Choice Episode 21


Jane heard the sound of her father’s car entering the big compound on the chair she sat on, the cold blood gushing out from the lifeless lawyer flashed through her mind again, fear gripped her at once, her whole body visibly shaking. She wondered why her life is entwined with so much cruelty and horror, she had been questioned by the police who promised to save her kidnapped friend.

Deep down, Kingsley had explained why he wanted to hurt her initially at the hotel without letting anything out, she however understood the reason for his kidnapped by the gangs. She heaved a sigh and stretched herself to sit properly on the chair in arrival of her Dad. Soon the door opens and a worried Mr. William enters.

“This is so ridiculous” he said immediately he entered and turned to hug his daughter who came running into his embrace . He had been worried sick after he heard the news in Abuja and had to rushed down straight to Lagos.

“The level of insecurity in this country is alarming, it’s my fault I let you experience this bad horrible scene again, I’ve delayed your traveling to the state too much and I think its high time you go, I can’t let anything happens to you”. he added worriedly.

“No dad, I can’t leave yet, not now”

“why? Why won’t you Jane?” her father widened his brow and questioned,

“ Dad, a friend of mine was kidnapped, I can’t just leave like that”

“oh common Jane, the police would do their job, better to leave it to them, they surely know what to do, your friend will be rescued soon. You are all I have, I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything should happen to you”

“nothing will happen to me dad, please try to understand, I can’t just leave like that” she turned and walk back to sit .

“he’s my boyfriend and I love him so much Daddy, please daddy I just can’t”

Mr William widened his brow in confusion and stared at her. “Your boyfriend, your boyfriend”
!!! he repeated, “and I don’t know him?” he exclaimed. “Jane I cannot… “

“Daddy please, I can’t, I need a break right now please daddy, its your support I need most, not this please” she stands and walk away immediately without letting him speak.

Stunned Mr William watch her wipe her tears while she walk away, wondering what she just said, she hadn’t ever mentioned having any boyfriend even after he had discussed having one with her which she discard  seriously, something she detests. Its dawn on him that his daughter needs his love and support now more than ever. He need to tightened the security around her or probably put some men to watch her every step and protect her from distance.

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GMT 10:38 pm

The cab stopped right in front of the gate building as directed by the agent, he dropped and pay off the cab man. He heaved a sigh as he watch the cab drive pass him, initially he would have horn to get the security attention to open the gate, though he has been promised to be given a new car at the office and Angelina also promised to get him one out of her father’s untouched latest cars, here he is knocking the gate hard just to enter.. the gate opened within minutes, the security guard beep through and smiled.

“welcome bro, how is work today? U teil for outside today oooo, hope no problem?” He asked in pidgin.

“not at all, I went somewhere today, that’s why am late”

“oh! Welcome then, less I forget, I must say you have a good eye for beautiful things ooo, that aunty wey dey come here pretty ooo, as if say she no be from this planet, and help me thank her, She always give me something whenever she comes around”

“oh !!! thanks for the compliment, That’s is good, I will do just that, well done there” the agent smiled tiredly and made to leave

“alright sir, have a good sleep”

“yeah” he replied walking away.

He proceed towards his flat, noticing the neighbors at the other flats are home early and their doors are locked, there wasn’t light either. He brought out his phone to switch on the flashlight and searched for his key. He checked over his pocket and the jacket on him without finding it, he hissed and heaved a sigh remembering he had left it on his desk at the office and had forgotten to take it.

“What do I do now?” He asked silently to himself.

“The extra keys are with Angelina, oh my goodness”, going back to the office and returning will take him hours even though the traffic may have reduced, there’s no point in calling Angelina too, its going to take more hours to get to her for the key. He however decide to break the locks and call for repairing the next morning.

He moved backward a bit to hit the locks with his legs when the door gave way easily, surprised and stunned, he hissed.

“Does it mean Angelina didn’t lock this door when she left this morning and I’ve been here deliberating for 10 minutes on what to do” he said to himself and enters

Closing the door gently, his hands searched around the switch to on the light, three men were sitting comfortably on each sofas of the sitting room, he brought a revolver almost instantly but one of the men was quick, a bullet pierced through his left face surprisingly before he could raise his gun and he was motioned to fall on his knees immediately.

One of them smiles and flash his teeth angrily, “is this the ugly a$$ Angelina is dying for? oh my a$$, what the crap” he asked while they burst into laughter.

Gabriel was stunned and taken by surprise, its was so fast he couldn’t do anything or have himself killed, he has been feeling strange for the past weeks after Fred’s death and he knew he was been watched, trusting people was what he lacked, nobody could be trusted, that had get him so far all the while. He thought of what to do immediately but there was none, his gun had been taken from him likewise, he tried to digest what he just heard.

“please who are you men?” He raised his head to ask confidently without fear.

“You f****ng stupid bas***d, you still have the guts to ask a silly question?” one of them shouted and landed a heavy blow on him, Gabriel fell backwards and hit his jaw against the wooden edge of the chair, he winced in pain and was motioned to get back on his knees instantly.

“f**k your damn a$$, I don’t know why Angelina is running around you for, I gave her everything I have but she wouldn’t just accept me just because of what? You f****ng bas***d, what nerve do you have to snatch my girlfriend away from me?”

“Answer me idiot” he yelled.

“oh!” Gabriel exclaimed under his breath, its now make sense to him. The one shouting is the guy Angelina told him about on their first date, he could recall her words that she detest him, he’s fat and look like a pig.

He raised his head and stares glances at them confidently, truly he really look like a pig, he looked at the other two guys in seconds and returned his gaze back on the floor, one was fat while the third guy was muscular, they are absolutely some rich spoilt brat with no manners.

Another blow landed on him almost immediately, this time he really feel more pain, he spits out the blood wailing from him and looked up angrily at them. “You still dare raise yourself, you mother******” one of them shouted and landed a blow on him, followed by another and another continuously till the second gun man joined him while they both beat him to the core.

“I’ll better send you to hell” the third gun man shouted and point out the gun to shoot but the light suddenly went off before he could pull the trigger.

“why is the light f****ng off? Who the hell off the light?” he shouted and shoot immediately, followed by different sprays of gun shot towards the agent direction.

To be continued