Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 5


He rushed in as well when he realised I wasn’t ready to answer him..Joanne sat beside me..she was quiet for a while before she asked..
“Why didn’t you answer David?”
See this one o..I looked at her with one evil eyes eh that she had to get up and find another place to sit
“Stupid girl”
I said in my mind..madam Clara was who I really had in mind..I was beyond scared..when I pictured how I saw her again, my heart missed and beats heavily against my chest..
I couldn’t sit again, I had to stand up and pace round, Joanne joined me..I stopped to look at her
“You are not the only one worried nah”
She said..I had to laugh, hmm she is not that we ended up talking to keep our minds busy..
Hours later Jeremy came out..he stood for a while with his hands on his waist..we both rushed to him..I could see he was trying really hard to fight the tears..
“Jeremy its OK, its can tell us what happened..”
He opened his mouth..I didn’t know he could actually stammer until now
“M..My Mo..Mother has 3months to live..the .the chemotherapy failed”
My mind went bizarre..I couldn’t believe what I heard. Jeremy couldn’t hold it any longer, he burst out crying..I hugged him and tried to fight my own tears, I should be strong for him I hugged him I saw David come out..Joanne rushed to him..he was equally broken.. He clenched his teeth in pain and anguish..he couldn’t even hold in it for long like Jeremy, he burst out crying like a baby. Joanne was really trying her best to console him..he was unconsolable.. I felt his pain, I remembered back then in Ibadan, when his father had health issues, I would steal out at night to see him because I knew he wouldn’t sleep till dawn..
“You are my peace”
He often tells me then..
“If anything happens to us never forget that..please”..
He would hold me tight and sleep in my arms..
I waved the memory off, as I watched him cry, I didnt realise I was actually consoling Jeremy, I saw David raise his head to look at me in tears, I felt him call out to me..but I couldn’t go.. I just took Jeremy with me and we left to the house..
Although he had refused to go but I was able to persuade him..he laid on my thigh
“when I was young, my mum allows me lie on her thigh till I sleep off” he said smiling, but then the smile disappeared just as quick as it came..I placed my hand on his forehead..he held it
” Bukky, please don’t ever leave me”
And here is were I made my biggest mistake.
To be continued