Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 30


My dear ladies out there, never ever marry a man you don’t love, no matter the situation, i was foolish..I felt I needed to pay for a sin I never committed..
“So what are we waiting for?”
Jeremy can imagine the guts, what does he take me for?
David touched my shoulder and signalled me to come out with him..
“So I’d take it that you were just joking right?”
He was forcing a smile
“Am not David”
His smile vanished..
“Bukky you asked me to let you be right?..I did to let you really think who you really want..and then you choose Jeremy.?”
I nodded stupidly to his question..he scoffed, he couldn’t believe what he heard..I was hurting him all over again
“No, you are confused”
He held his mouth with his hands and paced to and fro, he was trying to keep calm here..I just bowed my head, I couldn’t look him in the face..
“Bukky, go home and think about this OK?”
He made a move and touched me..
“I’ve made my decision..I pushed Jeremy away..and I made a promise to mum…”
“D–n your promises!”
He shouted now..he observed that he was going overboard so he left me, he left the hospital..
I went back to Jeremy..I didn’t let him talk
“I would marry you next week, it can’t be tomorrow”
I attempted to walk out but he called out to me
“Bukky, I want to marry you because I love you”
That sounded so disgusting to my ears..
I went back to the house, I couldn’t bring myself to noticed and took charge..I was gone, broken..I lost appetite to everything.. I had to move out of the house and rented a flat of my own..
I was indoor thru out..despite Jeremy’s call I didn’t visit the hospital..what’s the need?
David came over to my flat one evening..I didn’t open up, I knew if I did he might talk me out of it..
“Bukky open up”
I backed the door and fought so hard to resist the huge to open tears dropped from my eyes..
“David please go..I dont want to see you”
He was crying too..I could here him sniff
“Bukky you love me right, I know you do..please I beg you..don’t hurt me again”
I bit my lips in tears..
“I..I don’t love you anymore”
I lied so he could just go..unfortunately it started raining..I peeped thru the window..he didn’t move..he sat on the bare floor as the rain drenched on him
“David please go home”
He didn’t say anything, he didn’t move..
I couldn’t bear this anymore..I rushed out into the rain..and held him..
“David I love you”