Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 27


Oh my God! We just lost madam Clara..this is not happening..Not now..David drove to the hospital, vodka tagged along, seems she really cares for one said a word, till we got to hospital
“He is in the emergency Ward”
The nurse who hurried out with blood in her hands. My heart missed..God I caused this, I went too far, I should have known he was still depressed because of madam Clara’s death, he just wanted comfort, and not only did I push him away, I made him feel neglected.. Oh God, if anything happens to him I don’t know if I would be able to forgive myself..Vodka was quiet all thru, an hour later she drew me near..I observed she wanted to say something else to keep her mind off the pending issue
“I got the files”
Ok that was our plan, but I didn’t know she would get it that fast and easy
“What? How?”
I asked in a whisper, and spied at David if he was listening..he was lost in thoughts
“Drugged her, she slept, collected her fingerprint and opened the safe where she kept the documents, it seemed her father bought the house in her name.. She wouldn’t know it is gone for a while”
This Vodka is indeed a devil
“But she must surely find out nah”
She nodded
“Well, I’m guessing she would have to travel back to get another copy if there is, that would buy us enough time and this is our plan B, just in case the competition doesn’t work out..the competition is this month end”
I didn’t know when I hugged her..
She smiled and talked about other things, I knew she was just trying to get her mind off Jeremy
I touched her hands and made her quiet for a minute
“It’s OK to worry about Jeremy, we all are”
She looked at David, he was far off, standing starring out the window as usual, he had been there for hours..and then looked at was hard for her but she said it anyway
“Yes bukky, i’m i’m worried..I am”
I brought her head to my shoulder.. You know that quote that says enemies could actually become best of friends? I was beginning to believe it
I walked up to meet David, I couldn’t tell if he heard me when I bickered at Jeremy, I had been scared to approach him since, would he blame me?
Before I got to him, the doctor came out..
“He is stable for now, but a shattered glass pierced very close to his pupils, there is every possibility that he would wake up blind..if he doesn’t, then it’s a miracle”
God, my heart sank..I caused this, I couldn’t shake that thought off my mind..