Choice Episode 35


Senator Elvis stared at the two men sitting opposite him, he didn’t looked surprised or disturbed like the I.G whose mouth was left agape.
A strange man had walked in minutes ago with a face cap covering half of his face and an attire covering all of his body. He tucked his sunglass away and bowed a bit immediately he walked up to them as a sign of greetings but his face was covered with the face cap.
“What do you have for us?” Senator Elvis who seemed to be expecting him was the first to speak while Don and the I.G watched and listened.
He cleared his throat first and raised himself up a bit but the face cap was still covering his face. Don shifted a bit from his seat, trying his best to see the stranger’s face from the position he was but its seemed the stranger knew and bowed again before turning around to answer the Senator, preventing Don from seeing his face.
“positive sir, as you’ve ordered, all traces have been completely cleared and everything put in place”. He answered the senator’s question, still covering his face.
“what about the other assignment?”

“Positive sir, I’ve made sure their alliance was destroyed as you instructed. Every other opposition had been taken care of likewise, whoever disagreed is to be killed before dawn”. He answered confidently.
Senator Elvis make a wicked smirk, he glance at the Inspector general and Don who looked more confused watching them before turning his gaze back at the stranger.
“You don’t have to hide your identity from them, you’ve done a good job and I can surely count on you” said the Senator.

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“Senator Elvis is calling again Donald” Mr William panicked, staring at the phone screen. He was sitting opposite Mr Donald with few guards standing about some metres away from them. They had ensured the whole compound was secured enough against any penetration or external attack.

“what do we do?” he asked when Mr Donald didn’t respond. Mr Donald heaved a deep breath and carried the cup he earlier poured orange juice in to sip a bit. He was beginning to feel thirsty already and was in a bit state of confusion, Mr William’s persistent questions was perhaps affecting him too. He took more sip from the chilled drink and placed it back beside him, trying his best to feel focused and think.

“You have to calm down first William, I think you should call him back and tell him Jane has been rescued if he asked or probably if that’s what he wants to know” Mr Donald added before taking back the cup to sip the drink again while Mr William raised his brows, waiting for him to continue.

“and what if he asked how or by who?”

“Well, tell him she was rescued by some men you hired when the security forces weren’t able to fathom anything” he replied again. He took his phone beside the orange juice cup with his right hand and the cup itself with his left. He drank the whole content at once and put the empty cup down, he double tap the phone screen which displayed the front view to check for the time before a call came through almost instantly.

“I’m sorry Mr Donald, we can’t proceed with you anymore, we can’t put our lives and that of our families at risk for nothing, I’m asked to inform you every member are taking their hands off it completely”

“why? Why are you all doing this? What is the reason behind this? At least let us know why, this wasn’t what we barging for”

“Mr Donald, try to understand us, making an enemy of Senator Elvis is dangerous, our lives are threatened and this man has upper power backing him, we are opposition party members and there’s little we can do about it, this is politics, a game that has to be played carefully and not with instinct, I’m not sure what you said Senator Elvis is what you said he is, that man is a cunning man, we can’t go against our political statutory, I’m sorry, please do not try to contact us again, its not our fault, I hope you do understand”

“But We still have to…” the call ends before Mr Donald could continue. He heaved another deep breath and stared at the phone screen few seconds.

“We have a scheduled meeting with those people in an hours time William, I hope you are ready?” He faced Mr William and asked.

“Do you think its going to end well fighting this battle Donald?” I never did believe the Senator is behind this whole thing”

“Why the hell are you all saying this? Why are you all scared before even starting? Its high time this evil doers get punished, they affiliate the poors, kills the innocent, embezzled state money, rig elections, get someone else punished for their crimes and that of their children, tour around the world and spend money like they so wanted, its time they get what they deserved”

“Then you’re doing this alone Donald, I’m taking my hands off completely, I’ll returned to the state with my daughter and continue my life as a business man, I’ll not have you ruined it”

“Then you’re a coward William, you’ll leave those ruthless men govern this poor masses and you think it wouldn’t affect you? You think this evil men will let you be? I would have done this myself if I was a Nigerian, my compassion for this afflicted people could pierced the sky, where is your passion William? We started this out of the passion we had for the poor knowing well we could be limited as a business men, we need power and authority to do this and also end it no matter what we both come across, we aren’t after the money, you surely know of that yourself, we need power to finish what we started and if we didn’t get it, we’ll fight this evil men with whatever it is we have”

“Donald, sometimes I wonder if you’re after any revenge whatsoever, the world is already a fucked place, read my lips, a fucked place and there’s no way anyone can change it, I will not have myself an enemy just because I want to fight for people that will later turn their backs on me, its not as easy as you think”

“its going to be Mr William, I suggest you listened to your friend, it’s time this ruthless men are punished, they have manipulated this country governance into an un-reparable crisis fit to destroy her future. I implore you to face your fears and conquer it yourself, I’m glad there are men like you who could do this”. A stranger voice out behind them, the two men instantly directed their gaze on the intruder.

