Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 7


This was it, I would be facing David all alone, I had to prepare all my defenses..physical, mental, spiritual and most importantly emotional defenses..
I had my driver.. Oh wait! You didn’t know I have a car? Well I do now..big girl things nah..just that I am still learning to drive, so driving while traveling was out of the picture..
I was going to Ibadan.. Although I wasn’t ready to face my family yet..but I couldn’t resist the urge to pass thru and at least see the compound.
I saw my dad coming out of the compound, my younger sister tailed him from behind..unfortu
nately I didn’t see my mum..God I have missed them so much but I still had this feeling that my father would still want me to marry David.. So I instructed my driver to drive to the church, where David would be..
And I was right, he was there, his car was parked outside..and for strange reasons, my heart began to beat fast the moment I stepped into the church..nawa o..I thought I had built my defenses already. I had not even seen him and my defenses were falling apart already..
I called out when I saw him sitting at front, starring into the unforseen
“How did you find me?
I started towards him
” of course I would find you, remember you always come here when your Dad was sick..”
I got to where he sat and with all the courage I had, I sat with him, but I observed a reasonable distance..
“Well you’ve seen me, you can go back now”
I felt like slapping that his mouth..I breathe down, suppressed that initial anger and tried to think of something nice to say, instead of shouting
“You are an idiot” to his face..
“David, mummy needs you by her side now, she has never stopped asking about you.. David..
He turned to look at me with that fierce look that I heard to keep shut..
” Didn’t you hear me..I said leave”
He spoke thru his clenched teeth as he tightened his jaw, maybe to scare me, I really don’t know
You know that feeling when I felt like slapping him? It became intense..
“No..I am not going anywhere until you come with me”
And I meant uncomfortable silence stood in between us before he spoke out..
“Bukky just quit the pretense and go..thats what you are good at”
Oh so this was really about us..
“David, is this about us”
I asked.
“There is no us..remember that”
He corrected and stood up to pace around..I knew he was just trying to control his emotions, and I was ready to make him pour it out whatever means possible..