Caught In The Moment-Episode 7


I agreed..every journey has a start right..and so I started a cleaner in my dream world..when I was a vision was to be the star..although I didn’t envision myself starting as a cleaner
“What is this girl doing here?”
Vodka the devil questioned with disgust and shock..
“She is the new cleaner..please treat her prepare for the show”
Madam Clara entered from behind to reply her..the house was exquisite..probably the most beautiful place I had encounter at that age..I could see my reflection On the walls..crystal clear..and the lights shone bright, of different colours..the split air conditioner was standby..the soft classic music..twas heaven on earth..I felt the rhyme..the atmosphere blended with me..I could feel it..this is where am supposed to be..
“My friend would you Clean and stop starring like a lost brat!”
Vodka screamed at me..there was other models in the make up room where I was cleaning..I wonder what her problem was..well it was none of my business
“Na she know Wetin she carry for head”..I thought
I watched with my cornered eyes as they applied make up to her face..mtcheeeww..I was even more pretty..
“Bukky..madam clara request your presence in her office”
My fellow cleaner called out..she was nice but I was just too wise to get too attached this time..judging from what I passed thru at the plaza..
I rushed to the office as directed..God the office was exquisite..I felt I should just remain there..but madam Clara eyes on me was really uncomfortable..
“How old are you?”
Abeg let me just tell everything instead of answering all her questions one after the other…she was quiet for a while before she asked
“Do you have any drive for fashion?”
God the question I wanted to hear
“Yes ma! Yes ma..its my dream..”
She smiled
“Next year there is a platform where models are given opportunity to created their dress style for recommendation..if you are interested create your own style..draw it out..and sew it..”
I smiled..but secretly..this woman is underestimating me..I was born with the talent..I do draw out dress patterns..gowns of any type back then at school that my mum had to stop me because I wasn’t reading anymore
“Madam if you would just let me draw something for you”
She gave me that rookie look and later nodded to the idea..she handed me a piece of paper and a pen..I went to work..and designed a mini gown..indicating the colour to use below..
She collected it from me to see.