Choice Episode 39


“Are you sure of what you are saying?” Don asked again.

“Yes boss, you can come and watch the footage yourself”

“But I thought the whole footage was deleted” another brother seated beside Don pointed out.

“Yes but not all, the camera is IR infrared 940mm and was connected differently to other cameras”

Don stood instantly when he saw how the brother was sure of his claims, he walked out from the room before the brothers followed. They reached the control room in a minute and all walked inside, three computers were placed side by side on the main desk and a separate laptop placed on the angle of the desk. They moved to the laptop and one of them quickly drag a chair immediately for Don to sit, Don tap the space bar and the footage began to play instantly.

After few minutes of watching, Don rested his back fully on the chair in anger, he crossed his fingers together and nodded twice in more annoyance.

“This was it” he uttered and made a smirk.

“We attack Mr William’s home tonight” he voiced out angrily and stand to walk away immediately.

“Boss but the senator”

“We don’t have to tell him or any of them, we finish this once and for all” Don interrupted and almost at the door when it opened and Starex entered. He looked at Don and greeted but Don didn’t respond to his greetings, Starex moved out of the way and watch him go out alongside a brother who hurriedly walked out behind him.

Starex watched them leave and made a chuckle, he walked beside the brother who was left in the room and sat quietly before one of the computers.

“Hey can I ask something from you?” he questioned the brother who looked up to face him without responding. “Do you have any clue about Mrs Florence?”

“I hope you’ve been quite busy with meetings and the coming election because I’ve not been seeing you around”

“yes Senator, I’ve been busy making sure everything is fully prepared” Mr William voiced into the phone.

“Oh !! that’s good, I hope you saw my messages likewise”

“Yes that is why I’m calling too, I don’t seem to understand all you said, I meant the message properly”

“What is it you don’t understand Mr William?” Senator Elvis questioned.

“Everything, all of it, and I need you to explain personally” Mr William answered, his voice was harsh but not quite loud.

“There is nothing to explain Mr William, you just follow the instructions you are given”

“That is impossible, what the goddamn instructions is that and who is making the instructions? What do you mean?” Mr William finally spilled it out loudly in anger.

“Excuse me, what is the meaning of that?” the Senator asked.

“You still haven’t answered the questions I asked you”

“Excuse me”

“Let’s be frank here Senator and listen attentively to what I have to say, I know who you are and I don’t give a damn about whoever you are called. Those instructions are trashed and declined, you don’t order me around, I am not one of the dogs you order around anytime you want”

“Hey Mr man, do you realize what you are saying?” Senator Elvis made a smirk.

“Listen I’ll not have you order me around like you do to others Elvis, it is due time you park up well if you don’t realize it yourself”

“And do you know you will not see dawn before…..”

“Let’s begin the real war Elvis, we’ve been silent all the way” Mr William shouted angrily and end the call before the Senator could speak.

“You did well William, you are becoming bold now” Jude clapped and smiled.

“Whatever Jude, I guess its time to make this right, lets do this” Mr William said and turned to face the ex-president and Mr Donald. He doesn’t know where the courage came from or the reason for what he just did but he felt this uncontrollable anger he never felt before.

“Don’t start blaming me later William, are you sure of this?” Mr Donald asked.

“I’ve made my Choice and we are fighting this” he concluded and made to have a seat.

The ex-president nodded twice and stretched his hands back to one of the guard who immediately gave him a phone. He checked the screen and placed it closely on his ear before the call he made could be answered.

“I’m I speaking with Vera?” the ex-president asked.

“Vera on the line” a feminine voice came through the phone.

“This is chief Saraki”

“Yes I know your excellency, quite some days I hear from you”

“I have a Job for you” the ex-president said immediately.

“You don’t have to phrase the words Chief, who are the targets?”

“Huh, this job is quite complicated and may need for us to meet Vera, I want another way of getting it done”

“Nothing is ever complicated for me your excellency but if that is what you want, I’ll get back to you in 10 minutes on the location and time”


“I’ve been trying to reach you all this time but it wasn’t going through”

“Yes, some issues came up” Kingsley replied the caller. “But are you sure about this?” he questioned the brother who looked sideways and all around him if he wasn’t watched before speaking Into the phone.

“Yes I overheard Don telling some of the brothers to get prepared for an attack on Mr William’s house”

“When is the attack?” Kingsley asked.

“Its tonight but I don’t know the time” the caller answered.

“Can you do me a favor then?“What’s that?”

“Can you notify me immediately they move?” there was silence more than 40 seconds before a response came through.

“I can only try, we wouldn’t be allowed to be with phones but I’ll do all I can to inform you” he answered.

“Alright thanks” Kingsley spoke and the call ends.

The brother opened the back cover of the phone immediately and removed its sim card, he kept the phone into his pocket but just as he turned to leave, a blow landed on his face, another blow went into his belly and he was instantly dragged further with his trouser towards Don who was standing metres away, he fell on his knees immediately.

Don landed a sounding slap on his face before he was giving a serious beating by the rest of the brothers.

“Boss I told you a mole lives around us”

“Yeah you did, I’m not surprised there’s a mole around us, there is always one everywhere. What I don’t understand is the reason behind Kingsley betrayer and the reason he made the Choice to attack his brothers”

“Kingsley was a betrayer from the beginning boss, that is why Gb stood against him” a brother pointed out. Don nodded once and bend himself slowly.

