Choice Episode 31


Kingsley covered the dead bodies and went in through the entrance he unlocked. He studied the room he entered, the room was not painted and has nothing in it except the portrait painting beside the front wall. He brought out his device and unlocked it, carefully looking around for trace of anyone, he proceed toward the portrait painting and brought it down, he wasn’t surprised to see the security device behind it.

He selected the app he had stored some codes earlier and viewed it, he entered the codes on the security device on the wall and brought out an in-to-in cable from the bag behind him to connect the security device with his phone.

“I’m giving you full access to the system in the whole building; you’ll be able to detect and track any movement in the building and especially give directions to the other guys”. he said into the mouthpiece device attached on him to the guys outside directed to monitor their movement, he waited to hear their response to proceed before calling out the codes “CRFV240SW”.

“Who is there? someone said behind him, “I said who is there?” he repeated.

Kingsley quickly dropped the in-to-in cable with his phone and tip-toed towards the direction the voice was coming from, he could sense the distance and how near the person was, he brought out another knife from his jacket and bent slowly in an attempt to attack the person coming before another voice sounded. “What is it?”

“I think I heard some noise and the sound of the door” the first brother replied, walking towards the door while the second brother followed to confirm what he was saying.

Kingsley suddenly grabbed the first one and pushed him forward forcefully, after giving him a blow in the belly, the guy staggered backwards and fell painfully, the second brother who saw there was an intruder and what just happened wanted to raise an alarm but Kingsley was faster than him, he ran and double-flip, he landed several blows and gave him an uppercut before giving another kick that sent him straight on the floor, he turned tactically behind him and twisted his neck almost instantly.

He ran quickly towards the brother who fell earlier and was just recovering from the shock, he stabbed him on different positions before slitting his throat with the knife. He rose and ran to check the security on the wall, with Access Granted displayed boldly on his phone

“Have you access it successfully?” He said into the earpiece again, getting an immediate response of ‘yes the security system are ours now’, he disconnected the in-to-in cable without delay and returned it carefully into the back bag and the phone into his side jacket. he glance a look at the two dead bodies and heaved a deep breathe, he knew it was impossible to penetrate the K’s easily without the knowledge of an expert who know about them or an insiders help. He shrugged the thought off and proceed towards the direction the other brothers came from, he could hear heavy noises from one of the rooms as he move quietly, he made a slight view when he got near the room, he wasn’t surprised they were gambling, shouting and smoking when they ought to be alert and ready for any circumstances.

He brought out the Android phone again and swiped it open to check the map of the building on the device, he studied the position he was and discovered that the room the noise was coming from leads to another room which he’ll need to pass through. He heaved another deep breath and slowly made another slight view to check how many brothers were in the room, he could not see the clear angle of the whole room completely but could sense their numbers from their voices, he made a quick calculation of seven of them with heavy guns placed on the tables and the room filled with smoke of cigarettes.

He thought of entering to attack them but discard the thought knowing fully well it will be stupid of him, he glance a look at his wrist watch, its been 10 minutes since he entered the compound unnoticed and there was nothing yet from those outside, making use of guns will terminate the whole plan and make it more difficult for those coming to enter, he heaved a sigh at their incompetence.

He brought out the chemical substance in the bag behind him and uncovered it, he waited 4 seconds before throwing it inside the room. The brothers who saw someone’s movement and something threw at them became alert immediately but they couldn’t move due to the smoke of the substance produce, they all started coughing and immediately became unconscious.

A gunshot began outside immediately he entered the room the unconscious brothers were, “ finally “ he utter silently to himself knowing fully well they had successfully penetrate the entrance and brought out his gun to shoot whoever comes out first from the room he was heading.

Like he expected, the door opened and two brothers came out at once but he shot them square in their chest, giving them no chance to raise theirs, he proceed towards the room quick and fish out the brother hiding behind the door In readiness for him, he use one of the knife from his jacket to stab him before giving him a headshot, he turned swiftly around instantly for trace of anyone left but there was none before proceeding further towards the warehouse.

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“There is an outgoing call from the compound”, one of the two guards outside said and hurriedly began to work on the laptop.

“No we have to stop it”, the second guard nodded and began to put in some commands on the laptop. “we must desrupt all signals in the area”

“yes, I just desrupt the call, lets stop all the signals at once”


G.B. called Don’s line again, he called severally without it getting through, he called the emergency line in their base but it didn’t go through likewise. He was fortunate to have escaped from being killed unexpectedly from the gunmen outside, he had no idea of what was happening and merely escaped the shot which another brother had taken for him, he could have died that instant. He hissed and smashed the phone on the ground before entering one of the corridors.


Kingsley shot the brother who was running towards the warehouse entrance before walking towards one of the angles, he brought out the last knife from his jacket and threw it towards the brother hiding behind a shelf but the knife only pierced his left leg, he winced in pain and shot randomly towards Kingsley who had already taken cover. Unfortunately he ran out of bullets and a bullet entered his forehead before he could run away.

Kingsley entered the warehouse immediately and made to switch on the light only to see the whole place empty, he looked confused and glance at the entrance and everywhere, he tip-toed back to the entrance and shot another brother who rushed inside.

“She’s not there, she has been transferred to one of the rooms” his phone made a shot sound and a message displayed on the phone screen. “where is she kept?” he immediately typed back.
“She’s kept inside the last room at the back corridor, you have to be fast” the response came in eight seconds before he could think. Kingsley turned and got out of the room immediately, he walked hurriedly and was faster through the map he had but carefully ready to shoot whoever come across him.

Jane froze fearfully and got up quickly on the bed after deciding to sleep since she was brought inside the room, the untouched food placed beside the edge of the bed fell mistakenly and the plate scattered into pieces. She turned back fearfully due to the sound of the plate as if the heavy gunshot already reached the room, she checked where she could hide but there was none, the room has one entrance and only one exit, she was getting adapted to gunshot but this seemed to be much for her to handle.

Life is a piece of crap, sometimes you seek peace but war comes, you seek happiness but troubles comes, you desired a good life, if not perfect but nothing comes than death.

“Death is far more better than my circumstances” she thought silently to herself until the door suddenly opened and someone fell dead right inside the room, two straight bullets pierced his body despite the fact that he wasn’t breathing and a masked man entered hurriedly. He walked towards her after standing for minutes, he didn’t believe the only woman he had known to love has reduced to nothing and look shattered with bruise over her face, he knew it was his fault from the start but what could he do? He vowed to make sure she’s safe or else be haunted for the rest of his life.

“Please don’t kill me, please I beg you” she pleaded fearfully in tears, the only thing she wished was to get home to see her father or go back to her previous life in peace. Kingsley stared at her few more seconds and removed his mask, forgetting its must have scared her the more.

“Its me Kingsley” he said slowly and instantly felt her embrace with tears before he could complete her statement, their heart twinkled together with floating of undefined happiness within them, even though she felt weak. “

“I somehow knew you’ll come save me, I’m dying Kingsley” she manage to say faintly, her words slow and weak. Kingsley embrace her tightly to himself, wondering how strong she is, he hadn’t expect her to embrace him like that for what he has caused, he wish he could take her pains away right that very moment.

He composed himself and dropped the gun he held before giving her a hand in an attempt to help her walk when he suddenly noticed a swift movement behind them, he tried to turn backwards but a heavy pile was smashed on his left eye and his head almost instantly, he fell immediately with a heavy thud.

To be continued