Caught In The Moment-Episode 8


She remained silent as she went thru the pattern..I prayed in my mind like never before..she dropped the sheet, sighed and looked at me
“This is good”
I was about smiling..but then she continued..
“But..bukky..if you have observed well enough..every single model or fashion designer you see in this house strived to get to that would be unfair if you are an exemption”
I was greatly disappointed.. My dear reader..expectations everything you do..never expect to much..
“I understand ma”
I turned to leave when I notice she was not saying anything else..
“But if I were you..I would continue designing these gowns.. I would give you your sewing machine and all the materials you need..but you have to promise to keep it a secret..I would have a room for you where only you would have access to..there you can practice”
My face beemed with smiles that my dimples became exposed..
“I see potentials in you little one..but before you step out have to be prepared..I would assign a teacher to teach you how to be a model in secret..I want you to be this fashion house biggest surprise..”
I knelt down..there was no word to thank her to my satisfaction
“Ssshhh..remember its a secret”
I was forced to laugh..and she joined me..whao..what a relief..she handed me my drawing materials and asked me to see her later in the evening to know my secret training room..I was filled with joy..perphaps too much that I bumped into someone..
“Jeez am…
My tongue got stuck when I raised my head to the moment stopped..his hair was curly.. He had that sexy eyes..the ladies know what am talking about..broad face and side beards..his smile..gosh!..was killing..he wore a tuxedo..a sparkling black Italian wrist watch and a pair of stlylish glasses which happened to fall off..
“Am so..sorry si..r”
He smiled and picked up the pen madam Clara had given me..
“ Jeremy”
Was I supposed to tell him my name?..he was still starring at me..I felt my legs would fail me..they were becoming weak..
“And you’re?’
He asked when He noticed I wasn’t saying anything..only God knew that I wanted to say
“God you ‘re handsome”
But instead my brain re-formatted and I was able to introduce myself well
“Hi am the cleaner”
God! I didnt mean embarrassing..
“oh..I meant your name ”
He continued
I should comport myself.. I can do this
“yes.. bukky.. Not the cleaner.. Am a cleaner here but…
I had to keep quiet.. My mind kept telling me I wasn’t making sense.
He was just smiling.. I know he must be thinking I was crushing on him already.. Mtcheeww.. I blame am?
“sir please if you would excuse me”
I picked up his glasses and handed it over to him as I hurried out of sight.. He watched me till I went out of sight.. It was really uncomfortable..I was greatly relieved that I was able to escape.. I just hope I don’t run into him again..
Later that evening I went back to madam Clara as she had instructed.. She took me upstairs.. Close to her room
“I want you close so I can ensure no one sees this room”
She explained when I had that suspicious look
“This is clarise.. She would help you with your lessons ”
I was introduced to a fair plumpy woman.. She was in her middle age
“how are you bukky..? ”
She extended her hand for an a good girl I extend with my two hands as a sign of respect
“no no.. You don’t shake like that”
She corrected immediately.. I looked back to madam Clara in surprise.. She only smiled in response..
“nawa o..see oyinbo”
I thought
I quickly rounded up with my chores and stole into my secret Room to practice..the joy I felt doing what I love was immense..I slept off.. And woke up late the next day
I hurried to clean the hall before vodka the devil arrives there for her model practice
“why are you late you brat! ”
She hollered at me.. Like I stole millions from her purse
“vodka let her be.. Please”
God! It was jeremy
“Jeremy!” Vodka rushed to him and held him like he was a priced potato
I kept my head down.. I don’t want trouble at all.. This one that vodka the devil has Jeremy to herself.. He was starring at me o
“Oga Abeg no call me abeg”
But he did.. Jesus!
“ are you”