingsley nodded in response before speaking up. “Yes I know all of that already, but grandpa kept this men identity a secret from me, he insisted we can’t do anything until we attain power”

“And have you attain the strength to fight these men now?” the Chief asked Kingsley who didn’t have answers to his question.

“Then what have you been doing all this years?” the chief asked again and continued before Kingsley could speak.

“The document you brought contains the names of the business men already, I remember your father ‘Anthony’ partner in business with some of them, its even funny one of them is running for presidency now” Kingsley turned instantly as the chief spoke, he froze in shock.


GMT 7:43am

“What about putting a call through to him?

“We’ve done that, it rang severally without been answered”

“Then do we say he tricked us?” Mr William asked in confusion. They were informed about an attack immediately they left the ex-president and nothing happened all through the night.

“His location are also protected” Mr Lat added.

“Then what do we do?” Mr William asked again and turned to follow Mr Donald gaze at the door.

“Dad I need to see you privately” Jane said tiredly and walked out from the room immediately before Mr William followed.

“I’ll be right back” he said and walked out. He has been studying Jane since the day before and can tell she really looked troubled.

Jane heaved a sigh immediately she entered her room and waited till her father entered. She wasn’t her self ever since she heard her dad’s discussion with Mr Donald about killing someone. She needed to ask him directly if its was only planned and he didn’t do it in reality or to tell her its wasn’t true.

“What is troubling you Jane? What is wrong darling?” Mr William asked repeatedly after he entered and closed the door behind him.

“Dad don’t tell me you really killed someone” she spilled it out immediately without delay.

“Kill someone, what do you mean?” her father asked in shock

“I heard you telling Mr Donald you conspired with bad people to get some people killed, what have you done Dad?” she asked without taking off her gaze on him.

“I’m sorry Jane, that was the past. For months I was judged by my conscience. I had to do it right or my whole life will crush, my business will go down, all I’ve worked for will be taken by people I owed huge amount of debt, its wasn’t my fault”

“It wasn’t your fault? Are you still saying its wasn’t your fault? You killed a man alongside his family and some witnesses who had some crucial documents and evidence with them, those words still echoes right on my head dad, what have you done? I thought you were not part of this wicked people dad” she shouted in tears.

“That was the past darling, I hope God will forgive me, I’m sorry” her father said and slowly moved closer to her.

“But the blood are still on your hands dad, how do we stipulate that fact? Maybe that’s the reason happiness wasn’t something I’ll ever have or totally posses for the rest of my life now after knowing my father is a murderer”

“But Jane”

“No but….. I don’t want to hear any but from you dad. Did this happened when mum was alive?” She asked and moved back a bit.

“Its was then I met her, when we’d started talking”

“Oh no dad, why why?” Jane shouted repeatedly and moved back hurriedly when her dad moved closer to her, before she knew it, she fainted.

“Jane Jane Jane” her father shouted and moved hurriedly but she had landed on the floor.


“Sir I have the footage with me now”

“Is it everything?” the commissioner asked.

“No I couldn’t get it all completely”

“How else can we be able to use the document against them?” one of the police officer interrupted.

“That is easy, I already gave a task to some trusted officers, I’m expecting their feedback. So what’s the report?” the commissioner questioned.

“He is still alive sir, he’s not dead according to what the doctors assumed” The commissioner sits properly and dropped the document in his hands beside him surprisingly.

“I thought they were sure he wasn’t going to survive”

“Yes but surprisingly he’s not, the doctors can only assumed, maybe life still wants him. We only need to transfer him out from the hospital and make sure he’s safe as soon as possible” the officer added.

The commissioner nodded thrice and relaxed back on the chair before another officer rushed inside.

“Sir there’s an ongoing news about the death of the IGP and Mr Nosol Adams”

“What !!!” there was total shock in the room.


The doctor heaved a breath and turned to face the curious men expecting him to say something.
“Jane needs to seriously relax herself, her blood pressure is not normal Mr William, what exactly is wrong?” the doctor asked as if he was accusing her father.

“What do you mean?” Mr William asked.

“I said her BP is out of normal and besides Jane is pregnant”

“What !!!” Mr Donald and her father shouted.

To be continued.