Choice Episode 30


“He said we shouldn’t involve the police” worried Mr. William turned to answered his friend question. Seated beside each other, they deliberate the several calls and messages received from a stranger who claimed to know about the abductors of Jane Davis.
Mr. William had been discharged from the hospital after being taken care of with due days to the election.

“I don’t think we have a Choice, we need to make a decision” Mr. Donald said, jumping unto his feet, he turned at William who seemed not to be himself anymore.

“Its been 48 hours since the incident and nothing had been heard from the police, how many men can we gather?” he added, turning to ask the personal security guard standing some meters away from them.

“About 10 of them are prepared sir” the chief guard replied.

“What !!! Do you think this is a good idea Donald?” Mr. William managed to ask, more shocked.

“I don’t know if it is William but we need to use the chance”

“I still think the best option is to inform the police about this, in case it went wrong”

“Remember we’ve not hear from them William, we don’t need to complicate this ourselves” Mr Donald argued.

“Sir, according to the message, its was made clear that involving the police will destroyed the whole plan, we should only trust ourselves if we want her rescued, delaying more time is dangerous” the personal guard answered before Mr. Donald could.

“Contact him and choose 5 best men from the guards to go ahead with the plan” Mr. Donald ordered.

“sir there’s a man outside insisting to see you” a guard walked in and faced them

“who is he and what does he wants?” the personal guard asked

“he claimed miss Jane was with him during the restaurant attack and demand to pass some information to Mr William personally despite our efforts to make him leave, I think we should let him in, he might have the answers we needed”

“what does he mean he was with her?” Mr Donald questioned.

“That is what he kept saying despite telling him to leave”

“Then let him in immediately” Mr William said in a hurry.


GMT 11:30PM

Jane woke up again after the whole content of the bucket was poured on her the second time, her hands and legs were tied tightly on the wooden chair she was sitting on and her mouth covered with a tape. Another heavy slap landed on her cheek to get her out of her dizziness, G.B flashed his teeth mischievously checking if she’s already awake and removed the tape.

“don’t make me repeat myself this time, what is you and your father up to? And what do you know about the K’s” He asked the two question again, shouting on her.

Jane tried to move her head but couldn’t, she was two weak to utter any word and doesn’t understand G.B questions or what he meant by her father and her, she felt nothing but pain all over and her body ache.

The room was dark with no source of light except the torch light G.B and one other brother was holding, they were three in the room. A ringing phone desrupted his third attempt to slap her again, he flashed an angry stares towards the owner who quickly displayed the phone screen Don was the caller, he moved backwards a bit in haste, knowing G.B could attack him for that before answering the call.

He moved forward after 7 seconds on Don request to speak with G.B and stretched the phone fearfully out to him.


“G.B don’t touch that girl, give her clothes, food and water, let her wounds be treated and transfer her into one of the rooms, she’s meeting someone in an hours time. Do as I said and nothing else” Don voice came through immediately and the call ends. The other brothers stared at him for orders immediately he threw the phone back,

“don’t just stare at me, do as you’re instructed” he shouted and hissed before walking away.


GMT 11:52pm

Five men came out from the black van with different guns hidden behind them, the one who seemed to be their leader move forward to meet Kingsley who was standing in front of a car few meters away from them. Kingsley studied the movement of the men from the angle he was, he could easily spot their weakness and he wonder if they’ll stand a match against the brothers.

This is a bad decision, he couldn’t believe he had made a Choice over the brothers that had gave him all he ever wanted, a home which he had lived to loved, now a home he was about to attack, a family who had brought him up, now a family he wanted to attack with intruders.

For a moment he wanted to stop and step back but something kept pushing him forward. “I hope you stick to the plans of no police involvement, otherwise we are as good as dead” Kingsley asked their leader.

‘yes we did as you said” he answered while Kingsley motioned them into the car he came with.

