Choice Episode 36


Angelina came out from the bathroom with a towel wrap round her waist, she removed the towel to dry her hair and the remaining wet part of her body before walking towards the pure mirror beside the bed. She stood there muted and gaze at the mirror, she stared at her two brea$t few seconds and held it with her two hands, she burst into laughter and glance at the rest of her body.

“I’ll definitely be a mother someday and my children will suck this round thing of mine” she said loudly to herself and burst into another laughter. She turned sideways, still staring at the mirror happily, she moved back a bit from the mirror and catwalk back to the mirror.

“Its definitely real I’ll be getting married to the man of my dream” she smiled still checking herself out, probably wondering how perfect Gabriel said she is and how wonderful he professed she was made, she couldn’t stop smiling to herself by imagine how elaborated her wedding would be and how happy she will be by marrying Gabriel. She smiled again before walking towards where her make-up kits were placed.

Within minutes, she was done making up and had on an astonishing cloth, a red gown that revealed her true beauty. She walked back to the big mirror again and turned herself sideways to check herself out.

“I have to look beautiful for my darling” she uttered silently and adjust the gown properly, soft vibration on her phone got her attention while she was adjusting the gown, she quickly made to get the phone out of anxiety but was disappointed to see who the caller was, she hissed without answering and dropped the phone before walking back to the mirror, she adjusted the cloth properly and the necklace on her neck before the phone began to vibrate again. She heaved a sigh in frustration and walked back to answer the call.

“Hi sweetheart” the caller’s voice came through.

“Good day sir” she replied and made a sigh, wondering what the old man was calling her for, despite telling him she wasn’t interested in his lustful desires.

“Good day my darling, I hope you’re good?” the inspector asked.

“Yes I am sir”

“That’s cool, I called to remind you of our outing today, hope you won’t keep me waiting today?”

“Outing !!! what outing?” Angelina asked in confusion.

“You promised we’ll meet today Angel, have you forgotten already?”

“Sir I don’t remember making out any outing with you”

“You did Angelina, you promised to meet with me yesterday, how would you say you don’t remember?”

“I don’t know if I did promised you that but I’m sorry to disappoint, I have more important things to do”

“Don’t do this again Angelina, this would be the fifth time you’ll be canceling our meeting together, must you do this?”

“Do what exactly sir? I’ve told you several times I’m not interested in what you are asking of me, for christ sake you are my father’s friend and old enough to be my father, you have a daughter of my age”

“that doesn’t matter, of course your father and I are friends but he’s older than I am and that doesn’t even count, what I feel for you is what matters”

“This is ridiculous, I can’t believe you keep saying this despite my reluctant” Angelina added and heaved a sigh “Please let this be the last you’re telling me this, I’m not interested and I’m done” she shouted.

“maybe I should tell your father about this then”

“Tell my father about what?”

“your hand in marriage, I know your father will not hesitate twice about this, he’d surely love to be in laws with me” the IG said with a grin

“Are you in your right state of mind?” I’m absolutely sure you’re drunk” she hissed and ended the call before he could speak. She hissed again loudly after the call ends, grab her handbag placed on the bed angrily and walked towards the door but it opened before she could hold the knob, her father entered with a wary look while she step back to give him space.

“you’ve been on top of your voice this days, what exactly is wrong with you? Why are you always yelling abnormally?”

“Daddy I think its time I tell you this, its getting too much of the IG, why should he be disturbing my life here and there”

“Which IG?” Mr Nosol asked in confusion

“The same inspector general of police, your bossom friend”

“What is he disturbing you for”

“To make me his girlfriend ofcourse, imagine that old, that ridiculous foolish old man, why will i”

“hey mind the way you roll your tongue, you know he’s a friend of mine and whatever you call him automatically refer to me” her father said interruptedly. “and is that the reason you yelled on him? Is that the reason you keep disturbing the whole house with your heavy noise?”

“but dad I…..”

“Don’t daddy me, answer the damn questions I asked you”

“This is wrong dad, aren’t I fit enough to be one of his daughter, I mean its ridiculous and”

“shut up and listen to what I have to say and stop yelling, the IG is a man, and a man ought to propose to a woman he likes, you’ve become a woman and not the same girl you used to be years back. I expect you to handle things calmly and not yell all around like you do as that small girl, do you find it hard to understand that?”

“but daddy the IG is…”

“There will be no need in going out, Gabriel is coming over” her father interrupted, changing the topic.

“Gabriel !!! but he didn’t call me, we have a date and I’m going with him”

“Yea, I called him over, so cancel whatever date you both have today, I need to know my son in law equally” her father added and shut the door behind him before she could disagreed.

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“Of course dad, he can be trusted, everything he told you are true”

“but that still make him an enemy, he can’t be trusted” Mr Donald pointed out.

“This group called K’s are working for senator Elvis?”

“No you still do not understand, I believe this group controls the affairs of any country they operate with their political leaders. In turns, they give them support, money, weapons and power but controls all affairs of that country and give instructions which they and the whole country must follow” Mr Lat said immediately he entered the room both men were seated with Jane.

Mr William ringing phone desrupted Mr Donald who was about to speak, he took up the phone placed on the bed to check the caller and returned it back without answering.

“Who is it?” Mr Donald asked but the phone began to ring again before Mr William could answer. He forwarded the phone for him to see instead before deciding to answer the call.

“Good day sir”

“Good day, please who is this?”

“This is Gabriel sir”

“Gabriel !! which of the Gabriel?” Mr William asked.

