Choice Episode 34


Senator Elvis yelled at his personal assistant for disturbing him with the ringing phone again, it was the third time he brought the phone again despite his warning of not wanting to be disturbed. The caller was a contact displayed as George Gaby, who was the top representative of the K’s they met earlier and he definitely knew what the idiot wants to say.

The Senator layed tiredly on his big multi-million bed, he hadn’t slept all through the night and was stressed out already. He had a meeting by 9am at Kaduna with some Senators and series of other meetings scheduled for him, he had decided to rest and canceled all the appointments for the day, just for him to think after they made a U-turn back from the building they were heading.
He managed to stare up at his assistance again when he noticed he wasn’t out of the room yet and the phone had started ringing again.
“It’s the I.G sir, he insisted I give you the phone despite my reluctant in telling him you don’t want to be disturbed but he said the issue is important and requires urgency” his assistant said before he could make his angry face again.

The Senator hissed and managed to lift himself tiredly from the bed, he felt a sudden headache but managed to support himself with his hands, reluctantly getting up from the bed while his assistant moved forward to give him the phone.
He stared at the phone screen seeing several missed calls from George Gaby and few from the I.G, he dialed the I.G contact back and waited few seconds before the call was answered.

“hello sir” the I.G voice came through without ease. “I’m sorry for the disturbance, your assistant told me you don’t want to be disturbed but I’m already on the way to your place because the issue requires quick urgency and”

“What is it Inspector? What’s the issue all about?” The Senator asked twice, interrupting the I.G who heaved a sigh, he knew the Senator haven’t heard the news.

“There are numerous news on the internet about your involvement in killings and several crimes in the past. I didn’t believed it at first until I checked only to confirm it been true. Mrs. Law made an allegations against you and Nosol Adams” the Inspector general said almost immediately.

The Senator raised his brow in confusion, trying to get what he just heard in few seconds, he looked around him first before standing from the edge of the bed he was resting on, of course he wasn’t dreaming or hadn’t heard the Inspector well.

“What are you saying? What do you mean by that?” He asked repeatedly, uncertain if he heard him correctly.

“I suggest you check for yourself sir, I’m already on the way to your place, I’ll be with you in 10 minutes” he added before the Senator ended the call, still confused.

He opened his phone browser immediately and selected one of the popular news blog, ‘’ the browser loaded 7 seconds before it finally opened. He made a quick look at the first headline with a shock, the news was the first on the front page with the headline boldly written, “ Senator Elvis and minister Nosol Adams killed my husband Dr. Law”

The senator met the greatest shock after reading the first to the third paragraph of the news with details of how and why doctor Law was killed and detailed account of the fake drugs importation with some of the money embezzled, their series of crimes and a lot more he never expected. Everything seemed detailed and correct, nothing was amissed or missing. The Senator staggered on reading it over again, the headache he was feeling immediately bacome far more worse with sweat coming out from him already.

His phone began to ring almost immediately again, interrupting his third attempt to read all over, he paused to check the caller which displayed George Gaby again and suddenly shouted “No, No, No” repeatedly before smashing the phone angrily on the floor, breaking it into pieces, he moved with rage towards the small mini-table beside his bed and scattered all the content on it, not after breaking all the expensive foreign mugs on it and the laptop placed beside it angrily.

“where is Don? Call Don for me now” he turned and yelled at his personal assistant, breathing heavily with rage while his assistant stared in shock before proceeding out.

Gabriel heaved a sigh and finally pressed enter on the laptop in front of him, he was sitting directly opposite the Lagos state commissioner of police with two other guys in the room, a laptop was placed in front of each of them which they were working on.

“The building is owned by Kaith Kendrick” the agent answered, facing the commissioner who was asking him a question. He brought out his phone which was ringing again and silence it entirely before turning to face the commissioner who was about to speak.

“I’m sorry sir” he apologized and returned the phone back into his pocket”.

“Is it the girl? I suggest you pick it up”

“Yes she is sir, we actually both have a date together today and she might be calling just to remind me”

“But they must have seen the news by now” the commissioner said and made a short smirk. “that was the best strategy to get the world see their crimes and how evil they are, that woman must be kept safe and guarded tightly even though they won’t try to hurt her now that its all over the country, we are just getting started, lets see how they deny it. I suggest you call her back, you might find out some information that could be of help” the commissioner added before resting on the sofa he was sitting on.

The agent made a quick chuckle at the remark of the commissioner before remembering something that suddenly change his mood.
“sir, I got a call today back at Ghana asking about my investigations here and that I returned back to Ghana with immediate effect” he said immediately. The commissioner raised his brow and stared a look at him if he truly meant it, releasing himself from the sofa.

“Why? What for?” He asked repeatedly eager to hear the agent response.

“I don’t know the reason behind that, I’ve tried persuading the chairman about the report so far but he seemed adamant and insisted I returned back.

“No, No !! That can’t be” the commissioner said, still making the frown, “why should that be? I’ll see to it immediately” he added without giving the agent chance to answer his question.


45 minutes later

Senator Elvis walked into the big room where the Inspector and Don were sitting patiently for him, he seemed to be calm this time but his eyes were implying differently. He could see the IG on a call with Don sitting beside him and working on a laptop, he had took in to his social Media account to tackle the claims of him having a hand in Doctor Law’s death or any thing relating to importation of fake drugs into the country. He implies in his words for people not to be deceived especially when they knew he was a deligent person who doesn’t joke with his job in making the country stands out, and he wonder how his political enemies who doesn’t want him to turn the economy into a better one could go as far colliding with whoever, just to get him off track by saying what he wasn’t involved in things he know nothing about or whatever was his business with fake drugs or death of anyone.

He added to charge the case to court and Mrs Law who had been declared missing in the country several years ago suddenly appeared to claim what he knew nothing of.

“I see this as a sluggish political tactics by saying what and showing what my signature wasn’t stamped on. I employ the general public to stop passing the rumours as they are untrue claims” He added.

“Have you found out what happened?” he turned to ask Don immediately before trying to sit down, he hadn’t seen the second news on the blog before destroying his phone. The I.G ended his call while Don stopped what he was doing on the laptop to answer the Senator’s question.

“the place was attacked and Mr William’s daughter was rescued” Don replied affirmatively without taking off his eyes on the Senator who doesn’t look much surprised too.

“who attacked them?” He asked calmly.

“I’m not sure of who yet sir, our system was desrupted and I’ve tried disconnecting some of the database with” …….

“Stop telling me prank Mr Don, I’ve lost my trust and belief in you totally, you have really really turned to a complete failure, I am not asking you how the database was disconnected or demand for your failed explanation, I said who attacked your men?” the Senator yelled, making a disgusting face.

“I think the agent would be behind this” the inspector pointed out

“which agent?”

“The agent behind the first attack on the hideout”

“I don’t care whoever it may be, just clean all of this before I get you replaced” he shouted angrily.

“But sir, I suggest we put a call through to William Davis first” the inspector interrupted.

“What for?”

“we should at least hear from him and lets see if he hired men for this”

“why don’t you do that yourself? Donald and William wants to backstab me but I’ll show them the stuff I’m made of, we are just getting started” the senator said angrily.

To be continued…..