Choice Episode 38


“I only kept quite because of my respect for you, please the affairs of my family is kept away among every other things, please and please I wouldn’t want that from you at all, not my daughter for goodness sake”

“What is wrong in being inlaws with me Mr Nosol? Afterall your daughter in question is yet to be married, what exactly is wrong in pouring out my opinion and feelings?”

“Now don’t get me pissed off Inspector, my families should be put aside from this as I demanded” Mr Nosol insisted as he walked the corridor alongside the Inspector General of Police who kept quiet without responding when he saw the minister looked pissed. But whether he likes it or not, he is still going to have his daughter no matter how annoyed he may be, what intoxicate him the most about Angelina is her body structure. He had imagined grabbing her b**bs and making a bigger fun of her when he once visited their home at a time when the family gathered to celebrate the birthday and the welcoming party of their last child, his manhood probably haven’t let him be since then and the lasting desires to have her was all he lust after.

Mr Nosol opened the door to the room they were going and stepped in before the inspector followed, returning from his thought. He closed the door gently behind as they both walk towards Don whose bandage was just been replaced by one of the brothers who were both in the room, he dropped the scissors he was using on the tray on the bed and bowed to greet the men that entered before returning to complete the bandage.

Don winced in pains a bit but also managed to greet the men by bowing a bit likewise.

“You did well Don, this was what you should have done earlier, its shouldn’t have take you this long to finish an ordinary insect that shouldn’t have caused any bit of disturbance at all”

“By the way, who is this agent you’re talking about?” Mr Nosol asked after sitting on the edge of the bed.

“That isn’t necessary anymore, it’s a little trouble that has been handled” the inspector interrupted and also walked towards the chair beside the window to have a seat while they watch Don injury been bandaged in silence.

A knock sounded on the door after two minutes of silence and opened instantly as a brother walked in without been told to enter.

“Sir, I’m instructed to call you” he bowed and said without closing the door.

“Is Senator Elvis here already?”

“Yes, he’s seated at the main sitting room” he answered and turned back towards the door when the two men stands to follow him outside. Don put on his shirt when the bandaged was done and also stands to follow them out alongside the brother who replaced the bandaged.

Senator Elvis sits on one of the big sofas in the main room and crossed his legs with his phone on his hands as he reads the news headline on the pobsonline website before proceeding to read it in full. His attention was interrupted when the IGP and the minister entered and greets faintly, he dropped the phone and faced them before replying their greetings while the men made to sit differently on the sofas before Don walked inside and Starex followed.

Starex moved beside the Senator and dropped a file on the small mini-table in front of him.

“Where is chief Garub?” the Senator asked after a minute of silence. He looked at Don who also stared at him before taking off his gaze.

“He called to tell me he will be late a bit this morning”

“And why is that?”

“He’s on a campaign” Mr Nosol answered while the Senator nodded before turning back to Don.

“Have you found Florence?” he questioned.
Don stood muted without saying anything, he surely know what the Senator was implying and the reason for the question, what he doesn’t understand was why he felt so relaxed all this long instead of doing what he’d ought to do in all the wasted time and made everybody doubted him and the trust they had instead.

“Why is it difficult for you to locate an ordinary woman Don? What exactly has made you so weak?” the senator questioned when he didn’t answer again and shake himself in disgust. He faced the IGP and Mr Nosol before speaking up again.

“A document is missing in one of this file and the document contains somethings which shouldn’t be leaked out because of its top secret, I found out it even existed and that its was missing by the time I did, the recent accusations alleged on social media and on claims that Nosol and I are behind Johnson’s death and the importation of some drugs along with some crime details we were acquainted with are all from that document. I don’t think a woman who has stayed hidden all these years will appear confidently enough to make such claims without been back-up by somebody”

“Yes I’ve also thought of that when the accusations were levied that there should be someone behind her” Mr Nosol pointed out.

“Which is now been taking care of by Don” the IG interrupted.

The Senator glance another awkward stares at Don and the IGP if he knew exactly what he was saying before speaking.

“Starex” he called out. Starex moved forward and bowed to answer him.

“Get me this document and kill whoever knows about it, find this woman and end this little disturbance, you have just three days to do this” just as he ordered, Don smiled and gave a faint chuckle.

“She’s the daughter of minister Nosol Adams sir”

“And why haven’t you taken care of it already” the old doctor questioned.

“I tried my best sir but she seemed adamant, her cries echoes all over the hospital walls”

“Then send her somewhere else, her noise is disturbing the whole hospital”

“Yes sir” the nurse said and made towards the door immediately.

“By the way who is the young man?” the doctor asked further before she could walk out. The nurse turned back instantly to face him.

“I don’t know who he is sir, I have no idea”

“What about his relationship with the minister’s daughter?”

“I don’t know either, we found a ringing phone from his pocket and we told whoever was calling about the incident and she was here thereafter”

“Is the patient going to survive either?” the doctor asked more

“I don’t think he will sir, only an unseen miracle can do that and even if he did, he might not be able to walk again”

“Okay” the doctor nodded before the nurse walked out.

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“What !!” Mr William exclaimed

“How” Mr Donald asked instead.

“Mr William, I want you to know this cannot be handled with the Law and whatever we decide must be accomplished on time without any delay, all these men must be cleared up if you really desires to re-form this country”

“But killing people isn’t the way too, we can somehow still find another way to do this with the Law, its not above anybody like they phrase”

“I can see you are still a weak human being William, I thought things would have changed a bit about you since you’ve grown in vast and became famous in here and foreign countries but how wrong am I? You are still that weak human you’ve been all these years back” someone walked in interruptedly and stood beside the ex-president after he bowed in respect and nodded to greet Mr Donald.

