Choice Episode 24


Kingsley get out of the car and started walking towards the entrance of the restaurant, several things are involved and his fears just rise. He knew some K’s member are around and must have seen Jane entering the restaurant, he had sighted one of them watching the big restaurant afar when he earlier called Jane and it shows to him a big tragedy.

He ran as fast as his legs could take him sighting two of them making a call and a sniper at the top of a big building, he stopped when he made eye contact with one of the brothers making call. He could recognize them as one of G.B loyal dogs and could understand the message they had just passed across, Don had equally asked him about Jane before and he claimed he didn’t know her but only helped when she demanded for his assistance, her presence with the agent must have change the entire claim. He knew G.B had finally succeed in taming him an enemy and no point of discussion could change that cos he knew Don would never listen. This had all happened out of his carelessness and out of the intense feeling called Love, he however have no regret Love found him, he had been raised under cruel fate and he knows the worst is about to come.

Suddenly two of the brothers randomly shoot at his direction, he ran for as long as he could, taking cover, the brothers spreads into different positions, they knew Kingsley is a fast shooter who doesn’t miss target but they never allow him have his way into the restaurant. Kingsley glance at the sniper on top of the big building, he had to get inside the restaurant before things get more uglier.

The security guard with the agent and few people inside the restaurant became alarmed the moment the gunshot sounded, the security guard at the entrance got shot on his head before he could run inside, there were screaming inside the restaurant and from pedestrians and motorist who leave their cars behind while running for their life’s. Within minutes, the whole place had scattered and different gunshot fill the air.

The agent brought out his gun and phone, wondering what was happening, he dial the office line for backup, thinking the restaurant was under robbery attack or some gangsters are fighting without knowing there was a dim red light already pointed on him.

He was still on the call when the second security guard shouted out to him, “hey look out” the guard shouted, running out to him. But he ignored, thinking he was telling him to lay down like he had told the other screaming people inside the restaurant.

Luckily the guard was able to reach out to him while the heavy bullets missed him slightly, hitting the back bar.

“Holy sh*t” !! He could have just died instantly if the guard hadn’t reach out to him. “Target missed” the sniper said into the mouth piece placed at his left collar but continue the shooting.

Kingsley glance at the sniper again, he couldn’t have clear view of the restaurant anymore due to the cover he had taken from the bullets. He knew everything is happening too fast, the brothers will soon be there and he knows how dangerous that could be, he need to act fast and make sure Jane is safe but also considering a wrong move could get himself killed.

He studied the position of the two brothers and the angle their bullets is coming from, he could have just shot them down straight if not for the position he was which was to his disadvantage…….. suddenly their shots were directed towards the entrance, another gunman was trying to enter the restaurant while he shoot back at them. Kingsley looked around carefully, he knew the brothers were trying to delay the time till their backup arrives, though police sirens are already sounding few distance away from the restaurant, he hissed, most of them will die on any attempt to come near. He had to quickly find a way, he looked around again, the brothers shooting are now diverted, he wonder who the gunman was, all thanks to him he was able to move carefully away.

The agent shouted on top of his voice describing the address of the restaurant to the backup team, the sniper hadn’t stop shooting likewise, he seem to have taken control inside the restaurant, everybody laid low, nobody dare stands or is dead at the slight sight. He could see his gun few meters away from where it had dropped from him when he fell, going to get the gun could cost him his life, he thought of what to do few more seconds before getting an idea.

“sh*t !! I’ve missed him” one of the brothers shouted into the mouth piece placed at his collar, “cover me, I’m going inside”

“No No, we have to wait for backup,don’t go in yet” the second brother shouted.

Kingsley found his way in through one of the windows he had destroyed to enter, he met some women who were visibly shaking at the sight of the gun with him, he ignore them and proceed towards the female restroom. He shot the lock when the door didn’t give way only to found trembling Jane with two other women inside, they were probably scared due to the shot. He stared at her for few seconds before Jane asked him what was happening,

“lets get out of here first” he answered without looking at her, he took two steps towards the destroyed door while Jane followed him instantly.

The brother who entered the restaurant had calculated wrongly, Gabriel had got halfway towards the other entrance Jane earlier passed without the sniper notice. He attack him before he could do anything, he had not seen the agent attack quickly and he fell backwards before the sniper bullet hit him mistakenly.
Soon the DSS backup team arrives and strategize themselves at strategic angles.

‘stop right there, both of you” Kingsley heard the broad voice behind and stopped while Jane panicked beside him, the gunman appeared behind , pointing a gun at him..

“let her go right now and drop your weapon”

Kingsley move a bit back and gently drop his gun, he hadn’t expect anyone to appear from that angle and had taken him by surprise.

“Turned back slowly now, both of you, don’t try anything funny” he ordered while they obeyed.

He motioned Jane to come closer, he could sense her fears and how terrible she looked.

“I’m here to rescue you miss Jane, don’t worry you are safe now” He said and motioned her to come closer.

She looked stunned and more scared, “who are you?” She managed to ask instead.

“I’m assigned by your father to protect you and make sure you are safe, I am here to get you out of here” he replied without taking his eyes off Kingsley.