Choice Episode 37


Gabriel came out from the mansion with his phone placed on his left ear, he looked distant away to where his car was parked before walking towards its direction.

“I’m just coming from the man’s mansion and I’m heading to Mr Nosol Adam’s residence sir”

“Yes I’ll be there before 10pm today and I’ll come over afterwards”

“Okay sir” he uttered repeatedly into the phone before the call ends. He opened the driver side of the car when he gets to it, entered and kick the engine to life immediately, he change the gears and crossed towards the main road before speeding off.

Don kick the car he was waiting patiently in and also turned to the main road before the other brothers followed suit. He increased his speed and followed angrily until the car he was after turned to another route, the road was busy but cars moved freely, only not at the speed he was coming with, he horned repeatedly when a car overtake and moved right in front of him, he horned again and again before bringing out a gun from the dashboard of the car.

The other brothers moved swiftly at the other lane and speed towards the car they were after, they had to get him on time before he turned to the other rear, one of them cock the gun and fired a shot that broke the car glass and pierced the head of a driver who was driving slowly in front of theirs, the car stumbled and rolled out of the road instantly, some of the on-going cars wanted to stop at the sudden incident but drove away quickly when two more shots followed.

Gabriel glance backwards through the side mirror shockingly when he heard several gunshots, it took him more than a minute to grab and realise the shots were actually fired towards his direction but the car closely beside him took the bullets instead. He change the gears and increase his speed immediately while the brothers also moved speedily firing more shots.

Don shot the two cars moving in front of him and another car after he overtake the one in front of him, he cursed and smashed the wheel of the car angrily, there were lots of accident already and some motorist left their cars and ran out of fear, he turned the vehicle crazily around despite his speed and followed the left side of the lane instantly.

Gabriel increased his speed the more out of fear and shock, he didn’t noticed how its started but it was clear he was actually the one been attacked. He brought out a gun placed behind him quickly looking through the side mirror but a bullet pierced and pieces the backglass of the car and the attacker hit his car behind almost instantly, the gun dropped from him before more several shots followed quickly but he bowed tightly from been hit by it, the car was moving at a faster rate and there were no cars on the route anymore.

“What the damn bullshit you’re doing? Shoot the the goddamn tyres and not the glass mother******” one of the brothers shouted out to the two brothers who were firing.

Gabriel tried to get the gun but he couldn’t, knowing fully well the accident it could cause, he could feel the vibration of his phone on his pocket but he couldn’t take it out likewise, he widened his brow when a trailer appeared at the end of the route he was heading right before the round about of the road.

Don drove out of the route he headed successfully and increased his speed the more, he fired several shots at the coming trailer from the two lane road he was coming from, he fired the shots again to scare the driver who was also coming at a faster speed. He had the opportunity to follow another junction of the road but he didn’t, considering the fact that he could be permanently stucked at the heavy traffic that has prominently occurred, the driver horned loudly and stepped on the brakes almost immediately to prevent the accident, he horned and horned but there was no way he wouldn’t hit the coming car. Don fired more shot through the window side from afar until the bullets pierced the driver.

It was a lost cause for Gabriel who was trying to dodge the bullets by driving left and right of the road, he was sure of the accident coming and sure he wouldn’t survive it but the brakes the driver had stepped on seemed helpful a bit.

“What the f**k is he doing?” one of the brothers cursed but their car crashed with the heavy trailer before they knew what was happening, the car stumbled with the trailer speedily and immediately went in flames.

Several bullets went through Gabriel’s car at the front mirror and at the two front tyres instantly, he hadn’t anticipated another attack from the round about whatsoever, his car somersault and stumbled repeatedly and rolled out of the road. Don was lucky to have survived death but the bonnet of the car destroyed totally as his car also stumbled likewise but not until he fired the shots right before the round about of the road.

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The main gate to the building opened and the huge hummer jeep drove in the uncompleted building, the two back door was opened by the guards after the car came to a halt. Mr William and Mr Donald stepped out and came out from the car, they glance a look in confusion at the building which has no roof yet and the environment they are before a guard spoke up to ease their confusion.

“We are only passing through the building, its not our destination, come with me, his excellency await you” He uttered while the two men glance at themselves before following the guard who was walking to the uncompleted building already.

They walked past several rooms and corridors until they entered one room where the guard pushed one of the bricks on the wall, the brick went in and the wall opened apart before an elevator came up, surprising both men.

“This building was designed by a 97 years Russian architect who died four years ago, he was the last survivor of his lineage and only get to stay that long on earth due to the help of his excellency, but unfortunately the building wasn’t completed before his death. We were on the verge to get another architect to complete the design but choosing the wrong one could ruin the whole thing, that is why his excellency decide to stop the progress of the building until he sees a trustworthy architect” This building is equipped with automated weapons itself and very impossible to penetrate or to attack whatsoever. This room we entered is hidden away from any of the rooms here and can’t be entered by anyone except those who has the map”

“Map, what do you mean map” Mr Donald chuckled. “There are over 124 rooms and over 94 corridors at the first two floors in this building Mr Donald, each one of them changes according to some speculations, anyone without the map will find it difficult to locate this particular room”

“And why are you telling us this?” Mr William asked.

