Choice Episode 27


GMT 8:00am

Mr. William walked in Jane’s room minutes later after he told her she’s scheduled for 9:00 o’clock flight only to see her pacing around with her phone. He had made up his mind and nothing can change it, “aren’t you done already? I have a meeting to attend soon and I want to move out with you to the airport” he entered and closed the door swiftly behind him.

Jane turned towards her dad, she knew his mind is made up and nothing she can do to change that, but for an unknown reason she doesn’t want to, she really feel like staying, some part of her doesn’t agree to leave. Maybe its because of Kingsley, her mind drifted back shortly before she was rescued.


The stranger said without taking his sight off Kingsley while Jane hesitated a bit, “don’t listen to him Jane, stay behind me” Kingsley whispered.

“I’m sent by your father to guard you miss, you have to trust me, I’m here to save you” the stranger added, looking at her and pointing the gun right at Kingsley.

“save me from what?”

“save you from killers, killers out there and from him” he responded immediately while Jane turned fearfully, making quick glance at Kingsley whose hands was raised up.

“If you’re really sent by my father, then you shouldn’t be pointing a gun at him, he’s here to save me likewise” Jane said and quietly moved out behind Kingsley, facing the stranger directly.

suddenly two screaming women ran out fearfully from the rest room due to the bullets that pierced the wall and glass through the window, colliding with the stranger unexpectedly, Kingsley swift in seconds, using the chance to move forward and attack the stranger but was surprised his attack didn’t have much effect on the stranger, three sounding blows landed on him almost instantly, the stranger moved forward and attack back before he could get himself together and a strong fight broke out.

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She could recall him calling her when she sat with Gabriel, the guy must have wandered why she left like that, the entire reason for the occurrence has been something she couldn’t fathom, there wasn’t any chance for Kingsley to beckon his explanation too, he was beating to the core. She had been calling his line without reach when her dad returned the phone he seized from her yesterday since the occurrence,

“if Kingsley and I are destined together, we’ll surely meet again”, she whispered to herself, he was the only man ever to have captured her heart., its absolute wicked how fate had derailed them from having the whole happiness.

“You don’t have to think this up Jane, Its all for your own good darling, try to understand me, I plan the best for you and I’m preventing you from harm” Mr William said and move closer, interrupting her thought.

“A lot are happening all over the country especially during this general presidential election. I want you to know there’s no absolute security here, no one can be trusted, political opponent are ready to go extra miles just to destroy whatever it is that oppose them, you know you are all I have, your step mother will also be joining you in four days time till the election is finally over”.

“Its okay dad, I understand, I’ll be fine, you don’t have to keep saying that, lets just go” Jane interrupted and carried one of her box before proceeding towards the door.


GMT 8:30am

“They are moving out already, a car consisting four guards is moving behind them, Mr. William and his daughter is at the back seat of the car while two guards at the front seat”. The caller said into the phone.

“any other thing and are you sure?” Don asked.

“yes boss”

“okay” Don replied.

The two cars speed towards the airport, their job was to make sure Jane and her father are protected, they were trained men provided by Mr. Donald and are always alert and ready. Though they didn’t expect any attack whatsoever but they never endeavor to ensure there’s close distance between the two cars. Another two cars were moving in front of them and another blue Chevrolet behind the second car, soon they were directed to stop a bit by the traffic light.

Unfortunately a truck driver was coming speedily from the left side of the road, he seemed to be drunk and didn’t follow the order of the traffic light, he was few meters away from the first car when the traffic light gave the signal to proceed, the first two cars speed away firstly while the guard who were also alert and conscious of the predictable accident also speed to prevent it, bridging the distance between them. The driver of the truck suddenly step on the break, showing the screeching of the tires and the truck stop, separating the car Mr. William was and the other guards.

Within seconds, the door to the blue Chevrolet car behind opened, Don and three other brothers step out and proceed towards the car Mr. William and Jane was, the guards who noticed immediately there were gunmen behind them came out with their guns but was shot dead without any opportunity to raise their guns.

The two cars at the other side suddenly stopped and face the guards in a gun battle, everything happened too fast, they never expected it, Jane on the other hand was motioned forcefully into the Chevrolet car while Mr. William was hit with the butt of a gun due to his reluctant in letting Jane go, Jane in turns was extremely shaking, it is happening again, she wish the ground could just swallow her, the Chevrolet car turned towards the other side of the road and speed off while another strange car followed them speedily.