Choice Episode 28


Don sat at the right side of the Chevrolet car with Jaguar as the driver, two other brothers were at the back of the car while Jane was in-between them. Their car was moving speedily than usual, the road was clear and there were only other few cars passing the known to be busy road.

“Boss I think a car is following us” one of the brothers at the back whispered slowly, turning back.

“don’t tell me you’re just noticing, the car had been following us over 2 minutes 6 seconds now, even though its maintaining a long distance, Its following us” Don replied him, watching how amazingly Jaguar removed his hands from the wheels and cock a gun sharply.

“But who could it be? can it be Kingsley?”
Don smiled and made a chuckle,

“Kingsley can never attack us, he can never stop us, he dare not to face me” he answered while the brothers at the back glance at themselves, sure enough its could be no other person than Kingsley, they turned forward and keep mute.

“Should we attack?” Jaguar asked

“No, stopping to attack will delay our time, Its could likely be one of the guards” Don replied again, taking a look at his wristwatch. “Jaguar, take the second route that leads to the first direction we came from” he pointed out

“but boss, that means we’ll be going back to where we are coming from” confused Jaguar voiced out.

“yes, Ghost put a call through to G.B, ask if the other car is ready and tell him about the new direction”, Don added. Jaguar immediately turned the car crazily towards the second route while they watch the strange car followed another direction.

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7 minutes later

the leader of the guards assigned to guard Mr. William and Jane ran to check the other side of the road, he was lucky to have move out successfully because their attackers hadn’t given them any chance, one of the guards was already shot dead while one of the K’s was also shot.

Their biggest disadvantage was been outnumbered, though they had called for backup.

“Let’s move out boys” G.B shouted after dropping the call he received.

Mr. William was still unconscious and was alone in the car, the brothers speed off crazily while the guards took cover from their bullets before the sirens of police were sounding few meters away.


Kingsley cursed and smashed the wheel of the car he was driving the moment the Chevrolet car turned towards another direction. He was on a black cloth with a face cap covering almost his face, he had planned to attack Don and the three other brothers in the car perfectly in a gun battle immediately they get to the U-turn of the road, their change of direction had change his entire plan.

Among the gang members, there were brothers who were very much loyal to him because of his kind deeds to them in the past and equally understand the scheme plans by G.B, the heated rivalry and taming Kingsley a betrayer, some of them did really dislike G.B leadership but they never dare raise any objections against him though they never really understand the whole cause of Kingsley’s problem was Emotions. One of them had hint him about the abduction of Mr. William’s daughter when he demanded to know the activities of the brothers from one of them who contacted him.

Though he was few minutes late to prevent it, he cursed again before increasing his speed, they must have seen his car trailing them though he was meters away. He hadn’t expect them not to know either, he really wish they had stopped to attack him so he could delayed their time, he made a quick U-turn on reaching the end of the route he took, thinking it should lead back to the direction they had took earlier, furiously increasing his speed.

The four brothers came out of the Chevrolet car, Jane was already injected with a substance and had become unconscious instantly, one of the brother carried her inside the back boot of the new car arranged by G.B, while Jaguar drives out to dispose off the car they used.

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GMT 12:05pm

Mr. William laid on the hospital bed few hours later with Mr. Donald sitting beside him, he had slept over 3 hours since he was rushed down. He had a slight injury which was already taken care of by the doctor, the incident location had all been blocked by security officials, no one was allowed to pass through the road because of the heavy earlier shootings.

News had it carried already about the attack on Mr. William Davis, it was tamed to be an attack from other political opponents and investigations had started already to put the perpetuators to justice.

“Donald, where is my daughter?” Mr. William cried out after waking to see his friend sitting beside him

“I told you politics is a dangerous game, this had all started when we joined politics, where is my daughter?” He cried out again harder, he tried to move but his wounds didn’t let him. He was extremely weak.

Mr. Donald heaved a sigh,“Calm down William, right now we need to be strong, I still don’t understand this attack but Jane will be found, investigations had started all over the country and senator Elvis had promised to help with the investigations” Mr. Donald assured before his phone began to ring, interrupting him.

To be continued…….