Choice Episode 33


GMT 15:35 am
Phone conversation
Gabriel returned his hands to his left pocket to bring out the ringing phone and answered without hesitation.
“I just confirmed it sir, half of the building is destroyed and there are several dead bodies in the whole compound, I think it’s the K’s as you assumed but the reason for the attack is unknown and nothing is confirmed yet. I just sent a request to our men for the camera footage, and I’m about to access their system too” the agent said immediately into the phone.

“Do you confirmed it to be their hideout?” The caller asked.

“yes sir, I just confirmed it isn’t any of their hideouts, before that, there are little or less equipment and systems in the building, it seems to be like a storage sort of” Gabriel answered again.

He could hear the commissioner heaved a sigh while the call was paused for few seconds before he speaks again.

“What do you think is happening now agent or what do you suggest we do?”

“We need to persist in our investigations sir, we found two tied security men at the company next to the building, they claimed they were attacked by a gun man who entered their compound but doesn’t seem to know what happened after, we’ve taken their statement and we’ll continue the investigation. I must say they have a very good backup despite my attempts to bridge their servers, I still suggest we stick to our investigations and proceed as planned” Gabriel answered

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Don made a confused face and stared at the phone, he had been calling GB and some of the brothers more than two hours ago without any of it going through, he heaved a deep breath in frustration the third time but tried not to show it or make it audible for the three men in the car to notice. Senator Elvis was seated beside the Inspector general in the back seat of the car and one of the brothers was driving.

They had been delayed against the initial time due to the close meeting they had with some of the top representative members of the K’s, he had boiled with rage when all faults were pointed to him. He had never seen Senator Elvis shake or scared before anyone but he was today, he was blamed for the attack on one of the their hideout months ago and they threatened to drop every backup when the next such happened.

He was surprised to see Reverend Brown, the number one most rated minister of God in the country among the members of the K’s, he too was charged with the death penalty that cost his life, all his fortune, and all he had for going against the first instructions of the K’s.

He knew there were more than what meets the eye and they were just tools by the biggest top secret leaders unknown to any of them, he knew even Senator Elvis who is referred as the top leader didn’t know the top leaders in the K’s. They operated in different countries and control affairs with their political leaders.

He had tried to calm his rage when they continued their threat to clean them off without trace because the inspector probably saw how furious he was and signaled straight to him.

He placed his phone on his left ear again the seventeen time had lost count, but it wasn’t going through, nor any of the brothers.

“Don how much longer do we have to get there?” the senator asked, breaking the silence.

“we are almost there, sir, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes longer”

“oh is that,” the senator said and glance at his wristwatch before speaking again. “I have a meeting early today at Kaduna state, we have to make this fast, I’m tired already”

“Is there any problem with you Don?” The inspector general asked.

“There’s nothing sir, I’m only making sure everything is set and fine ahead” he replied with the phone still placed on his ear without looking backward

“Alright then,” the inspector general said without another word, he knew Don looked troubled even though he tried not to make it shown.
Something caught their attention immediately the driver turned to the route leading to their destination, there were several cars in front of the building and the company beside it, the street light shone bright with the gate to the building widely opened. They could see some policemen taking pictures and some reporters standing in front of the gate.

“Don, what is happening here?” The inspector was the first to ask while they all stared in surprise. Don raised his brow and stared forward, he wanted to raise his voice on the Inspector but stopped himself, ignoring his questions was better, they were all seeing it from afar and he was asking him or maybe trying to blame him again. He raised his brow in confusion before answering politely, “I have no idea sir, but I think these are police and the DSS officers”

“That means one thing, the building has been attacked” the Senator said before Don could conclude his words.

“Should I move forward boss or turn back?” the brother who was driving asked Don, interrupting the senator.

“Yes move forward idiot, so I can be seen in a strange car with the Inspector by this time of the day, what would we say we were going or coming from?” He yelled at the driver angrily for asking such question instead of turning back right away, he looked so stressed up and tired

‘it won’t be favorable if we move towards them and won’t either be favorable if we turned back, they must have seen our car too, we’ll just get their suspicion and they might probably try to give us a chase” Don said, still thinking of what to do.

“Don we can’t be seen here by this time of the day, what the hell are you telling me?” the Senator yelled again, “ you can find out what happened here later, lets leave now, I don’t care if we are chased or not” he added angrily before the driver made a quick U-turn back.
GMT 5:32 am
Two vehicles entered Mr. William compound swiftly after the gate was opened and closed immediately. They came out of the car and Kingsley came out carrying Jane, he was given a hand and Jane was rushed inside to be administered to by a doctor. Mr. William was full of joy but wasn’t fully at ease seeing his daughter in such position, she look shattered with bruise over her body and was very weak.

Kingsley tried to get her out of unconsciousness in the car but all effort seem futile, his troubled mind hadn’t let him realize they had entered Mr. William compound until they were inside.He watched them carry her away with a fast rapid heartbeat while a doctor followed them, he looked around him within minutes when the doctor and the two guards carrying Jane were almost out of sight, he noticed some of the guards were watching him and something seem suspicious.

Before he could turn back, the whole guard in the compound surrounded him heavily with guns. He was surprised at first and tried to move forward but a heavy blow landed on his belly.

“Who are you Young man?” Mr. Donald moves forward to ask.