Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 29


Cold crept from my legs to my whole system..maybe he didn’t mean that, or maybe I didn’t hear well
I asked again.. Was I supposed to?
“Bukky, look at me!..I am blind!..I can’t see a thing..its all dark..all because you pushed me away, you made me feel like I didn’t exist”
I was quiet..I couldn’t breathe a word
“Tell me..who would marry a blind man!..who?!”
I stood up and started towards the door
He forced himself up, using his hands to figure where I could be..
God he was indeed blind..I left, I need to think this thru
We had to register for the competition, it cost a million, you can imagine the money they would make, which each Fashion house registering with a million naira..well, I just hope we win..
I was torn apart..I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate anymore..I made my designs, vodka made hers..later we just put heads together and made series of was fabulous..both of us walking together was indeed profitable, it made the work much easier and creative..we started sewing immediately..
“Jeremy wants you to marry him”
Vodka said and startled me when we were both walking on a gown together
I stammered because I had nothing reasonable to say
“Go ahead, myself and Jeremy ended before we even started”
She said with a smile..
“I can see he really loves you, or you don’t want to because he is blind?”
Her question crushed my resistance again..its my fault..I made him like that..maybe God wants me to pay for my mistake this way.
“Bukky come here!”
It was Joanne..
“Mtcheeeww, this girl no just get sense”
I thought and ignored till she walked to meet us..I hushed vodka this time and let Joanne finished her ranting
“Don’t ever interrupt my judgement in this house, I made adjustments to the sales of my house and you…
I didn’t let her finish I hushed her as well
” you are bitter because David doesn’t love you, and yet here you are ranting for what would never be yours, when you are suppose to be there for the man you claim you are fighting for, you need to find yourself, you are lost”
My words came from my heart and it broke her, she was speechless and couldn’t move a muscle till I used my discretion to leave her there..I drove to the hospital, I made my decision now..lemme face the punishment for what I did, I made a promise to madam Clara to keep the boys together..David was unfortunately there when I gave my answer..
“Yes Jeremy, I will marry you”
To be continued