Mr William sprang unto his feet instantly with fear as he saw who spoke, something terrifying surge within him immediately.

“William what is wrong with you? What is the problem?” Mr Donald asked in whispers but his voice was audible and it was heard all over the room despite that he speaks silently.


“A lot of things are wrong Donald, I can’t afford to stain my hands with blood whatsoever anymore” he finally respond to Mr Donald repeated questions.

“Blood !! that is what I don’t understand and that is what you keep saying, what exactly is the problem?”


“Can we go now?” Jane asked Kingsley after a guard informed them about the arrival of Mr William. He nodded in response while they both stands to walk out of the room.

Jane made to hold his fingers and held tightly to his thumb happily, she felt this happiness deep beyond anyone’s imagination as she walked. From one thing to the other till it finally get to what she didn’t barging for, she felt so happy Kingsley was safe and sad same time in fear of what happens next.

Maybe happiness was something she wouldn’t attain all her life or probably be happy for a short time and have the rest in sadness, she shrugged the thought and smiled. Whether or not happiness would be hers or not, she’ll choose to be happy. She heaved a sigh and smiled again as they walked behind the corridor, they heard someone shout.

They stopped and waited behind the door without knocking or opening it as they listened.

“I had to agree before they were killed, there were no other options left for me or my whole business will collapse totally, not only did Anthony took over all the business and contract but because of him I lost all the contract that were mine, I lost all the regards and trust from all the directors due to the fact that I was out of fund and financial institutions rejected my proposal for assistance” Mr William turned angrily and flung the suit he took off when they entered the room earlier away, the suit landed on the floor right below the door that leads to the bathroom.

“And so? How does that involve your hands been stained in blood?” Mr Donald still questioned in annoyance, its still baffles him why his friend behaved that way before the ex-president.

“Don’t you get it? My business was at a point to crumble, it was at stake and I couldn’t let all I’ve worked for vanish like that, I had to collide with some other businessmen who had some bad intentions already and we set up plans to take all he had, fortunately he felled into our trap and we got him killed alongside his families and some witness who had some crucial documents and evidence with them”

He voiced out and took few steps away from the window he was standing, Mr Donald made to sit quietly on the bed as he listened to his friend who had more to say.

“It was worst than I anticipated, for days my conscience never left me though things turned back to the way it was for me and my business went in vast later. I was disturbed for days, I had dreams that kept me from sleep and it was getting worse on me each passing day, and so I decided to free my will and conscious by doing something that didn’t went well as I planned either. The mess was cleared for me by this businessmen and its gave them opportunity to want to make me joined them but I refused, It will only make me get more killed, associating with any of them now will only bring back my past and I’ll never allow anything jeopardize my name”

Mr Donald made a faint smirk as he allowed him finish what he was saying.

“And when was this William?” he questioned.

“Some years ago”

“I mean what year?”

“I don’t remember but it was during a time when Operation Feed the Nation was introduced” he answered.

Jane who was behind the door all the while finally knocked the door when Mr Lat appeared from one of the corridors so as not to make him believe they were eavesdropping from the door. She entered with mixed feelings before Kingsley followed with confusion when they heard response to come in while Mr Lat also entered after few seconds.

“How are you feeling Jane?” her father asked.


Five more knock sounded on the gate before an angry response came from the security post.

“I said who is it?”

“Excuse me, please can you come outside a bit?” Two suited men were standing before the gate and the one on a low hair cut was the one who talked.

“No I can’t, so whoever you are, just get the f**k off from that gate”

“Then we might have to force this gate down if you don’t come out now”

The security guard opened his eyes in annoyance out from slumber and stand immediately.

“What did you just say?” he shouted angrily without waiting to get response and grabbed one sharp cutlass placed behind the door instantly, he walked out from the small security post and opened the small side of the gate hurriedly with more annoyance. He raised the cutlass up when he rushed out and brought it down slowly when he saw the men were suited, even though they moved back when he raised the cutlass, they wasn’t scared at all and it didn’t show in any of their faces.

“Who are you?” he asked silently but still held the cutlass tightly to himself incase he might need it again.

“My name is Jacob and he is David, we are sent by Mrs Florence to get something for her in her apartment”

“Which Mrs Florence?” the security asked.

“The same Mrs Florence who lives here a while ago”

The security squinted and looked at them thoroughly.

“She’s no longer here, she disappeared without…”

“Yes we know, and the news on the Internet, we are aware” they interrupted without letting him speak.

“What I am saying is whatever it is you’re asked to get, you have to go straight to the landlord first, her belongings has been parked from the apartment and its been rented out to another people” he said while the two men glance at themselves first before one of them speaks.

“Can we see the new renters then?”

“I don’t know who you are but can you show something that will clearly show you’re from Mrs Florence?” the security questioned again.

“oh here it is” the one on the high cut respond and brought out something from the suit pocket.

Few Minutes Later

The centre table was carried away and the small rug between the center of the room was rolled completely away in between the right and left sides of the small sitting room.

One of the suited men walked behind the door and the other moved at the last edge that leads to the entrance into the corridor, the one behind the door began to count footsteps away from the front door to the middle, he stopped at the 25th and brought out a metal material, hoping to be the right place they were after to retrieve the document while the house owners watched.

To be continued.