Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 26


I decided to confront Joanne, I knew her to be this sweet clinging friend back then, what happened? I was curious
“Joanne, what happened to you, you were…”
She didn’t even let me finish
“David happened, he thinks he can just shove me aside right?”
I was quiet for a while..but I really thought she didn’t really love him like that
“But I was thinking you really didn’t like him that much, you were telling me of one guy like that back then”
She smiled at stared at me till I had to wondered if I had a bug on my face
“Oh so you could have him to yourself”
I stood up immediately
“What? You think I do not see the way you look at think I didn’t see you both when he kissed you in the hallway!”
I attempted to say something but she interrupted me
“If I can’t get him, you won’t either, leave now!”
I stepped out and sighed in relief when I was safely metres away..OK I get it if she has an issue with me, but that doesn’t mean I would let her have the house
It was Jeremy..oh he travelled, he claimed he needed to clear his head out, I’m guessing he really didn’t know the issue at hand
“You didn’t even call”
He could I explain what had kept me occupied?
“I get it, you were broken too, I just wished you were there for me too”
Before I could mutter something he hugged me
“I’ve missed you”
Well as for me, I had peace when he was away, no struggle, no he is back and I have to deal with that all over again..
I met with vodka
“How about our plan”
She smiled and whispered
“Don’t worry, its all done”
Ok I would explain later, for now something else came up..David.
He called me up so I met him in his office
“I heard you would still push thru with the competition”
I nodded in affirmation, he wanted to say something else but I interrupted him
“David you’ve not shared a tear since we lost mom”
His word got stuck, and just like I broke free a dam, his eyes brimmed up as tears flowed down..I hurried to him and hugged him..
“It’s OK David, let it out”
Jeremy had to walk in, God after all these weeks of peace
“Dave I..” His words got stuck..he drew me out like I was a puppet to him..
“What are you doing you s–t!”
What? Did I just here that?! My head sparked..I gave him a piece of my angry mind, just that I shouldn’t have added
“I would never love you!”
He hurried off, broken, I realised I had said too much because minutes later we received a call, Jeremy had an accident..