Choice Episode 25


News went viral all over the country that some terrorist gang attacked a restaurant known for its quality in local and foreign meals in Lagos. There were rumors that the restaurant were robbed and 30 people died, some said some gang were fighting against its rivalry gang while some proclaimed its one of their usual doings in an attempt to succumb the government in doing what they want forcefully.

The commissioner for Lagos State Police came out of the police Headquarters with some of his escort, he knew journalist and different media organization must have grouped themselves out in an attempt to throw him different questions about the incident yesterday, he heaved a sigh before proceeding out…. To his predictions, within seconds, he was meet with different flashes, cameras and journalist.

“What was the cause of the incident yesterday sir” one of the reporters asked immediately,

“ I want you to know the police are doing their job adherently to figure that out, it was reported according to eye witness that the gunshot began suddenly but I can assure you that we are working on it, we are working on the CCTV cameras too and details will be released out soon” the commissioner replied.

“Is it true this is one of the doings from the known terrorist gang called K’s and that 30 victims died ?” Another reporter asked.

“It is very sad to say some gang operates in our economy by killing people and desrupting properties worth millions, I’m sad to hear terrorist roam around our vicinity and are this very much active despite the effort to bring them down, as you’ve known, its said the gang operate in other countries internationally and all effort to bring them to justice seems futile, like what happened some times ago when their hideout was discovered by the police, I can assure you the police are planning the best method to get this criminals, a meeting has been called with some of the affected countries to finalize the best method to get to the root and make sure they are annihilated completely. There are several rumors that 30 people died, that is untrue, 6 people had died and 2 others badly injured but are receiving treatment”. The commissioner replied again.

“Sir, concerning the turmoil happening in the country presently and with due time to the general presidential election, do you think the election will hold and the people are secured to come out and vote?” Another reporter asked again.

“By God’s grace, nothing is changing the schedule of the election, I want to tell our people to come out buoyantly to vote for the candidate of their choice, all security forces of the country are going as far beyond expectations to make sure there is absolute security all over election polls and a CCTV cameras will be placed to monitor everywhere all over the country to ensure a free and fair election.

“Thanks, now will you excuse me’ the commissioner said while the men behind him move forward to clear the road admit the heavy crowd while they followed in an attempt to ask more questions but the man entered the vehicle with three other escorts and zoomed off.

“How about the arrangement I ask you to make?” The commissioner turned to ask one of the men .

“I’ve make necessary steps, a meeting has been scheduled for you both on Friday sir, the guard replied.

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Senator Elvis residence

Senator Elvis laughed wickedly, he took off his eye glass gently beside the chair he sat on and stared at Don. They were four in the room, the senator sat beside chief Garub who looked troubled while Don and the minister for health, Nosol Adams sat together opposite them.

Don ordered immediate withdrawal for backup when he got an information that the DSS men are also on their way, not that he was scared of them but he doesn’t want to risk any mistake that could loom the hood and at a point lose any man. He felt pain and anger towards Kingsley, “betrayer beggot curse” he promise to give him something worth more than death.

“It seems William Davis is trying to play with fire, the fire that will end him, is he playing pranks on us ? What is happening?” Nosol Adams asked, directing the question to no one in particular.

Senator Elvis gave a wicked chuckle again, this time his voice was audible enough the whole room, they knew laughing like that shows how angry he is,

“you are right Nosol, William and Donald are playing with fire, I already caught them having a closed meeting with Anambra state Governor and some opposition party members secretly which I never believed at first until I saw the clear evidence.

“Don”, he call out to him, “I want to teach William some lesson, I want you to kidnap his daughter along side Roland son, I’ll make sure to end his career if he persist not to back out against chief Garub’s son”.

“By the way what is wrong with the big headed man?” Nosol Adams asked, interrupting the senator,

“I wonder how he had work his way into this government, he’s just unlike his brother who understand how things work in this government”

“why don’t we just take him instead ? There’s an information that he reside at Ibadan and has private residence at Plateu State” worried Chief Garub added.

“No we can’t do that, the best way is to get him through his son, your son was foolish to have get himself into trouble, you should all take care of your private lives and families yourself”

“this could have been easy if it hadn’t involve the lawyer, he wouldn’t stop shouting it out to the world”

“who rule this country and its people? who owns this country? whatever we say is pronounced Law” senator Elvis interrupted and turned back to Don, “make sure there’s no mistake this time, finish it quickly and make sure they are handled by you this time around”.

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GMT 3:15pm

The two men drop down from the gigantic car that had just alighted inside the big compound heavily surrounded by guards. They both walk towards the main entrance of the mansion and proceed inside.

The whole building had been surrounded by guards since Jane was rescued and was retained inside the mansion. Mr. William spoke before Jane could utter anything,

“prepare to fly out of this country and no objection from you this time Jane”

“your father is right Jane, you don’t have to say anything” Mr. Donald said before walking to sit on one of the chairs. “your flight have been booked, you’ll have to get out of this country till this election is over” Mr Donald added.

To be continued