Choice Episode 23


GMT 8:43am

“I think your phone is ringing”

“don’t tell me you can hear that too from my bedroom?” Jane said and smiled

“Of course, try and check it out” Anita replied confidently.

“what if its not?” she turned to ask

“then lets bet, 50k random” Anita interrupted with her fingers raised jokingly.

“okay then” Jane agreed before walking out of the kitchen in an attempt to get her phone.

Today seems to be bright for her, she never knew Anita could be that funny, making her smiling and forgetting her worries for moments. Her step mother had travelled to Dubai on a business trip while her dad went on a campaign, Anita has been her companion, she had stand by her and getting her out of her moody state while Sarah her secretary too had never back out, she comes everyday to give her details of the office works and also encouraging her to stand firm with the believe that everything is going to be fine. Its seems to her both are the people who understand what she’s going through rather than bombard her with questions.

She heaved a sigh before opening the door to her room, truthfully her phone was ringing, she moved closely to where she had kept it but the call ends before she could answered it. The caller ID display three missed call from Sarah, one from her step mother and Gabriel was the last caller, the phone ring again before she could decide who to call first and Gabriel was displayed, she answered without hesitation…..

“hello Gabriel”

“good day miss Jane, good morning”

“good morning, I saw your call, sorry I missed it”

“oh !! Its okay, I actually called to remind you of our meeting today by 1pm”

“oh Its true” Jane said and paused to think, remembering something. “yes I remember, but there will be little changes in that, lets make it 4pm, I’ve got to meet with some board members today, please lets make it 4pm, is it convenient for you?” she asked

“oh don’t worry about that, since its your convenient time, I’ll fix into that, 4pm it is then”

“alright thanks, bye for now” Jane replied before the call ends.

“See I told you, didn’t I?”

Anita who had been in the room without Jane’s notice asked startling her, she walked towards the bed with a tray in her hands, the aroma of the food filled the entire house,

“serve me that food quickly” Jane said without answering her question.

“oh, Not until you give me my 50k, remember the bet”

“what is 50k by the way?”

“I mean fifty thousand naira. You’ll have to keep your part of the bargain, we had a deal”

“okay you win, I’ll give you the money, now please the food” Jane shouted jokingly.

“As you wish my Queen” Anita smiled while they both burst into laughter

“You and this your Queen, I’m not a royal blood neither I’m I a grandchild to one” she answered and smiled, taking a bite from the food while Anita watch her smiled.

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Lagos, Nigeria

The two men watched from the car distance away to the restaurant, “that is him in the blue suit”

“anything else?”

“no there isn’t”

“you can leave then” Kingsley ordered, watched him get out of the car and entered one of the cars parked in front of him before the car zoom off.

He watched the car until its was out of sight and grabbed his phone immediately, he entered Jane contact but paused without dialing it, “there might be a bug in here” he whispered and dropped the phone.

He stared at the restaurant and thought of possible ways to kill his target fast and get over with it without problem. He noticed there are few people inside the restaurant with two security guard, one at the entrance and the other inside the restaurant. After thinking of many possibilities, an idea came up, he grab the gun that was placed beside him with a silencer by one of the brothers and placed it carefully behind him, he looked carefully around and made an attempt to get down from the car but stopped when he noticed a familiar car coming towards the restaurant, the driver drives towards the parking garage and came out.

Something surge through him instantly, he wanted to run out and embrace her but he couldn’t, fear gripped him when she proceed towards the restaurant and sits opposite his target, they seemed to know each other as he watched them greets, he glance through the picture with him.

“what do this mean?” He ask silently to himself.

He watched on for more minutes, unable to decide what to do. Jane was sitting with the so called agent he was told to kill, there’s doubt in his mind, trying to stop the realization of Jane actually betraying him.

“She cannot be the betrayer, maybe she’s worried about me been kidnapped” he shouted, trying to fight the demon within him, he grabbed his sh*t as if he was beginning to go crazy. yes he had explained a lot to her, he thought, but that is the agent he was told was responsible for the hideout invasion, “what is Jane doing with him?” he shouted again and slammed his fist on the wheel, he finally picked up his phone and dialed her contact.


Inside the restaurant

Jane’s phone began to ring, interrupting Gabriel’s question, she brought out the phone from her purse and was instantly shocked with Kingsley displayed as the caller.

“Excuse me please” she stands immediately and moved away to answer the call.

“Kingsley” she whispered and turned back at Gabriel before moving away farther

“where are you?”

“at a restaurant” she answered immediately

“what are you doing with the DSS agent?”

“what !! What DSS agent are you talking about?” she asked in confusion and looked around the restaurant.

“stop looking around Jane, now listen to me, I want you to move away from where you are and run right now into the restroom to hide yourself”

“what !! where are you? what’s happening?” she asked and looked around in fear .

“stop looking around Jane, go now, go go go” Kingsley shouted while she ran in fear

Gabriel watch Jane afar, he suddenly noticed her tense feelings, he looked around, trying to see what she was looking around for but nothing seem amiss to him. He stand in shock immediately Jane suddenly ran towards the restroom, wondering what was happening.

Kingsley got down from the car and started walking towards the entrance of the restaurant.

To be continued……
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