Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 3


Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you have alot to say but just one word renders you blank..
That was me at that moment, like I was caught in a web..the moment I heard
“My bukky”..I lost focus, and I could only open my mouth but I didn’t even know what to ask..or say.
I was expecting David to say something else, about leaving him stranded at the altar, grip me for betraying our love..but he started the car again and drove.
What? Just like any other word? Just ” my bukky?”
He didn’t reply, he didn’t say anything..this guy is driving me crazy, just a moment ago he made me feel he had that emotion, now he just went blank..
He parked the car, I didn’t realize we went in the fashion house already..
“David? I know I hurt you but…
I didn’t have to finish, that Joanne approached and he got out of the car to hug her..
What is this? Is this David or an imposter..I got out of the car and waved at Joanne, not because I want to, but because I just had to..
” where are you both coming from?”
I was startled when Jeremy asked from behind me..
“The hospital, where else would we be coming from”
Was this jealousy or anger?
“Jeremy for Christ sake David is your brother, he would do anything to hurt you”
I was speaking for David, cos I didn’t trust myself..wait but I did not even say yes to this guy and he just assumes we are dating?..lemme just wait till madam Clara gets better..
The next stage of the competition drew near..we were to present a couple portrait, the best three proceeds to the final stage..
I was divided..the competition didn’t really matter much to me was David and his attitude, I didn’t understand the guy and it was driving me crazy..
Do I approach him? How can I when that Joanne follows him around like a fly..and there was now another problem, vodka was now all over him now.. That vodka !
She noticed I had a soft spot for David, so anytime she saw me around she is like
“Oh David that, David this”
You know what? I am tired of this, David has to spit it out..why this torture..I made up my mind, d–n the consequences.. It was nice he got a office, so one evening I stole in to meet him.
he turned to look at me and as usual kept quiet..
In anger I marched towards him and grabbed his arm, he was quick, he released his arm drew me like a piece of paper and held me against the wall, I struggled..he was a breathe away..coming closer, God he wants to Kiss me..