Choice Episode 20



Its sad to hear a report reaching us now about the sudden death of the great patriotic undefeatable Lawyer Abimbola Olawale who was assassinated today at his residence by some unknown gun men alongside a young man who was kidnapped. Report says two security guards were killed, alongside lots of casualties that resulted to destruction of properties. Report also says his death has caused turmoil in his family and among the Nigerian law firm

The police are however undergoing their investigations presently, they plead to the general public to endeavor in anyway report any suspicious act in other to get the criminals arrested. This is news at 8:00, stay tuned..


Three sounding blows landed on Kingsley again, his two hands and legs were tied with chains, stretching the hands and legs widely apart.

G.B burst into laughter and landed another blow on him, “I told you Kingsley, I am smarter than you”

“you f****ng bas***d, you gonna pay for this, I swear” Kingsley said almost in a whisper.

Another blow landed on him again, followed by another and another continuously

“That’s Enough”, Don shouted, walking towards them with three of the brothers. He stared at Kingsley angrily and stop right in front of him.

“Why did you betray this brotherhood?” He asked slowly, trying to suppress his anger.
Kingsley raised himself up slowly to face him

“I didn’t betray the hood boss, I swear I didn’t”

“If you didn’t, then why did you leave your brothers?”

“G.B is the enemy here boss” he answered slowly

Don glance a look at G.B first and back at Kingsley, he never did believe Kingsley could betray them in the first place but he needs to take measures.

“What do you mean?” Don asked

Kingsley explained what transpired between them on the day of the attack and his counter measures using the K-gate…….

“is this true?” he turned to ask G.B

“I don’t expect you to listen to this hypocrisy liar and betrayer boss, everybody in this hood can testify he betrayed us and even tried to kill me”.

The Confused boss stared at the two men he had chosen as his favorite, he didn’t know who to believe, though he knew about the heated rivalry between the two, G.B never listen to Kingsley all because he was promoted before him. All he believes in are evidence and he thinks of how to get one.

he turned back at Kingsley swiftly “the lady beside you is the daughter of Mr. William Davis, what are you doing at lawyer Abimbola Olawale’s residence and what is your relationship with the lady?”

Answer the question I just ask you motherf..ker” Don yelled, repeating the question.

Kingsley breath in heavily, he coughed and split out blood from his mouth. He had done that to delay answering Don’s question, thinking fast of the possible answer to give, he knew his response depend on his fate and that of Jane

“I don’t know her boss, neither do I know she’s any Mr William’s daughter”, I met her along the roadside standing beside a faulty car, she had pleaded for my help and I tried to help her fix the car but I couldn’t because the engine totally need replacement while she begged she was late for a meeting and plead again for my help” he added, that was the possible answer he could give that moment, he wondered if he hadn’t put her into trouble now

“You were sitting beside her in the man’s residence, why didn’t you leave after dropping her off? you expect us to believe your f****ng story?” G.B yelled,

“damn you f****ng bas***d, you expect me to leave a pretty damsel like that without going through her pants?” Kingsley shouted out.

“bas***d son of a b***h, I will”………. “Enough”,
Don shouted stopping G.B from hitting him again, “stay back now” he ordered.

Don heaved a sigh in confusion, he knew Kingsley possibly cannot betray them as he was made to believe, he turned, looking at both of them.

“Release Kingsley, let him have a bath and give him food and water, but he remains here until I finalize my findings and nobody dare disobey what I just said” Don ordered, he turned and proceed out of the dark hall with the brothers who came with him.

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GMT 8:00am

Gabriel alighted in front of the building, he checked the address to confirm if he was at the right place, its clear to him the junior agent’s death was planned, even though analysis proclaim the car had a break failure.

He had however begin to think of many possibilities, how can they lets criminals who are ought to give them information about the gang members die under their watchful sight, he knew there were reasons for their transfer and he needs to be more careful and keep his disguise, any mistake now could endanger his life and take him off the track. He alighted the car and proceeded inside the building, he opened the unlocked gate and entered the compound fully.

The door immediately opened before he knocks, the woman must have seen him somehow through the curtains.

“Welcome agent” Mrs. Law said and ushered him inside, closing the door after he entered. The loud sound of the television got his attention after been offered a seat by Mrs. Law and her friend, the assassination of barrister Abimbola Olawale was broadcasted again on the Alltig news channel, the dead body of the man was displayed, intervliews with the maids, a security guard and the visitor he had was shown, its further reported a friend of the visitor was also kidnapped.

“when did this happen?” Gabriel asked before taking his seat . But None of the women answered, nor do they have answers to his question, they were both stunned like the agent, he remembered he hadn’t watch the news yesterday due to the series of fun he had with Angelina, its had taken his attention.

“What” !!! he shouted and point a finger forward, leaving the women confused, they glance at each other in awe and turned towards his direction.

“anything the matter agent? You know her?”

“yes, my coming to Nigeria started through a bank robbery case in Ghana, it happens she was there when the bank robbery happened while there was a little misconception from the police, her father came to take her away after she was discharged from the hospital, I never knew she’s in Nigeria all this while”. he answered, still staring at the Tv.

The two women stared awkwardly and made glances at each other again. Gabriel heavy a sigh and turned to Mrs. Law,

“I think this is what we are going to do, lower the volume of that TV, let me brief you” he said and fully sat down.

To be continued…….
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