Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 20


“Jovita?..alright fill me in?”
I asked..i needed to know how the competition has been always been conducted..I planned to introduce something new
“Ok, what we do is, the lead model which is you supervise the gowns and suits to be worn..On the day we March out and show case..the best team wins”
I thought for a while
“Is just gowns and suit?..nothing else?”
They all nodded to my question..
“Jovita, you would put on a strap jacket, a Jean and white canvas”
They had that look on their faces..I was guessing this was something new to them
“Listen, what gives us a edge in this competition is if we do something different.. This is a fashion house..and we sell lots of clothes and shoes.. We don’t base on gowns alone, or do we?”
Nobody objected so I assumed they understood
“You Viktor..”
I was referring to one of the male model
“You would put on a Jean as well with a fleet dark jacket, a gold wrist watch and a brown timberland”
I was getting their attention now..i made sure the selection was mixed..I reduced the models wearing gowns and suits to just three each..
The House of Earl was about to experience something different
“Alright double time girls..we got this”
We were sewing out our styles now..I sang when I noticed they were getting tired
“Wow, you’ve gat a pretty voice bukky”
Diana one of the black ebony lady commented.. She was a beauty to behold, black indeed is beautiful..
I wondered what vodka was up to now, I made sure all my trainings and clothes were kept confidential, there is no way I would let that Devil know of my plans..
For that week I didnt focus on both Jeremy and David, I didn’t even have the time to..though Jeremy do come around to cheer me up..I still longed for David to at least show up and tell me what I was doing was right..he did a day to the finale..
“I know you would make me proud”
He said when I met him in the hallway”
There was no word to say..his words really boost my courage..I just hugged him and sighed in relief
“Thanks David”
And the day arrived.. I won’t deny I was extremely timid..I wore a stilettos gown with a strap up heels..I made sure I visited madam Clara before the competition started..Vodka’s team was exquisite tho, they marched out with their gowns..the soft music that played was good..until it got to my turn now..
“What’s wrong?”
I asked the DJ why he hasn’t played our music. “I can’t find the plate, its gone and my media player’s wire has been damaged”
To be continued