Choice Episode 18


Jane woke up tiredly with a heavy headache, it felt so bad she could barely move her head right on the bed she was on, her left hand uncovers the blanket and she touched her forehead, she was boiling up real bad. She tried opening her eyes but her sight seemed blur totally, she closed it gently and opened it slowly again until its becoming clearer, she squinted at first and fully opened her eyes.

For a moment, the past memories flash through her mind. She gasp and get up immediately, she looked around with no one in sight and immediately push the blanket aside, studying her environment. The room was painted blue with different interior decorations, behind the curtains of the window reveal the beautiful glimpse of the city and the beautiful sight outside the window curtains.

A heavy shock ran through her immediately the door suddenly opened, Kingsley entered the room and the heavy headache became heavier at once, realization struck her as she remembered what triggered between them, she suddenly grab the blanket and covered herself with it in fear, she froze with each step Kingsley takes forward , she wondered how she had come to harbor feelings for a wanted criminal, now that her life is at stake.

‘I’m sorry Jane, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I, I just wanted to confirm my suspicion, I honestly do not mean to hurt you, I am deeply sorry”

I gaze at him fearfully without response, like a child staring at an hungry lion, he looked lost and shattered.

“I’m deeply sorry Jane, I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me, I never intend to hurt you”

“its okay Kingsley, I hope this is just right, my life could have end a few minutes ago by you, I could have died, this isn’t just right Jane, but can I please take my leave?”

“please stay, right now I’m shattered and totally on the lost path, I felt like I’m gonna die soon, my world consumed and doesn’t seem to understand this darkness that had overshadowed the light you brought into my life, please forgive me and don’t leave me into total darkness”

“please stay out of my sight, I don’t ever want to see you again, for goodness I fell in love with you, for days I dreamt of you, for days I ignored my life and all I could think of was you, why do I feel attached to you? why do I felt so worried that my world will always be bad without you in it? I’m just, let me just leave, please Kingsley, please”

I shouted out and turned immediately towards the exist of the room.

Kingsley grab me before I could reach the door immediately with tears, “I am sorry Jane” he said passionately,

“all my life, I have grown admist hate as a child, I was left alone to face cruelty, pain and bitterness, Life has just not been so good to me, I tried taking my life but its just didn’t let me, my life had been nothing but abject pains and sorrow. I have learnt to know the truth of love from you, I couldn’t sleep, I had series of sleepless night, you make me worried sick for days, my heart yawns for you, I feel like I want to live again, I want to survive and face the bitterness that has crept down and torment my soul, I have found great reason to live and I’ll live it fully to the deepest but life want to take me off when I’ve found a reason to stay, you’re the reason I want to live, you’re the reason I want to stay” he added passionately in tears.

“Then live it to the fullest Kingsley, I’m sorry you had to face all of this, I’m sorry” I told him, cleaning off my tears, I was touched by the cruelty he had faced and remembering all of his past, we were lost in one word.

we stared at each other, then suddenly, passionately, in seconds we were lost within the twinkle of kiss and affection, like our lives depend on it, his lips met mine as we engage in a strong and passionate kiss with deep emotions and heart that yawns for more.

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A faint knock sound on the office door simultaneously,

“come in” agent Gabriel opened the door gently and entered with a worried look, “what is it agent? You look annoyed”. The chairman asked after letting him sit.

“I visited the headquarters today to interrogate the gang members captured during the attack on the K’s, only to be told they died during torture and there wasn’t any formal report about it”.

“yes agent, it was reported that some of them had poison hidden on them, the lab report also confirmed their death as a result of poison while two died out of torture, they also didn’t get any useful information from them before the criminals died” the chairman said, staring at the agent who looked surprised, less I forget, “there is a present for you from the I.G” the chairman added, stretching an envelope to him.

“What is it for sir?” the agent asked

“oh !! The I.G sent it to appreciate what you did for this country”

“But sir, I earn a good pay already for this job, the I. G doesn’t need to shower me with more, its my Job to protect and strive for this country protection.

“Yes agent, you earn a good pay”, the chairman said and smiled. “ this is for an appreciation personally from the I.G, you should take it” the chairman added.

“alright sir, I really appreciate the I.G for this” the agent said and collected the envelope, he stands and proceed out of the office.

He was stunned as he opened and closed the door behind him, he surely suspect there’s more to this than what he had imagined, the chairman didn’t looked concerned about the dead criminals who was their only clue of getting the gangs fully, he made a glance at his wrist watch, its almost 10, he had a date with Angelina, one of Nosol Adam’s daughter and needs to get prepared.

To be continued……..
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