They entered and begin to drive which lasted for 17 minutes to an unknown location. They got to a spot and stopped under Kingsley instruction, the men came out one after the other while Kingsley brought out his phone to give them new instructions.

They settled their gaze on him, wondering if they were there already, even though its was dark, they could still see the light skinned guy with a low hair cut. Kingsley knew they were waiting for him to talk but he didn’t until his phone finally load what he had saved earlier.

“The street light of this area is bright and anyone can be easily seen through cameras, which is why we’ll have to proceed through another route and different method. The building we are going to is the fifth building in this area, the building has one entrance and one exist with another secret entrance that leads in and out” he paused few seconds looking at their face to see if they are getting his message before continuing,

“The only way to get into the compound without been caught is through the company beside it. I will have to go inside to penetrate the compound while two people will stay here to monitor all of our movement, remember to switch on the communicating device with you” he made a quick glance towards his wrist watch, before turning to face them, “in 5 minutes, a car will be coming along this way and its going into the fifth building, I need three among you to take the men in the car down silently and proceed towards the main entrance with their car”

“How many of them are in the car?” their leader asked,

“they are three in the car, endeavor to dispose their bodies into the back boot before taking off their cloth”. He looked at them if they understood what he meant, assured they did, he continued..

“make sure your camera detector are switched on likewise, I’ve manipulated their system but its will only last for few minutes, the building leads to an abandoned warehouse and that’s where Jane is kept” He added and looked at their faces, checking if they understood or he had to repeat himself,

“what about you?” their leader asked,

“I will proceed towards the back route ahead while you join me later”

“Alright men, lets get into action”

Kingsley watch them dispatch, he turned and proceed towards the back route that leads to the company beside the building they were heading, he looked around carefully and proceed to knock on the gate, he knocked the gate loudly the fourth time before a faint response sounded inside from the security guard, signifying he was fast asleep.

“Who is it? We are closed” the security yarn and asked but there were no response except the knock on the gate again, he ignored at first but sluggishly stands after the consistent knocking. He hissed and proceed to open the gate and to check who the idiot knocking was, only to be pushed inside shockingly with a gun pointed at him.

The old man freeze, he was immediately soaked with his urine, “how many of you are in here?” Kingsley asked with his broad voice Immediately,

“tw… Two sir, two of us” he replied panicking.

“where is the second person?”

“he .. he is .. in the bathroom” the man answered stammering, unfortunately the second security guard appeared behind without knowing what was happening, Kingsley immediately hit the first guard with the butt of his gun and proceed towards the second security who had almost fainted, he took him out too, he removed the two men’s belt and tied their hands and legs together with it. He made sure they wouldn’t be able to call for help and that they wouldn’t be disturbance later. He closed and locked the gate before proceeding towards the exist of the company and jump over.


“I think that’s the car coming, positioned yourself well” “but I think they are four, not three”

“either three or four, lets take them down immediately they reach this route”

“remember we can’t use guns and we mustn’t let them likewise until we get into the compound, now here they are”


Kingsley jumped over and landed inside the building with a faint sound, he quickly dodged when his camera detector beep, trying all he could to avoid the security camera. “I’m in”, he said into the communication device on him,

“okay” the response came 12 seconds after, he could hear sound from the other end, “we just took them out, we’ll be there in seconds”

Kingsley nodded and looked around before walking towards one of the corridors, he placed the bag behind him down and took out a tiny device, he removed the mask on him and replace it with a new one. He walked towards one of the entrance and insert the tiny device into the big lock on the entrance and the door gave way, he silently returned the device inside the bag and almost entered when he heard sounds of footstep coming towards his direction, he waited till the person appeared, he grab him instantly and smashed him on the wall repeatedly before using one of the knife in his jacket to slit his throat, he threw the knife almost instantly only to pierced the forehead of another brother who appeared unexpectedly, he drag the two dead bodies together and covered them quickly and quietly before a new idea struck him.

To be continued…