“That’s because I was instructed to inform you by his excellency immediately you are here” the guard answered before the elevator opened again while they stepped out.

“You’re welcome Mr William and Mr Donald, I’ve been quite waiting for you” a dark in complexion man said immediately.

“We are humbled your excellency” the two of them bowed in respect and chorused.

“Come, lets have a seat here” he ushered them forward.

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Jane held the knob of the door and opened it straight away, she entered only to see Kingsley lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

Kingsley stared at the ceiling of the room without blinking, the program he was listening to on the radio he had pleaded to have from one of the guard who reluctantly gave him when he wanted to clear his head with something. There wasn’t an alcoholic drink he could surface with, nor prostitute he could make fun with, he didn’t quite remember the last time he had the time to make fun with prostitutes ever since he met Jane.

What kept him on thought was one of the guest who said something that caught his heart. “The CHOICE we make determines our path in life” he had kept repeating the words severally and silently to himself until he was quite tired of saying it.

He startled and return from his thought when Jane tapped him, he sat up immediately with feelings he doesn’t understand and only stared without blinking.

“Sorry this is happening to you Kingsley, I’m sorry for whatever it might have caused, I’m..”

“You don’t need to be sorry Jane, all of this was caused by me and I caused whatever it is you are passing through, it was wrong to have involve you in this in the first place, this whole mess was all my fault, I made the CHOICE, I attacked my brothers and the home I’d love all my life but I didn’t regret all I did and all of my actions. I know my punishment await me beyond my expectations but I’m ready to face whatever path my life awaits.

“Do you really have to say that?” Jane said and moved closer to him.

“Sir the news is true, the agent was really attacked” one of the cop walked beside the commissioner who was dropping from a call to give him the information.

The commissioner looked shocked and he widened his face the more in confusion before asking

“Is he dead?”

“I’m not sure by now, there’s no way anyone could survive it, the whole car was totally destroyed and the doctors confirmed he wouldn’t survive, he was lifeless when he was rushed in the hospital” the cop answered.

The commissioner turned back to his previous position and stood there muted in pains, anger and anguish, he felt the urge to rose and get all of this top men killed right immediately but he knew how impossible it is, it’s a shame there was nothing he could do despite knowing the perpetuators and was a bigger shame no punishment could be leveled against them.

They made the laws, their words are law and they are above the law. He smashed his fist on the wall severally in anger, unable to take the pains inside any longer, he turned back at the cop who gave the report when he was satisfied and walked closely in front of him, he shouldn’t be acting like a coward instead of doing the right thing. Though he knew most of this men, has he ever moved to make them levied for justice? Has he ever made their children pay for the crimes they did and are covered by their fathers according to the Nigerian law? he asked silently to himself with no possible answer to give.

This is the time he need to act with courage and not remained silent like a coward he used to be, he faced the four men standing with him in the room and spoke to get their attention.

“It is time we face our fears, it is time we stop being coward and come out of hiding, we all know these evil men despite the fact that their trials are always cleared but we’ll attack them in our own ways this time since they can’t be done with the Law. Gov. Amidu and chief Garub is our first target, gather all footage you can get on Gabriel’s death” he uttered angrily before turning around to sit.

“Sir are we actually doing this without the law?” one of the cops asked but the commissioner didn’t respond to the question. “Sir Mrs Florence is calling back” Another cop interrupted and stretched the phone forward to the commissioner.

I can’t believe a man could be this cruel as he is” Mr William voiced out, he rested his back on the chair beside Mr Donald as they listend to the ex-president.

The room they were seated was painted all white and was decorated to the extreme, the type was quite different to normal decoration which were equipped with different sorts of technology.

“Senator Elvis is only a piece from the cake, these five men” just as he said, a picture of 5 men appeared behind him on the wall before he could complete his words “are the biggest and the backbone behind it, after I was framed and impeached on the presidential seat, I went out of sight and out of politics totally, though its been 9 years already, I found out these 5 men are the main cakes”

“But these are…”

“Yes, two of them are General overseas for different perceptive churches. They are famous and duly respected all over the country, the third person is a doctor known all across the country, he owns a private hospital to himself, he is quite the richest among them but its very difficult to attain all his wealth, he is the cunniest among them and he’s a major hit. I’m sure you know or must have heard about the other two men, they are old professors and they are known all across the world, one is a Nigerian and the other is an American.

“All these men are the big hit and I found out every details about them, they are the real makers of every law in this country and they put whoever they want into government positions” he interrupted and allowed the maids serve their drinks before continuing.

“You see, I’m happy men like you are standing up right to fight these men and I’m finally glad I can put my total trust in you. This election is holding in two days right?”

“Yes of course” Mr Donald answered while Mr William nodded in response.

“Then we need to annihilate these men before the election”

“What !!!” Mr William exclaimed.

“How?” Mr Donald asked instead.

To be continued.