Choice Episode 19


The aroma of the food filled the entire house, Gabriel could hear sounds and clashes of utensils in the kitchen, indeed Angelina is a good cook, they had met few hours ago at a restaurant for lunch but one thing led to another and she insist they eat something at his place while she cook.

Angelina is the third child of Nosol Adams, the minister for health, she returned from the United States weeks ago and they both met at the club. The agent assumed it will be the fastest way in getting the minister using his daughter, he had presented himself as an engineer working for TOB’s company.

he heaved a sigh and glance at his wristwatch, its late already and he’s hungry, his worms calling for food, he wonder why it was taking this long. He close the laptop he was working on, stands and headed towards the kitchen.

“I hope you serve this dying man in need of this delicious food quickly, the aroma is killing, you are a great cook Angel” the agent said startling her and smiled.

“oh common” she shouted out startled and smiled. “The food is almost done, I know its taking long and you’re seriously hungry but you’ve been there working on your laptop without a helping hand, its not easy working alone you know” she added smiling

The agent was about saying something when Angelina’s phone rang interruptedly, “excuse me” she said and walked towards the direction of the phone to answer her caller.

Fortunately Gabriel’s phone vibrated too, the caller ID display Mrs. Law, he glance at Angelina and walked out of the kitchen to receive the call.

“hello agent”

“Good day ma” He replied immediately, noticing the woman’s uneasiness from her voice”.

“anything the problem?”

“you were right, the gang members really came, they are after our lives, we aren’t save anymore” the woman exclaimed panicking.

“please do calm down ma” Gabriel said and turned back to check if Angelina wasn’t coming, “how did you know?”

“I was going out the day you called for us to leave the house we reside at, I met “Akim” the security guard at the gate entrance telling me there’s a car parked for several hours at the front gate of the house opposite ours and he know the owner of the house had travelled, he had been suspicious when the car stayed over five hours . I however decided to take a look at what he was saying when the front door of the car opened and the driver came out, I recognize him agent” she said with a tone of fear.

“he’s one of the gang members that killed my husband”

“please calm down, is he the only one you saw?” he asked making another glance at the kitchen.

“no, they were four in the car”

“where are you now?” he asked again , hearing Angelina’s steps behind the back door

“at a friend’s place”.

“okay, please send me the address quickly” Gabriel said and end the call before the door opened.

“The food is ready handsome, better come and satisfy that hungry worms of yours” she said smiling.

“humm, such delicious aroma, please serve mine, can’t wait to bounce on it” Gabriel said smiling while they walk to the dinning table.

“So who was calling you?” Gabriel asked, throwing the question first to avoid hers, both taking their seat.

“the Inspector General of Police” she replied, serving the food.

Gabriel widened his brow and stared at her

“the IGP, you have issues with the police or what?”

“oh common, what issues could I have with them? Its so surprising though, the I.G is such a disturbance, he wants me to be his girlfriend”

“What! Gabriel exclaimed, he dropped his spoon and stared at her, hoping she was joking. “you don’t mean it?”

“I mean it, I actually thought he was joking at first when he told me”

“I heard he has two wives, oh my God”!! Gabriel exclaimed.

Angelina smiled, “foolish old man, he actually called to say he heard I am back to Nigeria, he misses me and wants to see me”

“oh now I grab, the inspector general of police wants to snatch you” Gabriel said and totally dropped his spoon

“common Gabriel, its you I love, its you I want and nothing can change that, more reason you should come see my parent on time”.

“I know you love me and I love you too, I’m so happy about this, but I’m scared about this IGP calling you, you know I’m powerless”

Angelina burst into laughter playfully, “nobody is snatching your baby, I’m all yours darling, I’ll make up a meeting with my parent, probably this weekend..

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GMT 3:43pm

“Its just funny, the General should have found out the truth before attacking his friend, its could at least save his a$$” Jane voiced out laughing.

she was on a gown, bringing out her extreme beauty, God must have taken extra days in her creation. Kingsley was seated at the driver side, he was on a red face cap, white T-shirt, his trousers matching the black shining shoes, he was extremely handsome. The two were in the car, discussing about the Epic, THE UNTOLD MYSTERY, which they both watched at Kingsley residence on one of the TV stations.

“are we not there yet?” he asked Jane.

“oh !! She glance through the address with her,forgetting they were going somewhere already. she looked around and pointed out, “I think its that one painted in white, I promise we won’t be long, I just want to make the project preview with the man and we leave immediately”

“its okay” Kingsley replied and stared at the building, he alighted the car after parking properly. Jane took off her seat belt and opened the door, expecting Kingsley to come out but he didn’t. “aren’t you coming?”

“I thought we already discussed this”

“okay then, if you insist” she said and close the car door

“alright, wait for me” Kingsley said before she could walk across the car, he adjusted his face cap and step down from the car.

Within minutes, they were both seated on one of the sofas in the sitting room, waiting for the arrival of the man after been notified of their presence. Soon, the man joined them..

after so many intakes and takes, “how much do we need to finance the project now?” The man asked.

“approximately its shouldn’t cost us much but 50 million will do, and”

suddenly the door opened with a bang, the security guard was pushed forward and five gun men entered. “on your knees, all of you” one of them shouted.

Fear gripped their hearts, they obeyed instantly. I wonder why my life is bound with unexpected horror, my life always at stake.

“wow, here you are mother fucker betrayer” one of them shouted, pointing out to Kingsley, what a fate, “no escape for you this time around” one of them shouted, followed by gunshots.

To be continued…….