Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 2


Have you ever felt hurt? That your heart has a pain you can’t reach, so hurt that you can’t explain how you feel, that you would prefer physical pain to what you can one person have the power to melt my ego and reduce me to was all I thought when I watched David introducing his fiancee, it was what I felt each time he passed by me like I didn’t exist, what I felt each time I see Joanne around him..
Jeremy had been trying to reach me but I just kept lying that I wasn’t feeling well..he caught many times starring at David but I just waved it off with flaunting excuses, I knew he had began to suspect something was up..but I couldn’t help myself.. David was my first, I was his first, it was like we were bonded in some ways that each time I see him my whole body system changes..I still couldn’t believe he didn’t feel the same way.
Madam Clara chemotherapy had kicked off, I prayed so hard..I had to be there for Jeremy, and kept reminding him that all would be well..well David had Joanne so he doesn’t really need me..
Good news!..the Doctor assured us that it was successful, we could only now pray for the best..
We weren’t allowed to see her till after a week..I was the first to go in.
“My child, come”
She opened her arms and hugged felt residing..I didn’t know when I started crying, like I had been looking for how to let it all out since..
“My daughter, why are you crying?”
She cupped my cheek and used her finger to wipe my tears..I wanted to tell her it was David, I wanted to tell her he was hurting me..but I couldn’t, I just hugged her again..she let me cry till I was tired and slept off in her arms..
I felt someone lifting me up, but I didn’t want to open my eyes..
“Gently please”
I heard madam Clara’s voice in a low tone, she was still weak, I was now regretting why I slept in her arms, imagine the stress I had put her through.. I figured it would be I just rest my head on his shoulders..but then, I felt this arms was way too muscular than Jeremy’s.. So while we were outside the hospital I opened my eyes..
He put me gently inside his car and didn’t say a word as he drove..
What’s this..he remembers me now? Or what?..
“David if you would not answer me then stop the car”
I said and I meant it..surprisingly he stopped the car and turned to look at me..
“My Bukky”
My heart melted, that’s what he had always called he remembers me?