Choice Episode 22


The whole room scattered with spray of bullets, the gunshot continues rapidly, the three guys shot carelessly not bothering if the agent is dead or not. They didn’t seize to cease fire due to the darkness.

A red deem light displayed right below the chair, there was a button at the left edge which was responsible for the darkness, the button are connected right in every corner of each room to off the light faster instead of using the switch, the agent had managed to press the button and immediately ran towards another room, he was quick and able to do that in darkness due to his familiarity with the settings of the room, he knew he barely escape from their grip due to their inexperience.

The security guard at the post ran towards the flat where the gunshot came from, wondering what was happening, the men at the other flats came out too due to the continuous gunshot. None of the women and children in the compound dare comes out, only the buoyant men who wanted to know what was happening came outside but none of them dare near the flat due to the flying bullets…

“Stop, stop, stop” !!! One of them shouted on top of his voice to stop the shooting but the other two didn’t hear due to the heavy sound, he brought out the touch light they had use in entering the flat entrance from his backpack and switch it on immediately, indicating they should stop firing.

They knew they had created more attention now and those in the compound should be awake, they looked around for the agent’s body but he wasn’t hit likewise, they had just wasted their bullets.

“We have to go now” one of them shouted.

“what the f**k, we can’t go now, we have to finish this, lets look around the rooms first”

“remember he’s armed, he has a gun with him and might be hiding behind anywhere, its now or never Paul, we can’t be caught either, we’ll get him later, lets go for now”

Paul who seemed to be their leader cursed before they walked reluctantly towards the back exist, Gabriel who was watching them even in the darkness watch them leave through the back exist, he knew he had to move carefully due to the heavy weapon with them.

He made sure they were out through the door before coming out of hiding and keenly followed them. The security guard who had stationed himself at the back exist in an attempt to enter the flats with his gun shoot when he saw them coming out behind the back door.

He continued shooting while they take cover, engaging in gun battle.

“who the f**k is that?” Paul shouted while they faced their attacker

“how the hell I’m I supposed to know that? I told you we should leave earlier, didn’t I? this wouldn’t have happened if you had listened”

“shut the crap off and let’s get out of here first” he shouted back before a bullet pierced pass his left ear luckily for him. He dodge back and remained into hiding immediately.

“we’ll leave at the count of three”

“leave where? what do you mean leave?”

“we’ll leave through that fence”

“you mean we’ll jump over that fence?”

“shut up and fire, 1, 2, 3 now”

they came out from hiding and shoot randomly while the security guard take cover instantly. They used the opportunity immediately and ran to jump over the fence but a bullet hit one of them and he fell backwards into the building.


Location: Secret Base

Kingsley heard sounds of footstep coming towards his direction and raised his head, he could see from afar Don and some of the brothers coming fast towards him, he sense the angry look on their boss and knows that entails danger. Soon they got to the spot he was, Don stared keenly at him before speaking.

“Something occurred yesterday, one of Chief Garub’s son was involve in some kind of sh*t and a friend of his was captured” Don said and stretched a picture for him to have.

“now is your chance to redeem your act of betrayer, I want that person dead in two days” Don said and turned towards one of the brothers.

“give him every information he needs and help him strike” he added and turned back to Kingsley,

“its up to you now Kingsley, I want a clean job” Don pointed out and turned to leave without another words.

Kingsley heaved a sigh watching him leave along with some brothers , he stared at the picture he was given, its a man dressed in a black suit .

“am I doing this again Kingsley” he said silently to himself. something about him has changed, he had promised himself never to kill anymore or shed any blood. He knew most of whom they’ve killed are innocent people that someone wants cleared and now he’s been ordered against that determination, he will also be tamed a betrayer if he fails to do what he was told. His mind drifted in seconds, back at Jane, wondering the state she might probably be presently, she must have been shocked.

He couldn’t place a call to her because he knew it’s dangerous, but plan to call her after he leave the base for the Operation he has been given. He made a glance at the picture again, making up his mind to do this last killing, he knew making enemy with the K’s is deadly and dangerous..


10:10am Police Headquarters

Gabriel and the security guard with some of the neighbors came out of the police headquarters surprised and discussing about the scenario that happened the other night.

The last guy who was shot had been arrested and now in police custody.

The agent moved a bit away from his neighbors, he took out his tablet to check a notification, he had seen worst of what his neighbors are surprised and talking about since yesterday, he has been severally on different spot of death and gun attacks, he turned and smiled, though they never knew he was an agent.

Soon, a car zoomed in and parked swiftly , the driver came out slowly and close the door. Gabriel widened his brow and stared at her afar,”Wow, what a day” he uttered silently to himself before moving towards her direction.

“Good morning Ma’am” he greeted.

Jane turned and greeted back, “Good morning” she replied and squinted her eyes. “please have we met before?”

“yes madam, back in Ghana” he replied.

she widened her brow and stared at him, “please where in Ghana?”

“first at a shopping mall and at your place, I actually came to interview you then during a bank robbery incident at CIA bank in Ghana” he replied while Jane deliberate, she stared at him more seconds and paused to think.

“oh yes its true” she exclaimed, finally remembering. ”I can fully remember, I’m sorry I didn’t attend to you politely then”

“oh its okay madam, I can fully understand, by the way I heard the news, I’m sorry about your kidnapped friend, its must have seriously dawn on you”

“I’m confused, its been weeks already and the police haven’t show case anything yet, am getting frustrated”

“I know how you feel and I’m sure the police are doing their best, they are going to get the criminals arrested and your friend will be rescued soon, trust me and lets give them chance to do their job but let me ask you this. After the lawyer was killed, what triggered between the criminals and your friend?”

“that’s the same question the police keep asking all the time, there wasn’t anything and that bothers me so much, they forcefully took him away with them”.

She knew she lied, and that was her response to the police, yes she wanted Kingsley to be rescued but not to be tamed with them, how could she tell them about his involvement? He will be tamed as one of them, she’s confused, wondering the intense feeling she has for this man that had Captured her heart.

The agent turned back to see his neighbors coming towards them and turned back to face her. he still had some questions to ask but there seems to be no time.

“can I have your contact address or probably your B. Card?”

“of course” she replied and turned to open her car, she took out her business card and stretched it for him to have.

“I’ll give you a call then, thanks”


The neighbors with the security guard were closely meeting up with them, of course Jane is the daughter of Mr. William, the elected candidate for presidency from the most recognize political party.

To be continued…….

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