Caught In The Moment-Episode 5


Later that night.. Lizzy, the manager and the securities marched into the ladies room where Annabel and myself were fast asleep..I had been with Annabel thru out the day so when I heard the accusation it was just ridiculous..
“You think I didn’t see you when you took the money?” Lizzy said
“What?! Jesus! No o I have been with Annabel thru out o..Annabel tell them”
Well my dear reader.. People you trust most might just fail you..
“No oo..its not me and you”
She denied me flat.. To my face..
Before I could say another word..Lizzy slapped me
“Call the police”
She ordered
The manger protested..
He was sad and disappointed..
“Bukky pack your things and Leave first thing tomorrow morning”
I was not given a chance to plead..
“Bukky am sorry i was scared”
Annabel kept apologizing but of what use I wonder
The next morning as I walked out..Lizzy ran after me..
“Lizzy you know I didn’t steal that money..its not fair”
She said something that took me thru all my hard times in life
“Thats it is never fair”
I starred at her devilish smile and with the hurt I made a Promise
“You would clean my shoes one day..this I promise you”
She laughed at it but I meant it..
I was determined to make it out is now the survival of the fittest..i slept under the bridge for 3days..searching for a job to no avail..I wonder how it was easy to get the first..until one day I came across my was boldly written
“House of earl fashion”… A fashion house!!
I don’t know how but I must get in there..
I dust my clothes.. I had to plead for pure water to wash my face..and then I rushed over there..
The security won’t let me in..of course I wasn’t presentable..what do I do?
OK I decided to wave at every car I saw going in and out of the house.. Some laughed and some stopped to give me money.. But no one could help me get in..
Until one stopped and I was beginning to think she was my saviour but she asked
” who is this pig”
I pointed at myself
She was actually asking the security why they let a pig stand at the gate of a fashion house..
I noticed they were three of them
But I have suffered pig?..
Well I won’t blame them..I really did look like a pig.. I bodly approach them
The girl handling the steering shouted and waved me off like I was a fly
“Vodka come on now..she is a human being”
The lady sitting at the back seat corrected
“Chai God bless you sister
I blest her in my mind
“Although she smells so bad..
To be continued