Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 33


“Alright Jovita double time, Vicky keep that up”
I was back full time, the competition was just a 3days away, our flights had been booked.. I acted strong but I was a little shaky, what if it all goes wrong, and we don’t win..i shook the thought of my would be the first time I travel out of the country, wow..cant wait!
I kept reaching out to David, call me crazy or not but I came to realize that I would stop at nothing till I get my David back..i knew he was deliberately giving me an hard time but I didn’t care. I had hurt him too much, now I am gonna prove that I would do anything to stand by him, he must forgive me by force.
As for Jeremy, well I don’t hate the guy, since the day at the hospital I felt free..I understood why he did what he did, tho it was wrong, he is a human with feelings..I continued visiting him till he was discharged
“Am sorry Bukky”
He said one evening when I went to see him..
“It’s OK Jeremy, I just hope you take time to see the one that really loves you, and is ready to do just anything for you”
He smiled, but I guessed he didn’t know I was talking about
“And who could that be?”
He asked
A food for thought so i left him to think about it..
My dear readers, if you started this story with me, you would remember back then when I made a promise to someone..her name was lizzy..she framed me and made sure i was pushed out of the plaza i was working..I made a promise to her that day..that she would clean my shoes..
Well as God would have it, someone brought her as a cleaner.. I was shocked when I saw her
The shock I saw on her face was vex o, but I need to keep my promise..
“Quickly pass me those shoes”
I ordered her..she brought them nah ..feels soo good..
“Oya clean till it shines”
I extended the one i was putting on
“Clean this one too”
When she was done, I felt fulfilled now
“Ok, emmm, get her good clothes and proper shoes, drop the mop.”
She wanted to thank me but I didn’t give her the chance to
You know the best revenge you could ever give your enemies is your success
And so the day came..we got ready..David secured our plane a day before the competition.. So small Bisola would see Europe today..
“David I would never give up on you”
I told him when we got into the plane
He smiled, I was d–n serious o..infact any girl reading this and is eyeing my David silently is even in big trouble!
So yeah! Europe here I come!