Choice Episode 26


Gabriel sits quietly awaiting the arrival of the man, he took different glances at the tactical angles some officers had positioned themselves and the angles at which the cameras were placed. He never stop to admire the security around the commissioner, he was glad to finally see someone he can trust and that he wasn’t the only one at the trial of the K’s, the commissioner revealed a lot and some of his encounter and findings to him. He changed his sitting position as he await the commissioner who had gone in to fetch some documents.

His mind drifted back at the last occurrence, remembering how Jane’s phone rang, how she moved some meters away to receive her call and how she was looking around before running towards the restroom, then suddenly the gunshot began. Her line had been switched off since then, even though he searched all for her after the DSS men arrived and after the shooting cease, he had been thinking severally but it doesn’t seem to make sense to him.

He was distracted by his ringing phone, Angelina was calling again, he earlier ignored it when the commissioner was revealing some things to him, he noticed she was calling with her Nigeria number and picked this time before the call could end. “hello honey”

“why didn’t you pick my calls despite my consistence calling?” She asked without greetings, Gabriel could feel she was furious.

“Calm down sweetheart, I was in the middle of a meeting, that was why I couldn’t pick, I’m sorry”,

“Anyways I’m back to Nigeria and I’ve told my parent about you meeting them, we should be there tomorrow” she said immediately and smiled happily.

“wow, so soon?” he asked.

“what do you mean by so soon? don’t you want to do this or see them?”

“oh ofcourse not, I’m just glad they’re accepting me rather to what I thought, you never can imagined how happy I am, where are you presently?” He asked,

“I’m leaving the airport already for your place”

“Alright, I’ll come home straight away after the meeting” Gabriel added before the call ends.

The commissioner walked in few minutes later holding a document with him, he stretched the document to the agent before sitting down.

“This contains all you need to know, there are various things you don’t know yet and there are several things about this gang, the only possible answer to their last attack which I now understand is you” he added, pointing to the agent.

Gabriel widened his face in confusion, “I sir?” He manage to ask,

‘yes you, who knows about your arrival here in Nigeria and that you work secretly?” The commissioner asked further.

Agent Gabriel keep mute for a minute, trying to get what the man meant and where he was heading to, he respond before the commissioner could further.

“the chairman, the wife of Dr. Johnson Law and the IGP”.

“wow” !! the commissioner glanced a look at the person sitting beside him before turning back to the agent, “Florence !! Is she alive?”

“Yes she is, though presently out of the country”

The man gave a smirk and smiled, “you mean to say the inspector general of police knows about you? What is the name of the chairman and the jurisdiction you were sent to?” the commissioner asked.

Gabriel widened his eyes in more confusion, “is there any problem sir?” He asked, instead of answering the question, the commissioner heaved a sigh and smiled,

“then it’s a 100 percent sure you were the target during their last attack”.

Gabriel looked more shocked at the revelation of the commissioner, his brain calculated fastly of every possibilities, the death of the arrested brothers, the money sent from the IGP and the death of the junior agent. Yes he had thought so sometimes ago but discard the thought after no detailed explanation, he had visited the lab secretly only to confirm that the lab report was true though he hadn’t get over his suspicion on the junior agent death totally.

“This country’s problem started from its corrupt leaders, the IGP you claim is among the big top leaders of the K’s, there are series of his involvement in the past, allegations were laid against him but he won the case easily through the strong backup he had, some were assassinated, different sort of kidnapping and there’s nothing anybody could do. They present themselves to the public as government servant and the public in general view him as a God fearing man. From now on, lets work secretly together agent” the commissioner added, hoping Gabriel would agree.

—- ——-

GMT 3:24pm

Secret Location

Don wore back his cloth as he walked, he just finished banging the Asian prostitute he met at the big hotel club house, he had earlier been soak with alcohol and his whole body smells of cigarettes, he seems to be more desperate than ever, his phone woke him up from the little Nap he just took, the call was from the new base and he pick without hesitation, wearing his cloth.

“Boss, I just got a notification that Mr. William Davis daughter is set to move out of the country early tomorrow” Don gave a loud smirk for a minute while the caller waited for his orders, “prepare the boys, he finally respond.

To be continued……