“What are you called?” he asked. “Don’t make me repeat myself” he yelled.

“I’m called Jeru” the brother spoke with a shaky voice.

“Okay Jeru, I want you to answer all this questions straight away without delay, you can lie if you want, I can surely tell if you do but I advise you don’t because you wouldn’t like yourself, are my clear?” Don asked silently while the brother nodded in fear, he surely know he’s done for.

“Where is Kingsley?”

“I don’t know where he is boss” a slap landed on his face instantly again.

“I swear I don’t boss, he never disclose his location to me”

“Enough Scott, allow him speak” Don voiced out to stop another slap on him again by a brother.

“Why exactly did Kingsley betrayed this hood?”

“He is not a betrayer boss, he had been framed from the beginning” Jeru answered quickly with more shaky voice

“Yeah of course, why should I be asking you instead of Kingsley directly” Don made a chuckle and raised Jeru’s chin with his left fingers.

“Now you are going to call Kingsley back, tell him to meet you by 8pm tonight at a location you’re going to send in 20 minutes time, tell him you have something to show him before the attack, you heard me?” Don yelled and suddenly grab the collar of his shirt to raise him up while the two of the brothers grab him instantly and brought out the phone.

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“When is that?” Mr Lat questioned.

“Tonight” Kingsley answered, standing beside Jane in the room.

“Then we need to contact Mr William immediately” Mr Lat said and walked away to get his phone before Kingsley’s phone began to ring again.

“Jeru” he called out


“Anything else?” Kingsley asked.

“Yes I need to show you something important before the attack”

“What is that?”

“Its not something we can discuss on phone, I’ll send you an address where we can meet by 8pm today, I’ll find a way to get out without suspicion. So we meet by 8pm”

“okay then, thanks Jeru” Kingsley said and the call ends. Mr Lat walked in and dropped the call likewise.

GMT 7:32pm

Kingsley entered the car and zoomed off into the main road, he reduced his speed at one time as several thought began to pop on him, he reduced his speed the more and moved at a slower pace. He suddenly felt scared and his hands shivers on the car wheel as he remembered all of his past life, his childhood life, all of his deeds and mistakes, how he joined the brothers, how he had become weak and everything all from the beginning.

Its been years he suddenly met his grandfather dead in a pool of blood the next morning he returned home when he left the other night in his drunken state, he had decided to follow his old grandfather’s decision to remain silent and fight later when they attain power to fight whoever their enemies were since the man want it kept a secret but was shocked to see him dead already.

He remembered he had left the house with a shattered heart without speaking to the police men who were asking several questions about his old man and didn’t give the old man a befitting burial when no relative appeared to claim his body when he left. All this years he had been alone, he never lacked money, he had all he wanted from the brothers and all he ever wished for but he had forgotten the sole reason for joining the K’s, revenge was what he wanted but he’d forgotten the main cause and other things had taken his sought. His mind drifted back and he frowned, his family were killed when operation feed the nation was introduced.


Don came out from hiding with one of the brothers, he frowned and started walking towards Jeru after taking a look at his wristwatch, Its been over two hours already and there was no trace of Kingsley.

“Where is Kingsley Jeru?” Don asked after he moved closely beside him.

“I don’t know boss, he ought to be here already even if they’re preparing for the attack”

“Put a call through to him” Don instructed but Jeru’s phone began to ring almost instantly, Kingsley was calling.

“Where are you boss?” Jeru questioned immediately.

“I’m on my way to the address you sent me, has the brothers moved already?”

“Not yet”

“Okay, I will be with you in 15 minutes”



Kingsley alighted the car before the gate of the building, some of the street lights were off and some part of the street were dark with two cars moving at the straight lane as he parked. He stared at the building few seconds in the car before coming out and walked towards the gate, he pushed it open and entered. A bulb from the security post and one at the varanda was the only source of light in the building even though the bulb were not bright.

He walked to the Varanda and pushed the main door opened, the room was totally dark but he stepped inside before switching on his phone flashlight. He moved back a bit and use his left hands to draw – off cobwebs as he walked to locate the bulb switch. The cobwebs was much and some of it covered his hair and cloth but he managed to press the switch before the whole light came on, he stood muted and took several looks at the whole room and everywhere.

It reminds him of his parent and especially his grandfather, he glance a look at the floor and the cold blood from his grandpa flashed through his mind. He finally moved away from that spot after minutes of staring around and proceed to move inside the rooms.

He checked the rooms one after the other and spent minutes looking at the whole rooms, from the guest rooms to his own room, to his immediate sister and to his parent before his old grandpa’s room where he spent more minutes checking everywhere and everything that reminds him of his old man.

He walked in front of the opened wardrobe and took several looks at the clothes hanged properly even though it was full of dust, that alone reminds him much of the old man and everything they had together. His wristwatch made a beep when he tried to touch one of the cloth, he took a glance before turning around and walk away from the wardrobe towards the shelf.

What he doesn’t understand was why he decide to visit after that long years, maybe because of the fatherly love he saw Mr William gave his daughter or maybe because of the love her step mother gave or because of the fear he felt or totally because of his confusion.

He began to check the properly arranged books on the shelf one after the other, remembering his grandpa was an author and he had written a lot of books. He picked the books one after the other before a document fell down.

To be continued.