Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 19


It was Jeremy, it seems they were back from the hospital already
“Mum wants to see you”
This Jeremy self, why now?..
As moved towards him, I looked back to see my crew still standing
“What are you girls doing there?..come on”
Jovita led the way and left vodka in the hall, she was devastated.. I could see the fear in her eyes when she saw Jeremy..
“Vodka, madam Clara wants to see you”
Hmm, she couldn’t walk well, God help her o..
I met David seated with madam Clara while she laid on her back..
“Bukky my child, come here”
She opened her arms, I hugged her and was extremely careful not to weigh too much on her..
“Vodka is here mum”
Her mood changed instantly
“Vodka come here..”
She instructed.. I stood up so she could see vodka as she timidly stepped into the flat
“Pack your stuffs and..
It would have been over for her, her career, everything.. But hey, I can help
” mum please, just try and understand the poor girl..”
Haha, poor girl? So I am saying that to vodka and she accepted for the first time.. Whoa, feels so good..
“She was just rather too desperate and ignorant, but she is still human, with one is perfect, she did what she thought would help her..but mum you have to understand that fashion is her life. It is her career, please don’t take that away from her”
Madam Clara was quiet for a while, I could see vodka was surprised i spoke out for her..David simply smiled at me..well Jeremy was equally surprised
“My child, sometimes I think the world is too dangerous for you, you have a big heart my dear”
She turned to vodka
“Get out”
Without hesitation she hurried off..I insisted on staying with madam Clara, I had to tell her the truth, I had to tell her everything..
When I was sure both David and Jeremy excused us, I opened up to her..I told her about my feelings, about me and David and how Jeremy got caught up in the mess
She was quiet all thru
“Bukky, I trust whatever you want, but Bukky..bring my boys back together”
A tear fell from my eyes..
“Thank you mum”
I sat with her till she fell asleep
Now Jeremy asked why I spoke out for vodka..well I am not thru with that Devil..there is no way I would just let her escape like that nah..I want to let her watch as I reduce her to nothing..
The competition starts within a week..I got my girls together
“Alright girls, the biggest time of our lives has arrived, Just remember that we are not just models..we are the House Of Earl”