Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 31


My heart was beating fast, we remained there till the rain stopped..I was shivering but couldn’t bring myself to leave him there..he turned to me with pain in his eyes
“Bukky is this what you want for us? What did I ever do to you?”
I felt guilty, I left him stranded at the altar, now am going to marry his brother..I attempted to say something but he interrupted me
“If you’ve made your decision, so be it..thank you for every moment we shared”
He stood up and walked away..
I called him with a tearful voice..he didn’t respond, he left his suit jacket..I picked it and held it so close to my chest..does this mean I lost David? Was I really keeping the boys together or I was actually tearing them apart?
I couldn’t contribute to the competition at hand, I had not even set eyes on Joanne until one evening when I saw her with David, he didn’t look at my direction..I was extremely jealous and hurt..were they back together? Although I knew David, he wasn’t happy, we noticed each other as we stole glances..he was broken, I did that to him just because I didn’t want to hurt Jeremy..does that mean David, the man I love was in a better position to get hurt? Ok I solemnly agree..I AM CONFUSED!
Vodka approached me while we practiced for the competition, I sat watching them, my eyes where pale and dimmed..I had cried way too much..I couldn’t even contribute a thing, it was obvious things were falling apart, vodka alone can’t do this, she needs help but I was just too broken to be of help
“Bukky, I want to let you be giving what you’re going thru but we need you, else we would lose this competition”
She said and sat with me, she had that concern expression..I sighed, there was nothing in my brain to reply her so I remained quiet
“Is it Jeremy?”
Her question made my eyes brimmed with tears again, she just made me remember that the wedding is just tomorrow..
“What if I tell you that you’ve been led to believe a lie, I know Jeremy like the back of my hands”
My tears seized immediately, right from the source..
“What do you mean?”
“When the time is right I would text you to come over to the hospital”
My mind was telling me just one thing, Jeremy is not really blind. And it was confirmed, she texted me
“Come now”
I hurried down and met Jeremy, on his feet, pacing round the room..shock crept from my legs as I entered the ward..he turned back in shock..
“Bukky I can explain”
Wait, Jeremy can see?