Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 4


As a normal lady with heightened feelings, my defenses were growing weak, and so my struggle, he was in control and when he touched my nose with his, I went overboard..I tightened my eyes shut and waited for it, I waited for our lips to meet..but then, he backed away and let me go..
“Go home bukky”
He left me in the office..I wasn’t just hurt, I felt foolish..I felt cheap..this wasn’t the David I knew, he had changed..I couldn’t read him and I could now see that he had decided to keep torturing me..
Well, if that’s what he wants, I will give it him! Enough of this nonsense..I was gonna hit him back whatever way I can..first lemme deal with that vodka..
I met her in the canteen ordering for lunch, so I patiently sat till she was thru ordering and had a seat for herself..I marched towards her and before she said anything I drew the chair she sat, she fell with her a-s on the floor, the glass of juice she had bought splashed on her, a little on me unfortunately..
“Ouch! Why not call David?!”
I suggested, when I noticed her mouth was opened but nothing came out..
I went straight to my room to prepare for the next competition.. I would have Jeremy take the couple portrait with me, of course there is no way he would refuse me..
But first, I need to see madam Clara, she had been discharged and she was safely in her flat..the fashion house was indeed a castle..on getting there I had a wasn’t my flat so I knocked for a while, when no one answered I gently pushed the door, it opened..
“Madam Clara?”
No one answered, my heart missed, I was certain I heard something fall..God please..
I went to her room, I noticed the comb she had used to comb her had lots of her hair on it. seems her hair had began to pull off..I was extremely scared..I heard the shower in her bathroom still running, so I hurried there to see madam Clara unconscious on the bare tiles, with blood dripping from her nose..
I shouted in shock.! What do I do? I was confused.. I ran to her..OK wait i needed to cover her up first, I ran to her room to look for a cloth..I called Jeremy immediately.. He appeared within minutes and she was rushed back to the hospital..
David appeared minutes later with Joanne the fly tailing him from behind as usual..he got to where I sat, Jeremy had rushed in to see if the Doctor was in his office already
“Where is Jeremy?”
David asked, oh so he could actually talk to me..I ignored him completely..