Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 18


I drove back to the house.. You need to see all these security who needs proper lecture on how to run their job
“I am sorry but madam vodka has left specific instructions to never let you into the house”
I stood and starred at the man for a while..should I make him lose his job?..he was polite sha, so it’s better I ask him first..
“You have a family?..a wife and children?”
I asked know if he really needs the job..
“Yes madam”
Hmm, he needs I asked
“Do you wanna lose your job?..I can help you if you want to..all I need is to just make one call”
He paused and was trying to figure if I was indeed bluffing
“Na mouth she dey eee”
The other security man bounced out. It was clearly written that this one was an illiterate
“Please madam, I am the gate!”
The man with better reasoning quickly respond when he noticed I brought out my phone..
But you see that illiterate, he will learn..
I went to the flat first and dropped my bags..before I went to the training hall..I over heard vodka..I couldn’t help but smile to myself..
“To all those that ran after that peasant, I would be pleased to announce to you that she has been kicked out like a piece of rag”
I stopped and waited for her to land
“So for all those that left me to join her, I would give you just one more chance, to come back to your”
I was pleased when Jovita didn’t move an inch..
Well it’s time..I cleared my throat to announce my presence, vodka glass of wine fell.. I cat-walked to meet up with them as I watched vodka mouth gasped in shock..
“Close your mouth vodka, yes it’s isn’t bad to take a stroll now is it?”
I said and sat on her favourite chair..I could see she was still trying to figure out the word to say
“Save your breathe you peasant..”
I walked up to her and stood face to face that I could feel her breathe on my face
“Vodka,I never knew you would be this scared to the extent you stooped so low to rat like want a shortcut?”
She opened her mouth again but then I hushed her..its time she realised that I was out for her..and by all means i would put her to nothing
“This doesn’t mean you would win the peasant!”
She finally blurted out..
I laughed, maybe she didn’t realise the position she put herself
“my poor little girl madam clara has discovered your lies, now am beginning to think your stay here is on probation..and I am not just a model, you b—–d..I am the house of Earl!”