Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 1


My dear readers, it will be a surprise if I tell you that all you’ve been reading was just a an intro to my story..David coming back into the picture was where my real story began..
As he moved towards us, I noticed a feminine figure with him, who was that? Was he married already?
Till he got real close God David had grown astonishingly handsome..he wore single-breasted suit with a black Oxford wingtip shoe..his dimple was just as cute, brown eyes was way more sexier, he had grown more beards now, was nicely cut..hmm, it seems he had been working out self, his arms were muscular now..oh my this David?..I was lost, forgetting that there was one aunty tailing him from behind..
Jeremy hurried to meet him up and hugged him, I remained where I stood, and tried so hard to hide my face..Jeremy was now leading him to meet me..God this Jeremy legs were shaking, I couldn’t comport myself
“Dave this is bukky”
I kept my head down so he wouldn’t see my face, but when I noticed he wasn’t saying anything i raised my head to spy a little.. And then my eyes met his gaze..I stuttered and missed a step, before Jeremy could reach me, David was quick to hold my hands and drew me to himself..i met his chest and his eyes, and his scent, God I have missed this guy..
“Hello bukky, I’m David”
What? He let me go and extended his hand for an handshake, was he acting or he didn’t recognize me..I shook his hand, oh his soft hands
“Bukky compose yourself, stupid girl”
My mind warned me again..I cleared my throat
“Pl..Please..ple..ased to meet you Da..David”
I knew I was actually making a fool of myself when everyone kept quiet for a while till Jeremy saved me had changed the topic
“And who is the lucky one”
He was now referring to that aunty behind him..
“Oh, she is my fiancee”
God! I was deeply hurt..I felt my chest would rip David couldn’t even wait for just 2yrs..just 2yrs! could he?..he just forgot me like that..
On our way to the hospital, I was strangely quiet, I spied on David as he played with his fiancee who introduced herself as Joanne, with my cornered eyes,he didn’t even stare at me for a sec..well she was pretty sha, David always had big eyes..
I knew Jeremy noticed me, so I had to lie again..when we got to the hospital..he rushed to meet madam Clara and hugged her, introducing his fiancee once again..I just stood outside and watched was David just acting or he really forgot about me?
To be Continued