“Good day gentlemen” He greeted while they only nodded in response. He was an old man probably to be around his 80’s, they were expecting someone who they were told was coming with the doctor and the guards didn’t confront him, he was on a casual wear and nothing seem special about him. He walked closer to them when he noticed their confusion and have his seat beside Mr William. He knew the men didn’t recognize him yet, or probably they were expecting someone else, he thought silently to himself.

The doctor walked in few seconds later and greeted them, Mr William and Mr Donald made a quick glance at each other and greeted the doctor faintly but their confusion was clearly shown. The doctor walked up beside Mr Donald to have his seat likewise before dropping the documents he was holding on the table in front of him.

“how is she doctor?” Mr William asked, adjusting his sitting position, his confusion changing to worry.

“She’s feeling better sir, she’s fine, the doctor replied, placing the small bag containing some instrument beside the document. He cleared his throat before speaking again.

“This is Mr Lat, the specialist I told you about” he said affirmatly, staring at their faces if they still remember their earlier discussion.

“I saw the looks on you when I entered” Mr Lat added, looking at them, he knew he had to proof his worthiness to gain their trust. He chuckled before removing the moustache on him and the wig he had on, surprising both men. The attire and the wig he wore had made them think he was that old.

“What do you think about him?” Mr Donald asked instantly, sure enough Mr Lat know what he meant and less concerned about more surprises from him.

“gentlemen, all he said are true, there are no fallacy or false about it” he replied, checking their reaction if they believed him.

“how sure are you about this Mr Lat?” Mr William asked.

“I’m a specialist in this Mr William, have no doubt” he replied and nodded with confidence.

“Doctor, can Jane speak now? I mean can I speak with her?”

“of course Mr William, she’s strong enough already though she still need to rest well to fit better” the doctor replied.

“I’m ready to work along side with you and ensure those evil political scambug pay dearly for every atrocities they’ve committed. I also imploy that we join hands together with him if we want to see the end of this” Mr Lat added, hoping they’ll agree.

“that’s impossible, we can’t” Mr Donald argued, both men surprised at what Mr Lat just said.

“you have to trust me first” Mr Lat smiled.


Gabriel carried Angelina completely off her feet out of excitement. He stared at the new car she bought for him again and turned to face her, he dropped her on her feet and immediately placed a kiss on her lips again, he seemed not ready to break away from the long kiss until Angelina moved back forcefully catching her breath.

“common Gabriel, the securities are staring, lets go in first” she added smiling.

“By the way, where is this place?” he asked her instead and turned to look around the big elongated building again.

“this is your new home sweetheart, all this are gift from my father to us” she replied him happily.

“wow ! I can’t really believe this, you mean all this for us alone?” Gabriel asked in bewilderment, unsure if she meant it.

“honestly yes baby, anything for you” she replied affirmatly, excited and jumping on him happily. The sound from her phone interrupted Gabriel who was about to give another round of kiss, despite knowing the securities were staring at them. She took the device out from her purse and stared at the screen, the Inspector general was calling. She hissed and tucked the phone back into her purse, ignoring the call.


GMT 4:37pm
“I can’t really believe Elvis could linger you up with me” Don said angrily, preventing himself from stopping the car and hitting Starex who didn’t respond but only kept his gaze towards the road. He knew he was the one who entered when they were earlier with the Senator, Don was more annoyed that Elvis could linger with his enemy and enjoined them together.

“Lets put the past behind us Don if we want things to work out” Starex voiced out after few minutes of silence.

“Shut up you mother******, shut your damn mouth before I dawn my anger on you” Don yelled angrily and immediately step on the break in the middle of the road, causing the screeching of the car tyres. The car coming behind them almost hit theirs if it wasn’t few metres away.
He grab starex through the collar of his shirt angrily and gave him a bad stare.

“one more word from you and I’ll show you the very bad side of me” he said angrily before releasing his cloth and suddenly increased the speed of the car while Starex adjusted his rough cloth quietly without another word.

They continued the rest of the journey which lasted 20 minutes in silence until they reached their destination. The main gate was half destroyed with two policemen inside the building. Don alighted the car few metres away and released his seat belt, they both came out of the car and proceed towards the building, they walked past the police tape silently and entered the building.

Starex displayed an identity card immediately the police men walked towards them in an attempt to restrict them but paved way instantly without disturbance.

Don proceed inside the main entrance to check on the dead bodies while Starex stayed outside, noticing something on the fence of the building.

To be continued….