“I came to your residence a day before yesterday concerning…”

“oh !! I can remember you” he exclaimed before Gabriel could conclude. “how are you?”

“I’m fine sir” Gabriel answered, noticing his elevated tone. “do you equally remember me?” he asked.

“yes I do”

“Oh I’m glad, Sir I’m few metres away from your residence and I don’t know if I could be allowed in”

“oh is it !! Do you have any information for us this time?”

“Yes sir” he answered while Mr William glance at his friend and Jane before asking. “What information?”

“I have a video footage during Birdrod restaurant attack which may ease the rescue of your daughter sir”

“a video !!”

“Yes sir, I want you to watch and probably see if you could recognize some things”

“Okay, you may come in” Mr William said after getting assuring nod from Mr Donald.

“Jane, this man claimed he was with you inside Birdrod restaurant when it was attacked, was any man with you?”

“Yes, I followed her direction that day from her office to the restaurant, she was with him when I noticed strange movement and decided to found out what was coming before gunshot began suddenly” a guard answered behind them before she could.

“Who is he?” Mr Donald asked her

“Oh Gabriel !! He’s a journalist, he invited me then to ask some questions about a friend of mine who was kidnapped”

“Which was him?” the guard added while Mr Donald nodded, beginning to make sense to him.

“Have you found out his identity?” Mr Lat asked.

“he’s a Journalist”

“Journalist my foot, I found out he’s a secret agent and that he was behind the first attack on their hideout” the guard interrupted.

“How were you able to confirm” Mr Lat asked, surprised at the confidence of the guard.

“I have my way of checking things Mr Lat” he replied smiling.

“Sir a man is here to see you” Another guard said behind them.

“Direct him into the other rooms, we’ll be there in few minutes”

“Your presence should not be known yet, it must still remain a secret for now, you stay with her here, she mustn’t leave this room until we’re back” Mr Donald tap the guard behind them on his shoulder before following Mr William who was almost out of the room.

“What about him? Can I see him?” Jane asked, lifting herself up on the bed.

“you will see him but not now” Mr Donald answered quickly before walking out of the room.


Starex moved towards the fence and jump to touch the mud on it, he followed the direction and saw how it stained the whole floor to the back door, he turned and walked back to touch the mud again before walking back to the back door. It was only a foot step from someone who jumped the fence to the other building, he opened the door widely and walked inside, the room was empty except a portrait painting on the floor and a half destroyed machine on the wall.

He moved towards the wall and pressed the buttons on the machine but its only came to life and went blanck immediately, he hissed and proceed towards the door, still following the foot step but the machine came to life again before he could walk out.

Don glance at the dead bodies on the floor and nodded, he made a smirk when he saw GB lifeless body on the floor with several square of bullets on him. He stared several seconds before taking out his phone, he placed it beside his left ear and returned it when the call he made didn’t go through but a call came through instantly.

He nodded twice in anger before answering the call.

“Boss, I traced the tracker and got its location” a voice came through and continued when he heard no immediate response. “Its few metres away from Mr William’s house”

“Mr William !!!”

“Yes boss”

“How many of the brothers are with you?”

“3 of them” the voice came through again.

“stay unnoticed, I’ll be there in few minutes” Don said calmly and turned towards the door, he walked past Starex who was at the door step without saying a word. Starex turned too immediately and followed.

“I think you have to see this” he voiced out, walking closely behind Don.

“What the hell I’m I seeing with you?” Don asked without stopping or turning back.

“An insider did this, probably someone who knows much than what he ought to know”

“What do you mean?” Don turned to ask.


Mr William collected the device to watch the video footage and passed it on to Mr Donald who also watched before returning it back to the stranger they still wasn’t sure of his identity while they waited for him to talk, he was about to speak when his phone began to ring, he silent the call at first and turned to face them.

“What do you think is” the phone rang again interruptedly but he silent it the second time, he thought of switching it off but he knew he shouldn’t when he was expecting one important call.

“Do you recognize this man here?” he asked, pointing out to them and stretched the phone forward before its began to ring again.

“I suggest you answer your call first” Mr Donald said after he withdrawn his hands from collecting it.

Gabriel heaved a sigh and decided to pick the call.


“Please don’t call me bullshits, do you know how many times I’ve called before you finally decide to answer?” Angelina barked angrily.

“I’m sorry Angel, I am in a meeting presently, try to understand I’m busy”

“you’re busy with what? Tell me, you kept my dad waiting for you when you claimed you’ll be here in an hour’s time, its been more than 3 hours and you’re still in a meeting?”

“I’m sorry Angel, apologize to him on my behalf, I’ll be there immediately I’m done here”

“You don’t have to do this Gabriel, which of the meetings are you on? We can make a simple call for your quick dismissal”

“No you don’t have to do that, I’m on my way right away”

“Are you sure you are?”

“Yeah, give me few minutes, I’m already on my way” he said and the call ends.

“It seems you need to go?” Mr Donald asked.

“Not at all sir, its nothing that important”

“Oh !! okay” Mr William spoke before his phone began to ring likewise, he displayed the phone screen to Mr Donald and heaved a deep breath before answering.

“Hello Senator Elvis”


“Stay right in your car and don’t make any movement yet, I’m right metres away behind you, he’ll surely die today” Don said into the phone and end the call. He stared at Mr William’s compound few seconds before speaking. “I wish to kill every living soul in that building this minute” he said angrily.

To be continued.