Choice Episode 32


G.B flashed his teeth mischievously at Kingsley who fell down, “This is it boy, alone for me to deal with you, no one is coming to your aid” he shouted out, visibly full of anger and utmost hatred for his rivalry.

Kingsley felt the heavy pain and was bleeding already, “yea, you and I alone to finish this and get over with, no one will save you either” he shouted back and tried to stand but G.B smashed the pile heavily on him again and again and again until blood gush out from him rapidly. He walked back furiously and move forward almost instantly when he saw Kingsley was trying to stand and continued hitting him harder.

“Its you and I now son of a b***h” he barked and hit him more harder.

“please you’re going to kill him, please please spare him, I beg you” Jane walked forward weakly and manage to beg even though the words only came out as a whisper. She tried to push G.B away but her attack was weak, her fist doesn’t even have the strength. GB turned instantly and faced her angrily, he dropped the pile and moved towards Jane who also moved backward pleadingly with each step she carried.

GB gazed at her, narrowed his eyes and raised his brow, for the first time he noticed her pleading eyes seem like one he had seen before, he moved more closer and stop when he noticed her back was already against the wall. He loved killing, infact was his hobby, he can be ruthless and loves how his victims plead and beg for their lives before killing them but he wasn’t the one not to remember the faces of whom he had ever killed, even if they are hundreds, he was at first haunted by his conscience when he killed an innocent woman years ago which was a test to know if he has what its takes to be a K, but got rid of the fear after killing more people.

He squinted his eyes the more and tried to remember the first time he’d seen Mr William’s daughter but couldn’t recollect, he tried hard with each step he took forward but discard it when he saw she had taken a metal object to attack him. He rushed forward and block her attack before he landed three heavy punch on her belly and another punch in between her legs. He drag her hair and watch her shout badly in pains, he turned her around with it and faced Kingsley who was laying on the floor.

“Have you come to save her?” he asked angrily and made a smirk. “So you are working for Mr William against your brothers who gave you home and shelter, placed food on your table with cash and wheels. You are really unbelievable, was it money he offered you?” he yelled. “answer me, was it money he offered you for the K’s destruction? Answer the goddamn question” he asked and draw Jane hair harder with another punch on her belly. She shouted out loudly but GB wasn’t ready to release her anytime soon.

“you know what your problem is Kingsley? You’re weak, and a weak K should not lead the province, you don’t deserve a royal treatment, you do not deserve the respect given to you, I should be the one getting the recognition and not you, you aren’t fit for the K’s but they thought you are, look at you and your pity self, you are a wreck and a betrayer. Watch how I kill this b***h, watch how she gonna die, should I draw her hair more harder and slit her throat with a knife? Or should I…. answer the damn question mother******” GB shouted again and landed another punch on Jane belly twice.

“No, No” !!! Kingsley shouted with flows of his own blood seeing Jane fell on the floor as GB draw and release the hair after two more punches, he rose instantly and rushed towards him.

GB made to get the pile on the floor immediately but Kingsley reach out to him before he could, several punches landed swiftly on him unexpectedly at a blink, he tried to block the attack but Kingsley was faster, a blow went beneath his thigh and a kick that made him staggered and sent him on the floor almost immediately.

GB winced back and jump onto his feet instantly, he made his fist and move to attack but Kingsley saw his attack and its was blocked, he landed several punches on the same spot he had blow earlier, he rushed his attack and landed more punches on his chin, his left and right cheek and more punches on his belly and several part of his body. Another kick sent him straight on the floor again.

GB froze and stood up again but not as fast as he did earlier, he staggered painfully and feared how fast Kingsley was, its was swift and within seconds, absolutely like air without chance to defend himself. He must have forgotten Kingsley was quick and faster in combat, he touched his lips wailing blood and spit the blood out, he made his fist again but didn’t attacked, he was shocked for being beaten easily like that. Kingsley made his fist too and watch him carefully as both wait for who attack first few seconds before he rushed towards him. Another fight broke out but Kingsley seemed to be stronger, he drag GB who went on the floor again the fourth time and punch him until his hands was soaked with his blood, he watch him roll on the floor and ready to attack incase he stands again. The pile GB used was few meters away from him, while a gun was few meters behind Kingsley.

Kingsley watched him make glances at the pile, he ran to stop him thinking he was after it again but GB turned otherwise and rolled to get the gun behind him, he rose instantly and point out the gun on Kingsley, “its over” he uttered.

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The brothers outside were taken by surprise, the guards took them all out square to what Kingsley thought, the brothers were no match for them. Most of them were distracted by the gunmen outside without thinking of possible penetration behind the building, nor do they understand who their attackers were, all signals in the compound had been disrupted and they couldn’t communicate with their base.


Blood gush out from GB square to the beatings he received from his sworn enemy, he was soaked with his own blood as he picked the gun. “Finally” he uttered.

“you can kill me but I’ll assure you’ll never leave this place alive” Kingsley said confidently with his broad voice angrily.

“ shut up you f****ng bas***d” he yelled and spat out blood from his mouth again and cock the gun. His fingers made to pull the trigger but a bullet pierced him on his chest before he could, followed by another and another, continuously till he fell lifelessly on the ground.

Kingsley turned around to see who the shooter was, Jane stood muted holding a gun as her hands pull the trigger continuously and randomly without stopping till the gun ran out of bullet. She shouted and cried before the gun fell and was almost collapsing when Kingsley rushed to prevent her from falling.

To be continued…..