Caught In The Moment-Episode 9


I pretended like I didn’t hear him at all..because I could feel vodka thunder eyes on me..I tell you if eyes had bullets that girl would have shot me till she made sure I had no breathe left
I quickly turned to leave
He called out was way obvious now because everyone in the hall heard him call me..I had to reply..
“ ..good morning sir”
I turned to leave again
“How are you?”
Oluwa help me o
“Na by force to answer again..or was he doing this on purpose?”
I thought and tried as much to avoid vodka eyes
“Am fine sir”
It seemed he noticed I wasn’t comfortable with vodka presence.. So he didn’t stop me when I hurried off..
I stayed in my secret room…all thru the day..designing and drawing out patterns..I was tired already but I picked out one of the pattern and started sewing..I just needed to escape vodka for the whole day..I knew she must be searching for me..and I was right..the moment I stepped out to get something to eat she thundered my name from was like thunder struck me from behind..
“Follow me”
I did.. Like I had no choice..she took me to her crew..those who laughed me to scorn the day met me at the gate
“ the pig who has been promoted”
They both stopped their make up to stare at me..and in unison they burst out laughing..
“OK quickly..Clean our shoes..”
They handed shoes with no specific number.. Of different quality
“Be careful.They are worth more than your penniless life OK?”
Vodka warned..I refused to let the tears drop.. I smiled and went to work..
“Leave that..wipe the mirrors clean”
I did as know God fights for you everytime..especially when you need him to visit some people.I wished in my heart that she should miss her step and fall hard.. And it happened my dear reader..she fell while charging at me for not cleaning her silver shoe to her people I had to laugh to my satisfaction o..
“Are you mad?! Have you forgotten your place! You bloody cleaner!”
She raised her hand to slap me
Jeremy again.. Wait what was his problem self..he was the reason I got into this mess in the first place..but at least he saved vodka because if she had slapped hands are not withered
“Bukky come with mother wants to see you”
What?! Now now..his mother.. Wait marriage?
“Your mother sir?”
I heard to ask o..
He smiled when he noticed I didn’t understand
“Madam clara wants to see you”
He explained.. Oh my God..he is madam clara’s son?