Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 28


Jeremy was still unconscious, it was like I became torn up, my thoughts were not with me.. David had not said a word to me, what was he thinking?..
Myself and vodka went in to see Jeremy, his face was wrapped up and his hands as well..David stood against wall and just stared..he has always been like that, he had his thoughts to himself, he barely say a thing.. Although I knew him like the back of my hand..
I received a call from Jovita, she whispered
“Joanne is at it again”
I couldn’t just leave David there so I told him about it
“go on, I would watch him”
Well of course vodka followed..
“what happened?”
I questioned when we got there..
“She is cancelling sales because the sales rep refused to increase the prize for the stilletto gown”
In unison myself and vodka looked at each other, yes we where thinking the same thing here
“Where is she?”
We questioned in unison, you see..we were indeed having the same thought
“The shopping mall”
We hurried there, she wasn’t there..till we traced and met her in the hall..
“Get off my chair..its my favourite”
Vodka attacked her first, with that her devilish smile..
She got up and attempted to say something, but vodka took charge
“No you listen, you have no right to act like a queen were you are yet to serve as a maid..”
She opened her mouth again but vodka continued
“You see ignorant one”
She walked over to her..
“This house remains madam Clara Philip’s property until after one month, if we cannot meet up to your demand”
Joanne laughed now
“And do you think this house can pay me such an amount in one month”
I wanted to at least say something, vodka hushed me
“Ignorant one, I just wonder how you couldn’t figure where I added IF..until then, never interrupt any of our activities, else you would scare away from this face”
Joanne was speechless here, well..that’s vodka for you, my mind was actually somewhere else..Jeremy
She walked up to me and attempted to make that face and probably say something mean
“This isn’t you Joanne, I miss Joanne”
David called, Jeremy was awake..
“He is blind Bukky”
My phone fell from my hands..
“Vodka, he his awake”
I informed vodka..We rushed to the hospital
“He wants to speak to you”
David said when I got there..I timidly walked in..he laid on the bed..he now had that scar below his eyes, his head was still wrapped up..
“Jeremy i am so sorry, what do I do to make it up to..
He didn’t let me finish
” marry me Bukky”