Choice Episode 29


Gabriel smiled and sip his drink, he never assumed the minister’s wife could be as jovial contrary to what he expected, he was served an orange juice and was very much welcome into the minister’s residence. Like always, he was looking astonishing handsome. Sitting beside Angelina and admiring the big mansion of the minister, the entire settings was quite different from what African homes do look like.

“Wow, this place must cost a fortune”, he said while Angelina only nod in agreement, looking around too as if she was seeing it the first time.

“that’s why I insisted you move out from your present abode, I have houses that are better of to this in Nigeria and Abroad, I know you wouldn’t have told me about the attack on you if not for the security guard who told me about it”

“Oh !!! About that” he exclaimed and gave a faint smile, “I just don’t want to bother you and besides that’s nothing”

“What” Angelina shouted, putting on a wary look, wondering what he meant by that. “nothing? Like nothing? You call an attempt on your life nothing? Oh my God !! What are you saying Gabriel?” she ask repeatedly without given him chance to respond. he widened his brow and stared at her

“I don’t care whoever it was or whoever the son of a b***h they are but they must be dealt with, I’ll make sure they rot in jail” she said angrily and most suddenly pissed off.

“You don’t have to do that Angelina and”.. he paused for few seconds, as if searching for words “’I have dropped all charges’

“what !! You did what? drop charges because of what?” she shouted and flare up facing him, “are you serious or that’s a joke?”

Suddenly they heard Mr. Nosol cleared his throat to get their attention, he had been standing beside his wife watching and listening to their conversation without their notice. Angelina quickly composed herself and sat down, she was seriously furious, she knew Paul to be a rich spoilt brat who goes away with different of his bad deeds or crimes and get others for the punishment, people most of times drop charges against him after awhile at a point and it pissed her more hearing Gabriel too dropping charges against him, though no evidence was presented against him for his involvement but she definitely know he was the brain behind it. She had to resist her anger when her parent appeared.

“Young Lady, when will you start reasoning like a woman?” Mr. Nosol Adams asked, walking to sit on one of the chairs. “we’ve been here hearing your conversation, what’s with the heavy noise?”

I’m sorry dad, I didn’t know you were here already” she replied reluctantly.

Her father nodded in disbelief, he wonder how Angelina flare up easily on things that can be settled with little explanation. He sometimes wonder if she will be able to handle some of his private companies easily without destroying everything with anger, he heaved a sigh before turning towards Gabriel.

“Welcome young man” he greeted making a grin while Gabriel stands in respect to greet. “You’re very much welcome into my home”

“Thank you sir”

“I have a flight to catch but I just really need to see you, you see, my children are just my top most priority, that tells how important, great and precious they are to me, that’s why I need to ensure what bothers them becomes a problem to me. I just hope you be a good man for her, So what do you do for a living, already she told me but I just feel like hearing from you”

“I’m an engineer working for TOB’s company sir”

“wow TOB’s, seemed I’ve heard about them, the company had quite a good reputation”

Gabriel answered the questions one after the other, where are you from, identity and all sort he wished they could get away with, his mission was rather more important, he smiled at times when they say things he doesn’t found funny,his mind drifted back when the man asked him a question.

“By the way young man, why do you want to drop charges against someone who tried killing you? Angelina told me about it” Gabriel took the chance to sit properly and avoid the stares of Angelina, wondering why the man was asking the question.

“I just want to drop the charges when I discovered the aim was to get me off track just because of Angelina, I decided to drop all charges because I’m certain its me she loves, though the culprit refused to reveal his counterparts despite the torture he received from the police, I decided to drop charges because I know Angelina and I love each other and that’s just what matters the most” Gabriel replied, looking at Angelina if she’s pleased but still look angry.

“its was claimed two others escaped, why should you drop charges when the culprit hasn’t confessed about the where-about of his counterparts before dropping charges or have you been given a piece of cake already?” Mr Nosol asked.

“Answer the question Gabriel, we are not dropping charges even if you did, that son of a bas***d will not get away with this, he’ll surely rot in jail” Angelina interrupted, her voice louder than usual.

“will you calm down young woman, what do you mean we? what’s we?” her father flare up, ”let him talk, he must have reasons for doing that and besides you didn’t brought him here to discuss this” he pointed out angrily while his wife spoke to calm him down.


GMT 11:50Am

Kingsley cupped down the whole content left in the bottle at once, he was putting on all black, a black T-shirt and a black trouser with a new hair cut. Different sets of short knives was carefully arranged around his jacket and some placed around his leg, he put on a black bag containing some chemical substance, one tiny device and a short gun.

He glance a look at the pistol on the center table before sitting to put in some commands on the laptop beside the pistol. The Laptop displayed some strange codes which he had expected, he minimize it and opened his mail box, he scrolled down to a message from X and click. Within seconds he copied the encrypted codes and return back to the software he had minimized to paste the codes and allowed the software load for a while, waiting to get its response.

He stared at the laptop few minutes before his mind drifted to what he was just about to do, maybe he should just run away, leave the country and start to live a life with no record, he thought, he heaved a sigh, knowing fully well how impossible it is, they’ll surely fish him out, he cannot run away from his fears, he had to face it. Jane on the other hand was facing her present dilemma because of him, he had to do this, and thereafter face whatever comes. A powerful Choice that will change everything,

“why should this happen? how had this started?” he thought silently to himself, unable to answer.

The Laptop made a short sound, signifying the loading was done, bringing back his thought. He copied the result which consists of some codes and address into his Android device before shutting down the laptop. He picked the pistol on the center table and placed it carefully behind him. He looked around if he didn’t forget anything before dialing the contact displayed on his phone, the call was answered immediately’

“are you ready?” the broad voice came through.

“yes I am” Kingsley replied before proceeding out of the room.

To be continued…..