Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 6


I was quiet for a long time, I have to think about this, no I can’t even promise such a thing, its heavy..
“Bukky,please promise me”
I didn’t mean to but I pecked his lips, maybe to buy more time..
“Jeremy, I can’t promise such..We must all die one day”
I protested a little although I knew another reason was David..
“Is that your reason?..or its David?”
His question was direct, it struck my heart like lightning, I held my breathe and tried to compose my speech first..
He got up to face me..
“So its true, you both have an history..right!”
He was becoming violent now..I bit my lips and breathe idea came to my mind..
“Jeremy, with mummy’s condition, this is the best you can do? Are we dating?..and even if we are, this is what you would result to?..accuse me based on your instincts”
He became calm instantly..oh God thank you..
“I’m sorry, I..I didn’t know what came over me.”
“Come here”
I extended my arms and embraced him..
Thank you Jesus.. I just couldn’t stop thanking God..but for how long can I keep this up? long would i lie about my feelings?
David on the other hand had disappeared, for days I didn’t see him..what my greatest surprise Joanne still couldnt tell where he ran off too..
Madam Clara was my utmost priority.. She had been discharged to live her last life on earth with her family..the competition was put on hold for the space of 4months..nobody except madam clarise, myself, Joanne and both her sons knew the reason why..
I went to see her as soon as she was discharged.. She was extremely pale, she now tied a scarf to cover the hair breakage.. I couldn’t help but cry when I saw her lying helplessly on her bed..
She opened her eyes when she heard my voice.
“Bukky, Bukky my child come here”
She still smiled, how could she smile? With this predicament? What is she even thinking?..
Did I just call her mum?..yes! She is, she is my mum.. And I love her, so much..
I hurried to her and sat beside her..
“Come here, come on I can still carry you”
Really? Of course she can’t, but I didn’t want to make her feel infidel, so I laid beside her and relaxed a bit, i was extremely careful and made sure I didn’t put all of my weight.
“Where is David?”
A question that made me think far..where could he be..
“You are my peace..always remember that”
He always says that..
“I am here, where we will always be”
He said on the day of our wedding..
Oh my God..I know where David is..