Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 32


Put yourself in my shoes my dear readers..what will you do? Have you ever felt that rush of adrenaline burning thru your veins but you don’t even know how to express yourself, you don’t even know how to pour it out..
As Jeremy made his way to touch me, I was still wondering how he did it, how he fooled me..can he really see?..I waved my hand at his face
“Jeremy you can see”
Ok now I really understood.. He attempted to convince me a little, now my brain replayed all the hurt I felt, the tears I shed, the wet pillows..headaches, sleepless nights, lost appetite and what hurt the most, I pushed David away..
I landed a slap on his face, he staggered backwards, i approached him and slapped him again as tears dropped from my eyes..I hurt him and he yelp in pain..his wounds had not fully healed..I rushed to him
“Am sorry, are you ok?”
“Am fine, am fine”
Ok he was fine so I slapped him again
There was no way I could express myself..
“You were ready to trap me in penury for the rest of life Jeremy, you are are..”
Was I making sense?..i attempted to slap him again but he held my hand
“Am sorry Bukky, I did this because I love you”
“No, you love yourself, because your wants come first, it has always been like that for never care about what I want..its just all about you, you self centered b—–d!”
He attempted to hold me again but David rushed in..I guess he had the latest as well
“Jeremy let her go”
This time he couldn’t protest
“Jeremy how could you?”
David asked and drew me behind him..Jeremy couldn’t spit a word..
I gently drew David out, he shouldn’t go further
“David I am deeply sorry..I didn’t.”
He didn’t let me finish, he released my hands
“No Bukky, sorry won’t cut it..I was ready to fight for you, for our love..but you cower away at every little don’t stand for dont stand for me. I can’t be with a woman who doesn’t know what she wants”
Lord of heaven, two bullets in one day..I attempted to cry as I watched him walk away but vodka touched me from behind
“A trophy awaits, why not give yourself a break from all these love escapades”
She was right, thanks to her I won’t be walking into an eternal prison..i wiped my tears, drove home and freshened up..let’s get this battle done
“Alright people, the battle of our lives has arrived, now I want you to stand proud, we got this handled, cos we are not just models, we are THE HOUSE OF EARL!”